Dear Prabhuji's and Mataji's,

Hare Krishna. Please accept My Humble obeisances!

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I am 24 Years old working in MNC. I have lot of questions in my mind and would like to share one of them and looking for suggestions as i am not able to understand the situation.. What to do and what not. Possibly i can get answers here.

When i first went to Vrindavan in April this year i was thinking it would just be a regular trips to Temple or any the sacred place but taking part in Mangla aarti and sitting in ISKCON infront of the supreme LORD i felt so quiet and peace within which i cannot even explain.

I did not even know when i get so close with Krishna ji that i now go there every month and do japas every day. I am also doing sewa for Bal Gopal ji at my home.

My family and friends are not supporting in this as they think i am being mad as i was an agnostic person who used to go to parties and had habbit like cig, booze, eating meat an everything.

I have left everything now but yes to be honest i m still struggling with the cigarettes which i know i will overcome very soon.

My family is very concerned and worried that why i am being like this and why i have changed myself now. They do believe in GOD but the way i believe they don't understand that.

whenever i go Vrindavan i don't feel like coming back but i had to come forcefully. I go to nearby ISKCON TEMPLE once in a week and sit there for hours which again my family doesn't like.

I am getting unfavorable response from my friends too as they criticize a lot when they see me chanting and stuff. If anyone here can tell me what needs to be done to make my family understand as i do not want to leave them as they say i don't give them enough time which is needed.

Please if anything that i have to do from myself let me know.

Hare Krishna !

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  • Hare Krishna pr,

    I would say just keep 2 things in mind

    1) Don't try to convince by any sort of arguments to your friends, family and siblings. More you try to convince them more frustrated you will be.

    2) Try to associate with senior devotees as much as possible. After attending few classes at ISKCON you may start thinking that you know everything about Krishna consciousness and bhakti but keep in mind that bhakti is not a theoratical thing. It is a practical experience. It may take years before you actually experience real taste of bhakti.

    so don't leave bhakti if you have started chanting and other devotional processes. Respect family and their views but don't argue. 


    • Thank You Amit Prabhuji for your reply.

      Sure i will not argue about anything but its just i feel bad when they don't understand this.

      Thanks for your advice prabhuji, i will keep this mind now.

  • Thank you for you reply Anusha Mataji !

    I can understand as i am facing the same problems nowadays.

    Hope Everything is fine now at your side. I feel very disappointed when my family doesn't understand this. They think I will leave everything my job, house them and become a Sadhu and take Brahmcara and would not marry.

    Yes, Friends are atheists and that's why they don't understand me. I will definitely not leave my Bhakti and Sadhana no mater what comes in between.

    For sure, i will stay calm as i know Krishna ji is with me to enlighten my path.

    Thank you Mataji for your kind suggestions. I will try my best to sort this out.

    Hare Krishna !

  • Blessed are you who are persecuted
    • Thanks Adam Prabhuji for you reply !

      • The same problem is with me also, there is one mala in my temple still i cannot chant the holy name by using that mala, my parents doesn't like it..... so i chant by counting in hands only.... sometimes i get confused also how many times i have chanted the name...


        Hare Krishan

        • I can understand Amit Prabhuji ... This is a difficult situation for us as we both are in the same boat.

          Please don't get tensed and worry just stay calm and as Anuj Prabhuji suggested buy a counter it will be convenient for you.

          Krishna Mantra is Very effective and i am sure things will be managed soon.

          Hare Krishna !!

        • I can understand Amit Prabhu ji..... This is a very difficult situation to manage things when people are against it. But just Don't get tensed everything will be fine.

          As Anuj Prabhuji suggested You can buy a counter which would help you a lot.

          Hare Krishna !

        • you can buy a counter. It is very convinient.

          • Thank You Anuj Prabhuji for the suggestion.

            Hare Krishna !

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