Job,Career and Spiritual progress.......

Hare Krishna All,



I have good education and have job that is just sufficient to live comfortably.Now I want

to improve in my career for that I need to spend some time to develop required skills. I

want to own one house and sufficient money for my retired life. I heard in one lecture by

HG Radhagopinath prabhu saying that material desires will be fulfilled as per our previous karma.

There is no need for us to work hard and endeavour, but how can improve without putting little effort.

Eventhough Iam trying little bit to improve my career I am not compromising in any way which effect

my devotional life. Chanting 16 rounds and following principles. Am I becoming greedy? what should

be done? Please help me as I dont fall down spiritually.


Your eternal servant


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  • Hare Krsna,


    I have a similar problem. I would try to reiterate the words of those who have guided me.

    Work hard and leave the results to Krsna. And do the work as a service to Krsna... not for material benefits. It is necessary to work as hard as we can to progress in life. Not everyone can be a bramhachari and if everyone is complacent with what they have, no one will go beyond agriculture. Prabhupad never refused technological (or any other kind of) advancement. He only emphasized that such advancements must be used in Krsna's service.

    Hence, for this world to progress, it is necessary that one gives his best. Having said that, I believe that Radha Gopinath prabhu said that we do not need to work hard because when one works all night long and creates something, one gets attached to the result. Also, if the result is not what he expected, he would be more depressed.

    Therefore, I would say that we must certainly do our best and progress but not forgetting Krsna and not getting attached to material gains. Follow the principles (like Siddhartha prabhu said), sleep, eat and do everything as normal while endeavoring towards your goal.

    I apologize if I said something wrong.

    • Hare Krsna,

      Nice post. I personally feel that the expectation never ends .

      First senior level, then manager, then vice president , then MD and so on.

      So the question you can ask yourself is with that hard earned money , are you really going to spend some (50% as suggested by ISKCON) on krsna. If yes, then without doubt one should go ahead and work hard and look for career improvement. If no, then spend more time on Krsna and less on career.

      Hare Krsna

  • Harekrishna prabuji.Dandavath pranam.All glories to srila prabhupada.

     That is prabhupada quote.

    your servant

  • APRIL 4


    So far as your working engagement is concerned, certainly you are not a karmi. Any person whose constant occupation is Krishna Consciousness, he is not a karmi, he is a devotee in all circumstances. You should accept the best source of monetary income and use it for Krishna. That is better than sannyasa. Stick to your job and use it for Krishna Consciousness. You are not a karmi.


    Letter to Gopal Krishna April 4, 1971

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