• Dean prabhu,

    I fail to understand how you totally fail to understand the minute freedom given to a jiva.

    maybe it's because mercy of the lord has not happened in this direction for you.[pun intentional but offence not intended]

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    It is Krsna's mercy that He has given us the material world to try to enjoy because it is our desire to enjoy. If we did not have this limited freedom, then why did He create this material world at all. Because of the same freedom, He does not choose us to go back to His abode, without our desiring to do so. He Himself mentions in the Gita - sa mahatma sudurlabha - such a soul is very rare. How is the that soul so rare - by getting the mercy yes, but the soul will not get the mercy without desiring to get the mercy.

    The one who gives mercy or agyaat sukriti freely is the devotee of the lord, not the lord Himself. It is only on the recommendation of the devotee that the lord bestows His mercy. You yourself gave the example of Prahlada Maharaj in this same discussion thread.

    In the example of exams, it was a material example to explain the principle - how can someone who did not appear for the exam pass and those who appeared, fail? The same way, there are so many sadhakas who are sincere or trying to be sincere, you mean to say the lord will ignore all of them and bestow His mercy on someone who is not even trying to be a sadhaka? Or who has NO faith? The lord says that out of millions of people, one will be interested in this path in the first place, out of thousands of such interested people, one will progress. Out of hundreds of such people who progress, one will advance. Out of tens of such who advance, one such mahatma will come back to Me or attain Me. It is a filtering process and bhakti is not so easy to attain. Yes, no doubt, it cannot be attained without the mercy of the lord, but it is also true that the endeavour of the individual also has tobe there. If someone doesnt start at all, they will not attain the lord.

    Yes, the lord chooses us, only if we want to be chosen. That wanting is the limited freedom we have.


    Your servant,


  • someone didn't appear for the exam and still will pass!!!!

    howz that supposed to happen?

    Now you'll say that nothing's impossible for Krishna.

    Well it's not about what is possible for him and what not.

    It's about whether the living entity wants it or not..

    an allegory to this would be like this: we are spiritual beings and can't manipulate our physical bodies but Krishna makes it possible for us,but still whether to move  hand or not is decided by living entity only.

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    Hare Krsna Nishant Prabhu,


    When we are young, we are still impressionable and not set in our habits and ideas. Therefore, it is easier to accept a new concept or change ourselves to a different thinking. Its like the difference between wet clay and set mud pot. Which is easier to mould ?

    Secondly, it is possible that one does not study or marry or make money. But it is cerain that whoever is born will definitely die. It is not certain at what age the person will die. Therefore, we prepare of death all our lives. Lord Krsna says that whoever remembers Me at the time of death comes back to Me. So we prepare for this eventuality by starting young. You will give any exam properly only when you prepare for it well.


    Your servant,


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    As usual, I beg to differ. The Supreme Lord will not choose us unless we make the choice - that is the significance of the 2 fingers short of Damodar Lila  -  one finger is our endeavour and the other finger is the sanction of the lord. It is true that nothing happens without the sanction of the lord, but the lord ahs only given us the limited freedom to choose our path. If and only if we choose to walk on the path towards the lord that we get the mercy of the lord.

    Its like making an application or writing a competitive exam. Only a percentage of those who appear for the exam will pass. Then one cannot say that I will pass someone who doesnt even appear for the exam.


  • Hare Bol,

    Why we have accept krsna consciousness in youth itself?

    Srimad Bhagawatham , Prahalad Maharaj says at the age 5 one should start the devotional services which will help you ? make yourself strong to fight with maya.  What is maya?  Maya is nothing but illusion or temporary things. 

    This material world has created by krsna with strong maya devi which u want come out , one should surrender to krsna with unflinching faith.  This will not happen one day, There is process which our acharays are guiding us to follow step by step from the childhood.  Once u start chanting from the childhood whenever maya comes to u , it will not trouble rather it will help you to do seva to krsna.  Gradually u do ur seva in the krsna consciousness and step by step u can purify by doing chanting without abarath, you can focus krsna consciousness and remember krsna at time of leaving your body from this material world. 

    Hare Hare , I hope that you would have understood, still more clarification , kindly read bhagavad gita daily which will help u to do understand more better way.  This should guide thorough one of your guru (spiritual Master).

    Radhe Krsna

    Your servant


  • Hare Krishna..

    You are not the one who accepts Krishna Consciousness. Its The Supreme Lord who selects you. And He can select you at any age, maybe at 3, 5, 10, 15, 45, 85, 95.. Its his grace. Not your choice.



  • Life is meant for god realization.. Since this is the ultimate goal of our life then why waste time doing other things wasting our time.

    The best example i can give is that if your ultimate career goal is to become a doctor, then what is the use of taking an undergraduate course on economics.  It is simply waste of time.

    Hence we should concentrate on our ultimate goal of life - Krsna Consciousness and not waste life uselessly here and there, our goal just gets farther away.

    Your best hit is to become a fulltime devotee - however should you feel unable to take that step right now, simply associate with others who are real serious in advancing in Krsna Consciousness, you shall see association is contagious..LOL

    In the end it winds up to CHANT HARE KRSNA AND BE HAPPY! in whatever situation you are...


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    Hare Krsna,

    His divine grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has given many explanations on the importance of accepting Krsna Consciousness in several books. Some extracts from the book "Laws of Nature" are given below: 

    From the book "Laws of Nature":

    "So, Krsna consciousness nullifies this pavarga process. In other words, by taking to Krsna consciousness one attains apavarga, where there is no hard struggle for existence and no material bondage, fear, or death. Pavarga
    symptomizes this material world, but when you add the prefix "a" to pavarga,
    that means it is nullified. Our Krsna consciousness movement is the path of apavarga."

    "Unfortunately, people do not know of these things, and therefore they are wasting their lives. This modern civilization is a soul-killing civilization; people are killing themselves because they do not know what real life is. They
    are simply living like animals. The animal does not know what life is, so he simply works under the laws of nature, undergoing gradual evolution. But when you get this human form of life, you have a responsibility to live in a
    different way. Here is a chance for you to become Krsna conscious and solve all problems. But if you don't--if you continue to act like animals--you will again have to enter the cycle of birth and death and transmigrate through 8,400,000 species of life. It will take many, many millions of years to come back to the human form of life. For example, the sunshine you are seeing now you will not see again until after twenty-four hours. Everything in nature moves in a cycle. So if you lose this opportunity of elevating yourself, then again you must enter
    the cycle of transmigration. Nature's law is very strong. Therefore we are opening so many centers so that people may take advantage of this International Society for Krishna Consciousness and elevate themselves."

    "It is important to take to Krsna consciousness immediately, because we do not know how much time is left before death. When your time in this body expires, no one can stop your death. The arrangement of material nature is so strong. You cannot say, "Let me remain." Actually, people sometimes request like that. When I was in Allahabad, an old friend who was very rich was dying. At that time he begged the doctor, "Can't you give me at least four more years to live? I have some plans which I could not finish." You see. This is foolishness. Everyone thinks, "Oh, I have to do this. I have to do that." No. Neither the doctors nor the scientists can check death: "Oh, no, sir. Not four years, not even four
    minutes. You have to go immediately." This is the law. So before that moment comes, one should be very careful to become realized in Krsna consciousness. You should realize Krsna consciousness very quickly. Before your next death comes, you must finish your business. That is intelligence. Otherwise you will suffer defeat."

    Hari Bol,

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    Hare Krishna Prabhuji. Dandavat Pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    There is a very nice audio lecture of HG Gauranga Prabhu in regard to your question.

    your aspiring servant

    Hari Bol

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