• Again the same term , demigods......

          Are you people serious or not ???

          Have you read all 4 Vedas plus all 18 Puranas together ???

          If not, then read , you'll forget the term using 'demigods'

          i think you only know about Bhagwatam plus other Gaudiya scriptures....

          but I know about Bhagwatam,Gaudiya scriptures plus other Puranas too,

          and I know the essence of Puranas in Sanathan Hindhu Dharma...and..its impact on the world

          I also know about BG-ASITIS....but

          the only term which is sharp contrast to my mind and intellect is the term 'demigod'...

          i.e.    Krishna is the only truth, and all are demigods...........

                   Krishna is the CEO , and all other gods and goddess are employees.........

                   Krishna is the Prime Minister, and all other gods and goddess are under him

                 prabhuji,this philosophy looks to me like the philosophy of Abhramic Religion                         where they say 

                  Jesus is the Only Way, and all other are false gods and satanic..

                  Allah is the Only truth, and He is without any partners or gods...

                  Only He is God....

          prabhuji, if u read Vedas plus bhagwat gita w.r.t Vedanta philosophy, you'll find that God is neither demigod nor supreme god....God is neither He nor She.....but God is in you.....God is in me....and God is everywhere..........God is Brahaman.....and to achieve that Brahaman ,18 Puranas plus Ramayan and other some scriptures help which was written by Vedvyas Ji,TulsiDasji and others respectively........and each Purana and scripture has its own importance.....each Purana and scripture has it own God Supreme......but these Puanas value decreases when you call each Puanas and scriptures deity as demigod.....

          for example - Shiva/Durga/Ganesh/Hanuman,etc are all demigods......and therefore they are not the Supreme Personality of Godhead except Krishna.......

          Again, I m saying this philosophy is completely the Abrahamic , this philosophy is neither the Vedas philosophy nor even the philosophy of Bhagwat Gita if you read correctly...

          If u read Vedas and other major Puranas in a right manner, you'll finally come to the single point that God is neither Krishna/Durga/Shiva/Brahma/Radha/Vishnu/Kali nor any other God or Goddess.........God is Brahman...and to achieve that Supreme Ananda in the form of Brahman , we have to follow the four right paths as mentioned in Bhagwat Gita......and these paths are optional...they are not restrictive

          But when i read ASITIS and its commemtaries, it shows completely that Only Krishna is Supreme Deity, and all other Deities other than Krishna are nothing.....they're just demigods..

          If that's the really and the only truth, then why Vedyas Ji wrote other major Puranas ???

          Was he not serious about the fact "Oh! Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and all others are nothing because they are demi-gods plus i,myself, is the avatar of Vishnu and i should write only about Krishna, not these demigods" ??

          so why did he write the following Puranas of Gods,not the demigods,the term which you are using ignorantly ? do you have any response,prabhuji ?? 

          1. Markandeya Purana
          2. Skanda Purana
          3. Shiva Purana
          4. Padma Purana
          5. Brahmananda Purana
          • Mr VJ Singh,you said

            "but I know about Bhagwatam,Gaudiya scriptures plus other Puranas too,"

            No sir you don't ...

          • If we use english term ''Gods'' instead of ''Demigods'', then someone can think they are equal with God. 

            SB 8.6.1Śrī Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: O King Parīkṣit, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, being thus worshiped with prayers by the demigods and Lord Brahmā, appeared before them. His bodily effulgence resembled the simultaneous rising of thousands of suns.

            SB 8.6.2The vision of all the demigods was blocked by the Lord’s effulgence. Thus they could see neither the sky, the directions, the land, nor even themselves, what to speak of seeing the Lord, who was present before them.
            SB 8.6.3-7Lord Brahmā, along with Lord Śiva, saw the crystal-clear personal beauty of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose blackish body resembles a marakata gem, whose eyes are reddish like the depths of a lotus, who is dressed with garments that are yellow like molten gold, and whose entire body is attractively decorated. They saw His beautiful, smiling, lotuslike face, crowned by a helmet bedecked with valuable jewels. The Lord has attractive eyebrows, and His cheeks are adorned with earrings. Lord Brahmā and Lord Śiva saw the belt on the Lord’s waist, the bangles on His arms, the necklace on His chest, and the ankle bells on His legs. The Lord is bedecked with flower garlands, His neck is decorated with the Kaustubha gem, and He carries with Him the goddess of fortune and His personal weapons, like His disc and club. When Lord Brahmā, along with Lord Śiva and the other demigods, thus saw the form of the Lord, they all immediately fell to the ground, offering their obeisances.

            SB 8.6.1
            SB 8.6.1
          • E-Counselor

            Hare Krsna Singh prabhuji,

            You are directly challenging ISKCON philosophy, calling it bogus, that too in an ISKCON forum. We are not interested in any fight with you- you must be great.

            Since you are so learned, why dont you start your own preaching - theres a lot of money in it, as you may be knowing. Nobody will question you, you can even declare yourself God - you will find followers, there will be no dispute. Please go to your own website/ blog for that.

            What is the use of reading so many scriptures if you still didn't understand the essence.

            Never mind, I am not even interested in responding to your theories.


            • And again i say "Very Proudly,that God is One,and to achieve that ParaBrahman, one can go to any paths,but ultimately he/she will submerged within that ParaBrahman whether he/she believe in Krishna/Durga/Kali/Allah/Bholenatha/ Jesus/ Buddha,etc"

              And,this's not my philosophy, this is the philosophy of Sanatana Dharma -             the true and righteousness religion showing no supremacy of any God/Goddess/Religion/Puranas but accepting a mother who hugs all her children without showing any duality. 

              • All acharyas in our vaishnava lineage(Madhwa,Ramanuja,nimbarkara,vishnuswami) who established the following phillosophies

                Have firmly held and established the view that

                ->Vishnu is supreme

                ->Lord has Eternal blissful Spiritual form

                ->The formless brahman is subordinate to Lord's Personal Form

                ->Lord Shiva,Lord Brahma,and others are subordinate to lord vishnu

                ->Individual soul can never merge with brahman,It is eternally has to serve the supreme lord even after liberation

                ->Only Devotion unto vishnu will lead you to liberation,Other forms of worship will either lead you to heaven or hell depending on nature of your worship.

                These are the core phillosophies of Vaishnava Dharma(Vishishtadwaita,Shuddaadvaita,Dwaitadvaita,Dwaita).

                This is a forum in which people post questions in order to get answered by the vaishnava phillosophy.Please do not Involve the views of Other phillosophies(Advaitha) to answer the questions in this forum.

            • mataji,

                         you've have taken my viewpoint very very seriously.......I know ISKCON doing great for KC...............but that doesn't mean we start to show Krishna Supremacy than All other Paths..........Krishna is Supreme Personality of Godhead only bcoz of his SatuGuna nature , not bcoz he is beautiful or attractive......but  bcoz of his karma which are righteousness and for the benefits of people and bhakts...but he never says Only I m supreme, Only I m the Only way, Only I m, Only I, Only I...but it is some fellow people who have interpreted and changed the real meaning of his philosophy whether it's Bhagwat Gita, MahaBharat or even Srimad Bhagwat Puran-the true Katha-Amrita

              if that's the only truth, then there is no need of Vedas, no need of all 17 puranas , no need of any need of any temple/masjid/gurudwara/church except Krishna....

              if that's the only truth, then the true Almighty would not allow to create new types of religions whether it's Buddhism,Sikhism,Jainism,etc....

              if that's the only truth, the Supreme ParaBrahman would love only Krishna devotees....not the devotees of other Gods like Durga,Ganesh,Hanumanji even of Allah,Jesus,Mosiah, etc

              • Mr VJ Singh,

                Here is where krishna says only to surrender him,

                BG 18.66 Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.

              • E-Counselor

                We are serious about what we write on this forum. We dont ever write anything, and later say, I was not serious.

                I have only one thing to say - you have demonstrated that you have absolutely no faith or respect on ISKCON or Srila Prabhupada. Plus, as self proclaimed, you have read all the vedas and puranas and understood what Big Big devotees in the past and present have not. No dispute - great man.

                Incidentally, you have understood sanatan dharma as a philosophy wrong from what we lowly iSKCON devotees have been taught. I will not bother to repeat here and bore you. You may read in the Introduction to As It Is, if you are interested.

                So after all the reading and enlightenment, you have a definite hatred for mosquitoes, think God was not intelligent by creating them, and host of other things which I am not bothered to remember now. 

                Best of luck prabhu.

                To everyone else - the second offence to chanting the holy name of the lord is - To consider the names of demigods like Shiva or Brahma to be equal to or greater than the name of the lord. Practical demonstration can be seen here. 

                • OMG ! Again, Shiva is not DemiGod as understood by you.......

                  The whole world knows about who is Shiva....even the slokas

                  SB 8.7.23

                  SB 8.7.24

                  SB 8.7.31:

                  which are for only Shiva not for Vishnu ,but  whose real meaning has been interpreted & changed in the english translation....

                  Also in Bhagavad Gita 10:23 sloka, again the real meaning changed where Krishna says "Among the Rudras I’m Sankara

                  hope everyone know that there are 11 Rudras which are all the avatars of Lord Shiva....But what's done in BG 10:23 that Sankara = Shiva is shown,in the meaning.....that is, trying to show that Lord Krishna is equal to MahaDeva..but those who edited this they have forgot that MahaDeva/Shiva has all 3 Gunas, SatoGuna,RajoGuna and and TamoGuna, and Lord Krishna is the SatoGuna face of MahaDeva - the Supreme Brahman....

                  Even in the Srimad Bhagwath Katha , Soka Goswami slokas are for MahaDeva Only when MahaDeva drank the poison and saves the whole universenot for Lord Krishna(Vishnu).....

                  SB 8.7.23: O lord, you are self-effulgent and supreme. You create this material world by your personal energy, and you assume the names Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Maheśvara when you act in creation, maintenance and annihilation.

                  SB 8.7.24: You are the cause of all causes, the self-effulgent , inconceivable , Parabrahman. You manifest various potencies in this cosmic manifestation. 

                  SB 8.7.31: O Lord Girīśa, since Para Brahman effulgence is transcendental to the material modes of goodness, passion and ignorance, the various directors of this material world certainly cannot appreciate it or even know where it is. It is not understandable even to Lord Brahmā,Lord Viṣṇu or King of heaven, Mahendra.


                  Also Shiva is a vaishnav....very true,therefore,he's called Gopishewar MahaDev And why is he a vaishnav , do you know devotees ?? as mentioned in RamCaritaManas of Tulsidasji and also in ShivaPuran of VedVyasJi that "when both Brahma & Vishnu are discussing about who is Supreme Lord,then they started first talk,and then that conversation changed into fight,and finally MahaDev came as a long invisible unending pillar, then both Vishnu & Brahma started to find the end of this long unending pillar but on the condition that "those who first found the end of this pillar,he would be worshipped first & foremost"..but both failed to find and Brahmaji lied to Vishnu that I have found the pillar and Brahmaji said "You should now worship me as the Supreme Lord according to the condition and Vishnu considered to worship Brahma,so the moment Visnhu started to worship, MahaDeva came and did anger on Brahma and cursed him that he would never ever be worshipped except one place on Earth but MahaDev got prasana and was perceived by the honest & true nature of Lord Vishnu...then MahaDeva said to Vishnu that you would be worshipped everywhere and even i would worship you......then Vishnu said if u worshipped me, then i would also worlship you and those my devotees who dislike you and your devotees,they would go to hell.....similarly Mahadev said those devottes of mine who differentiate between you and me , they would also be in hell for trillion years.... 

                  So,this is the whole truth,mataji......which is accpeted by all except ISKCON bcoz already they have described Shiva-the Bhole Bhandari as mere a contrast they say Shiva is eternal and i want to ask a simple question to all devotees if he's eternal, they how can you illogically say that he is just a mere god....Brahma can be said to some extent as demigod bcoz Brahma has to die one day...but MahaDeva can never ever be said as just a god..those who say they are all fools and worthy for hell....according to the scriptures of Sanatan Dharma Only, not the scriptures of ISKCON where they have degraded MahaDeva just mere a god and has committed the biggest sin..

                  ISKCON has to pay the price for this unforgiveable sin when all the temples of ISKCON would be demolished and destroyed (in the upcoming pralaya when the WWIII happens and during the Yuga changes for the next 10,000 Golden Years) except Vrindavan bcoz Krishna is Supreme only in Vrindavan where MahaDeva becomes small......but when the question of universe and the world comes it's MahaDeva who was,is and will always be the supreme

                  bcoz it's the MahaDeva where Vishnu comes, where Brahma comes, where all 11 Rudras come, where SaptaRishis come, where all demons comes, where all devatas comes, where all kind of negative and positive energy comes.......        

                                         It's MahaDeva -The Supreme ParaBrahman

                  who is,was and will always be Eternal

                  SB 8.7.23
                  This prayer is actually offered to Lord Viṣṇu, the puruṣa, who in His incarnations as the guṇa-avatāras assumes the names Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Maheśvara.
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