haribol dr parents crtize iskon,devotees and krsna..constantly..i am not able 2 convince them about the pros of krsna consciousness..and how scientific is ths movement..because of them even 2 chant the holy name,preparing prashadam,going 2 iskon temples,sankirtan..,doing abhishk of My deities  n 2 hav a proper altar even is difficult..wat shud i do..n even other devotees undergoing same obstacles..hare krsna

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  • Hare Krishna my Dear Devotee,

    Pray just ask them a simple scientific question about their own deemed selves.

    Any one ignorant will say that he or she is in complete control on one self.

    it is actually the falce ego that will make them say so.

    Then tell them to stop feeling hungry from now on or stop the call of nature from now on or stop breathing or let them stop the nails and the hair from growing.

    Obviously no one can.

    Then kindly do introduce them to Guru Maharaj Srila Prabhupada's Bhagavad Gita as It Is Chapter 15. Text 14 page 729.

    Even a stubborn adamant non believer by purpose and intention will be forced to agree with the fact that major control of ones own body it self is with some one else (Bhagavan Sankarshana Himself) and then step by step introduce them to who is in control of the Macrocosm we see around us BG. 15.13.

    Main thing sincerely surrender this act of Parent Transformation to Bhagavan Sankarshana who is none other than Bhagavan Sri Sri Radhe Sri Krishna Chandra Himself.

    if He could transform a worm like me what to speak of your Parents who have a son like you.

    Enjoy the results.

    Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, Sankarshanaya, Pradhyumnaya, Anirudhaya ca.



  • Mataji,

    There are many who are placed in this same position. My family members used to criticise ISKCON for whatever their perceptions of it. I tell such persons to delink ISKCON and Krishna bhakti. It is true that ISKCON provides the ideal platform for bhakti, but there has been bhakti and there have been devotees for centuries immemorial, much before ISKCON came up.

    Tell them that if they think ISKCON is wrong, then what about the Srimad Bhagavad - Gita ? Is it wrong also ? In any case, you must be steadfast in your devotion, irrespective of provocations, and Krishna will help you Himself. If your faith is strong, they are bound to recapitulate one day or another.    

  • if they are criticizing iskcon,devotees and krishna then let me tell you that it is not a good sign for them...i have had number of cases....someone criticizes devotees and they get immediate painful reactions....i am serious...i have had this type of cases number of times....just dont try to take the topic of iskcon come out between you and them if you(as you said) are not able to convince them....if they agree then take them to the temple and help them meet some senior devotees out there...this will seriously work for them...and as far as your sadhna is concerned then just do it separately...i mean dont try to show them that you are chanting or reading or hearing....if possible then do it alone u home or outside or in the temple...and for your information even i am facing a similar situation like yours....the best thing is pray regularly to krishna and if u do it sincerely he will definitely help u...he listens to sincere prayers....other thing what u can do is to make them eat prasad without there knowledge....i am doing this...even you will have to..if u wanna turn them out as devotees....mix some prashad in the eatables that is prepared at your home...but make sure they dont get to know what you are careful....hare krishna

    pls remember that do not let them criticize krishna's devotees...just ignore if they start doing it...if by your chanting reading and all they criticize  then u have to plan to do it away from them....

    please accept my humble obeisances


  • Jiva Goswami, one of the great acarya in our dsicplic succession gives wonderful analogy in this context if wife has a pramour (lover) she makes sure that she does her best to keep the house and the household activites in such way that husband will be very pleased and by doing this she can also find time for her lover. Though it looks gross analogy but conveys great massage.

    Krishna is our object of love and to please him is our goal of life. In your case try to find out the ways by which you can please your parents. If you are student then be responsible in your study. Try to help them in house hold activity such as cooking, vessel cleaning etc. Parents and relatives will never become devotees by preaching but by our example. Most of the time we lack in our responsibility on the name of Krishna counciousness.  

    Plan you krishna councious activity very nicely. Afterall Krishna sees our heart, our devotion not the amount of activity we are doing externally. One person may be situated in ideal situation, lets say a brahmacari in the temple and doing everything what you would be willing to do but if his heart is somewhere else its of no use. But simple house wife despite of many unfavorable situation is having full faith and sering krishna with devotion is far more greater than a bramacari in the temple. Try to focus more on the basic activities of KC which helps us more to advance in KC such as chanting the holy name attentively, reading SP books and hearing lectures. I think these activities you can do without your parents notice. And whenevr you get time you can alwys visit the temple.

    Respect your parents for whatever good they have done to you even if it is material and give them the KC thro your example. Even if doing our best if they dont turn to Krishna take it as krishna's blessing and continue with your devotional service sincerly. 

    So yes obstacles will always be there and it will help us to take shelter of the lord.

    Hare krishna. Hope this answers your question?



  • Hare krinsha mataji till where i believe one thing that your selfless efforts towards krishna is being seen by himself each and every moment.........your dedicated efforts will definately cure your domestic problems soon...
  • Hare Krishna, A lot of people go through this so don't become despondant.  Just concerntrate on strengthening your chanting and don't preach to them at this stage.  I also have similar problems and after contributing my share of Krisna's greatness to them in a written form by extracting from BG As It Is, they don't comment anymore.  I also have stopped talking abt our philosophy to them unless asked, we need to be carefull of offense of preaching to the faithless.



  • Hare krisna.

    All glories to shri krisna chainya deb.

    At first please accept my humble obesciances mataji.

    You are not the only one who are facing this type of probs. There are many devotees whose experiences are more acute than you. Even Probhupada Himself couldn't make His family Krisna conscious.So please don't be fade up.


    Krisna said : 'ananyashitayanta mang je jona porjupasote/tesang nityavijuktanang jogokshemom bohamyohom' ( Gita,9/22).

    So, please be dependent on krisna.He will salve all your problem in no time.

    Hare Krisna..

    Radhe Radhe..



    • prabhuji,

      hare krsna

      will u pls let me know the meaning of that slokha too..

      as im not allowed to read the baghvad gita till i finish college..same problem here also.


      hari bol!


      • Hari Bol, i am so sorry to hear that you are not allowed to read BG until you finish your academic education.  Perhaps you could memorize this verse and repeat it daily and Krishna will certainly take care of you.  Here it goes from BG As It Is:  "Ananyas cintayanto mam ye janah paryupasate, tesam nityabhiyuktanam yoga-ksemam vahamy aham."  "But those who always workship Me with exclusive devotion, meditating upon My trancentdental form - to them I carry what they lack, and I preserve what they have."  Just continue your chanting and also repeat this verse.  Hare Krishna, ys 


      • Volunteer
        My parents and entire family were furious and disappointed when I joined ISKCON. The only time I finally made anything like a breakthrough with my father was a couple years before he died. I asked him for advice about my efforts to do service. Then he became a little interested.
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