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Pranam to all devotee's. Yesterday, I was watching a TV programme on discovery channel "Man Vs Wild". It was a special episode, compilation of various previous programes on the meal eaten by the presenter/host of the programme.


At the end of the programme, I really had a headache. The guy was so violent with animals/insects or anything which came his way (except human) that it put me in a different realm. It is a programme which shows how to live in extreme conditions if one faces in life. I just don't remember the name of the host but it appeared that he loves his job. It is true that he is a good hunter/adventrous but I could not digest the fact that how can somebody kill and eat anything. He ate snakes/spiders/lizards/fishes/dead animals like zebra, goat, sheep/rats/frogs/insects etc. Almost everything which came his way. For him, killing animals is just like plucking fruits and eating. He is GOD fearing also. He loves nature and praises GOD for that whenever he can. He is constantly aware that there is some higher power around but at the same so insensitive with other hapless creaters. In a situation when he thirsty and there was no water around, he just urinated in his bottle and drank that also. He even drank droplets from the Elephant's and Camel's shit even.


It prompted few questions in my mind;

1) What is the actual message of BG? This guy is doing the KARMa which he loves the most. There is an element of danger but he is doing truthfully. Of course, it is a show but this type of work cannot be done forcefully. Is he doing anything wrong??? He is just doing his job as per his mental inclication and he is lucky to have that as majority of people in the world are sucked into something they don't enjoy.


2)We may say that he is working at Mind level and not at the soul level. But there was'nt even a tinge of repentence on his face. He was enjoing it at the soul level.


What is it?? I am not jealous of him but I am really disturbed with his violent steak yet so calm on the face. Can somebody please help???


Lokesh Sharma






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    The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. He may be convinced that what he's doing is fine. That doesn't mean he will escape the karma for the pain he inflicts on other creatures. If he's motivated by the desire for fame, adoration and distinction because his stunts are being videoed, then he is even more condemned.
    • Thank you Sir. I would also like to add a point here. Soul is always a servitor but Mind is not. It may not be appearing on his face because he is fully under the control of his Mind as his mannerism displays and that is why he is so cool but his soul cannot enjoy that. The thought of this mindless killing and eating must be crossing his mind sometime. It is just like an addiction where one understands that it is not right but compells to do so under the command of mind. And you rightly said Sir, he will suffer. I was very hurt till yesterday on seeing that and had resolved not to see this type of programme again but I think that will weeken me further. It is better to face something one doesn't like but the key is in remaining undisturbed.

      Thanks a lot.

      Hari Bol.



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