Krishna is Best? But for WHO?



I am born Hindu. We believe in many 'Gods'


Rama, Krishna, Shiva (Sada-shiva) Part, talking about Vishnu-Tattvas.

Everyone believes in certain Gods and favours them !

What is so great about Krishna)?

Is it cause He do unsual lila.?

Or He seems to make you a peniless begger?

I myself do hare krishna mantra, (for bhakti- whatever bhakti is),

I chant aum namah shivaya to cunteract the 'krishna taking away my stuff that i need lol)

So it works out good for me). I pray to shiva so I can live in material world good and do some bhakti.

I know mostly old people seem to do bhakti as they about to die lol or get very old.

I did a little expernent i chanted hare krishna mantra and asked for material stuff... just wow i chanted so good !

Of course I went back to getting some solid bhakti. 

I got a question though........ in a few words what is actual bhakti, ok so i will get answer like love of God..

But doesnt everyone love god? Or is it we just want stuff from God? 









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  • Hare Krishna,
    Oh man!! I cannot control laughter reading you questions. Previously one was also too funny. But these are most basic and well.. Important questions for any neophyte who comes to KC.
    " I know all Gods they give some benefits.. Ganesha gives studies, Laxmi ji gives money"
    I don't know what to ask from Krishna??????"
    Its as funny as saying I know the whole family tree of a Nitesh Patel but I don't know who is Nitesh Patel..
    Nitesh Patel prabhu ji Krishna is the one who sanctions all your wishes which ever you post to all other gods.
    Its like you don't go to Prime minister or President to discuss your daily power supply and water connection problems right?
    You go to local government and present issues to them.. But who sanctions these all bills .. Who gives authority to them to sanction also... that you must understand.
    But still you will ask me...
    "If my day to day problems are solved what is the need for me to go to the President?
    Even if I go what will I ask HIM??''
    Big question.
    Who goes to Krishna? and with what wish can he goes to Krishna ?
    --The person who goes to Krishna has nothing to ask!!!!!!! Only says Thank You for everything you are doing for me without me asking you !!!!!!! You are taking care of me.
    If the country is running smoothly it means That the President of the country is great. Credits may got to other staff of various departments but finally, It is the King or the President being applauded for his able administration.
    If you get a chance to meet Krishna you cannot even ask anything also..... Seeing his enchanting swaroopa you will lose all other thoughts.. You will just admire HIM forget every puny little material craving you have they all look nothing to you now.
    ===>>One day Vishnu ji and Laxmi ji were talking.. Laxmi ji said proudly.. My devotees are most rich..compared to your devotees.
    for this Lord Vishnu smilingly replied.... "What can I do devi? My devotees want only me and nothing else. Even if I give then maya ( money etc) they choose me over everything!!!"
    Laxmi ji said "hmm..and What can I do prabhu??? I have to go to those people where my Patidev resides".
    Laxmi ji said Mera stan toh aapke charno mein hai. Aur aap toh hamesha apne param bhakton ke das hai.
    That is why I even had to follow you when you went to do Watchman job at the Raja Bali's mahal in Patala loka.
    I had to come there also ......Because I cannot stay With you."
    Vishnu ji replies smiling "My devotees love only me and care nothing for the riches.. and to those who care nothing except me they get everything."
    "Becoz I try luring them with all types of maya to make their bhakti more perfect in only ME."

    So who should go to Krishna for what benefit?
    No benefit..
    -- to get amazed to get charmed to get lost in His enchanting mesmerising swaroopa one goes.
    ==>>You urself told in your last reply you got one darshan of Him and you are searching Him even now to get one more glimpse of Him
    That is how he enchants. You forget for what you came to ask also.
    Krishna is giver of pleasure. Word KRISHNA means only giver of pleasure.
    He is giving pleasure to your senses and captures you mind.
    You go to look at nature and beautiful locations the Himalayas and waterfalls.. What you expect from that????? what benefit you got?
    You got only Pleasure You got enchanted in the beauty ur mind got entrapped. YOU Got the sense of Bliss.
    This is what you get in return of praying to Krishna.
    => Narada muni also got a glimpse of Lord once and he became mad went in search of Him. Because basically the soul is always seeking for bliss Ananda.
    We try to satisfy our pleasure seeking nature of soul with temporary things like video games, music, tv shows and movies...etc. But then
    Woh jaam hi kya jaam hai jiska nasha baar baar utar jaaye..???
    Aaisa nasha peelo jiska nasha kabhi utar hi na paaye.
    Once you experience the bliss you wont leave it.
    The thing is you have experienced that bliss that is why you came to Krishna but you are confused. It is okay it will take time.
    So...He wont make you bhikaari.. He will make sure that you don't want anything other then HIM. That He will do.
    => do you know the story of Narsi Mehta.?
    He too was a shiva bhakt initially. very great shiva bhakt.
    When Shiva appeared to Him .. You know what he asked?
    He asked Lord Shiva Please grant me that which makes you most happy and blissful.
    I see that you are always in a state of bliss. I want to attain that state he asked.
    You know what was Lord Shiva's reply.?????
    Lord Shiva simply said come let me take you to a place where I find most bliss. He showed Lord Sri Krishna's Rasleela pastimes in Vrindavan and said this is only that keeps me always in bliss.
    That Narsi Mehta was given Lord Krishna's bhakti in return by Lord Shiva.
    ==>What you ask u get ..
    Well you ask material temporary pleasures u get that .. You ask Krishna Bhakti you get it too.
    But who is signing and passing the bill?? Krishna only.!!! As he only grants powers to all other Gods to sanction the required things be it material or spiritual.
    Hare Krishna.
    See related links to what you are looking for.
    • MAN u guys are so judgemental. lol. Im open to discussion, feel like i am being 'preached' too. ! But i guess this is a forum so chat is normally more thought out then in real life. Imagine being able to paste in real life? It would be crazy. But here paste is GOD. I have seen Krishna after doing some sadhana call it vaidhi bhakti or whatever. I asked this question to an online gaming friend Hehe. I said to him ... ok i seen God NOW what? I got what i wanted from praying, and i was into 'praying'

      You know.. waking at 4am, chanting 16, alter all that stuff. Ekadasi, i enjoyed the run of it, the fun of it. I didnt think oh i will see krishna one day. But it was in the back of my mind maybe. I wont tell you why or how i saw Krishna... but my main problem is..

      I got my goal. Anyway my online lol friend said something which i cant even remember.. but something along the lines that its a process. His pretty spirtual while we kill people in online games!

      I do find it hard to enjoy life without vaidhi-bhakti but i have no taste for it. I moslty think of Krishna. For example if my car breaks down i get angry at krishna lol. WHY DUDE why? I needed that car to get around. Or shiva. In eternity there is no non devotee...)
      • E-Counselor
        Ohh, I saw this now only.
        If you had actually seen God, your reaction wouldn't be what it is. There was another Patel few months ago, who had come to this forum and said something similar - he saw God and lost interest in devotion. Aisa thodi hota hai. Mota Bhai - you have not seen God. Simply seeing God and not doing anything about it is simply satisfying our senses. You want to see God for what - to see how beautiful He is? See, if you had seen God, you would have been mesmerized atleast by His beauty. Nothing like that has happened to you.
        I know my words are hurting you a lot and your EGO is flaring up - who is this woman and what right she has to say such things to me, that too on a public forum...Unfortunately, I have to say what is mentioned in the shastras. Even someone prays to lord with a desire in heart, his desires go away and He becomes purified by one vision. He doesn't start doubting - now I saw God, so goal of life fulfilled. Now what to do - I am missing my sadhana, but no need now. I got my goal. REad about Narada Muni seeing God in Srimad Bhagawatam, or Mirabai or King Kulasekhara seeing God, then you will understand what I am talking about.
        Sometimes, bitter pill has to be administered.
        I am sorry.
        • Sastras yes thats good.
      • Great!!! You are a simple man. Happy go lucky types.
        Maybe thats why Lord chose you to give darshan.
        Lord does this to enhance you craving and diverting your senses towards Him. For that what is the next step.?
        Just like Narada muni got a vision of Lord Krishna in his previous life time you also got. But what next?
        Is that the goal?
        Narda muni didn't stop there. He was worried ....where did that vision go? How to get that vision of that Pundarikaksha ( Lotus eyes) again. His whole sense mind all diverted to seeking another glimpse of HIM. He left all ran jungles to seek that Vision once again. That is how he attained that Status of Narad Muni in his next lifetime after performing much japa.
        Hare Krishna.
        • Woah that seems a bit heavy. But I always plan on doing more sadhana. I really feel like i am wasting a lot of time. I need make a new post for a question. I also dont get the flow of the forum posts its very conducing but whatever)
  • None of you read the title of the forum)
    • E-Counselor
      You didn't read the answers. If you read the answers, it answers the question in your title.

      If you still have doubts, you can ask specifically.

      We are trying to answer your questions. Onus is on you to ask.
  • E-Counselor
    Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


    You are one confused person - you say you did some solid bhakti, but you don't know what is bhakti? You say you believe in many Gods, but you write as if you don't believe in any. You are aware that Shiva gives material benefits and Krsna gives spiritual benefits.

    I will try to solve your queries, in addition to what Bharat prabhuji has rightly mentioned -

    You must already be aware that all Vishnu Tattvas are incarnations of God. I will not get into a dispute on who is God - Vishnu or Krsna. YOu are not ready for that right now. So atleast one thing you are willing to accept - that there is God. You think there are many Gods, whereas our scriptures say there is only 1 God. If you read some scriptures, this doubt will surely clear.
    Next you pray to Shivji so that your material life is taken care of. Most people pray to Shivji for that only. If only someone prayed to have the truth revealed or for true devotion, Shivji would direct that person to Krsna. He has done in so many cases, including people in this forum have said in the past how they came to Krsna Consciousness.
    This conception that old people do bhakti because they have nothing else to do - are you very young? This is most immature statement. Devotion can be done at any age - in fact, the sooner the better. Then material conditioning does not require so much unlearning. As for why old people do bhakti - are you aware of the 4 ashrams - brahmacari, grihasta, vanaprasta and sannyas? Vanaprasta and Sanyas are two ashrams where it is designed that one practises to develop detachment, ultimately one has to leave the body. So better to prepare for the next destination.
    Just to tell you - Krsna is all powerful - He can fulfill all our material desires and MORE. Example - Sudama, Ambarish was a Maharaj,
    Who does He make penniless? Person who will do better devotion after becoming penniless. Example is Srila Prabhupada - He made SP business go bad, relations go bad, left house in vanaprasta ashram and then moved to sanyas. Then he became master of so many riches after founding ISKCON. Another example of how Krsna can give as well as take, depending on the level and need of the person.
    Of course I went back to getting some solid bhakti. - what does this mean? By your own admission, you don't know what is bhakti - then how did you do get back to getting some solid bhakti? And is it at will? When you want, you can go back to bhakti and when you want, you can go to material wants? I thought bhakti depends on mercy of devotees.
    What is bhakti? It is loving God. When one is in love, one wants to spend every single minute thinking, talking about the loved one, or to be with the loved one. The moment one separates from the loved one for even an hour, all the time the loved one is in the mind, though one may be doing some other banal activity. Same way, we learn to revive our lost relationship with Krsna, love Krsna and serve Him and His devotees.
    You appear to be very young - please can you tell us about yourself - studying, working, any other detail?
    Your servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD
  • Sevak
    Hare Krsna

    Krishna is best, But for who ?
    Sri Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Absolute truth. This means he is supreme for everyone. That is the meaning of absolute supremacy.

    We believe in many 'Gods'
    It doesn't matter what we believe in. There is absolute reality. The reality doesn't change based on our beliefs. We are free to believe whatever we want. But an intelligent person will want to find out the reality and base his beliefs on reality.

    What is so great about Krishna?
    Everything ! Sri Krsna is the source of all greatness in the world. In fact Sri Krsna is the source of everything in the world.

    I pray to shiva so I can live in material world good and do some bhakti.
    This is a personal choice. Nothing wrong with it.

    I know mostly old people seem to do bhakti as they about to die lol or get very old.
    This is a very limited understanding. Prahlada Maharaj was doing bhakti even before he was born. Dhruva Maharaj did bhakti when he was just 5 years old.

    What is actual bhakti ?
    ānukūlyasya saṅkalpaḥ
    prātikūlyasya varjanam
    rakṣiṣyatīti viśvāso
    goptṛtve varaṇaṁ tathā
    ṣaḍ-vidhā śaraṇāgatiḥ
    Bhakti or devotional process can be understood through these 6 symptoms of surrender

    1. One should simply accept such religious principles that will lead ultimately to the devotional service of the Lord. One may perform a particular occupational duty according to his position in the social order, but if by executing his duty one does not come to the point of Kṛṣṇa consciousness, all his activities are in vain.
    2. Anything that does not lead to the perfectional stage of Kṛṣṇa consciousness should be avoided.
    3. One should be confident that in all circumstances Kṛṣṇa will protect him from all difficulties.
    4. There is no need of thinking how one should keep the body and soul together. Kṛṣṇa will see to that.
    5. One should always think himself helpless and
    6. Should consider Kṛṣṇa the only basis for his progress in life.

    Hare Krsna
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