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Tulsi mala questions

1) Which rules should be followed to wear tulsi mala for a person who is not associated with 

iskcon still he wants to wear it?

2) should tulsi mala be removed while going to washroom, to bath , to funeral ?

3) can we remove tulsi mala for some time when we feel it is not appropriate time to wear it during

 some work keeping in mind the respect of holy tulsi mala? can we wear it again after it?

4) for those who are vegetarian but eat garlic, onion and drink tea, coffee can wear tulsi mala?

5) is it necessary to wear only 3 strands of mala around neck? can we wear mala as one strand?

6) those who eat garlic, onion and drink tea, coffee and are not disciple of any guru  can chant with

tulsi jap mala? 

7) if someone has worn tulsi mala and bought tulsi jap mala and is eating onion, garlic then can he

remove mala from his neck ? how to discard mala after that including jap mala? where to put it?

Please reply with satisfactory proofs of scriptures. I am getting different ans from different people.

Hare krishna

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  • Anyone can wear Tulsi beads and everyone will benefit from wearing.
  • Who Can Wear Tulasi Neckbeads?

    The following authoritative quotes should put to rest all rumors, taboos and speculations regardingthis question. Bhagavan Sri Krishna Himself states that ANYONE CAN WEAR TULASI kanthi mala. There are no restrictions! The wearing of tulasi neckbeads, (tulasi kanthi mala) simply depends on one’s personal sense of allegiance to his beliefs, duty, or simply as a matter of inspiration if he/she wants to do so. Srila Sanatana Goswamipada calls this a taste or attraction to wear them, (yatha ruchi) HBV: 4.308.

    In Vishnu Dharmottara, Bhagavan Sri Krishna says, “Without a doubt, ANYONE who wears tulasi neckbeads, even if he/she is unclean or of bad character, will surely attain Me.” (ashauco anacharo mam eva iti na samshaya) HBV: 4.322.

    The following quote from a book titled, Associates of Sri Chaitanya, says that Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura gave tulasi neckbeads to a Calcutta industrialist who had neither diksha nor the most exemplary behavior: “Mr. S.K. Ghosh who often visited Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura at his residence called “Bhakti Bhavana.” Under the direction of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Mr. Ghosh started wearing a tulasi mala around his neck, although he was not able to accept the principles of Vaishnava behavior in their entirety.”In addition, an Iskcon publication titled “Vaisnava Etiquette”, quoting Hari-bhakti Vilasa states: “The Padma Purana states regardless of whether one is an impure or pure state, ONE SHOULD ALWAYS WEAR TULASI MALA. And one should never take it off even when bathing, eating or passing stool and urine.” In other words, tulasi beads are always pure and purify anyone who contacts them.

    full article:


    Importance of Wearing Tulasi Mala
    • Please reply to my above question 4), 5), 6), 7)...Thanks

      Importance of Wearing Tulasi Mala
      • I only know that wearing is ok, for everyone, just as you see in my answer above, Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur instructed Mr S.K. Gosh to wear tulsi kanti mala, even if he was not able to accept the principles of Vaishnava behavior. Devotees use to wear 2 or 3 strands but it is ok to wear 1, Tulsi Devi is still Tulsi Devi whether you use any amount of strands.

        As for chanting on tulsi japa mala I don't really know, hope someone could answer that.

        On discard, I've heard you can give it to someone who wants it for Krsna bhakti.

        dandavat, jay sri radhika

        Importance of Wearing Tulasi Mala
        • Thank you.. Hare Krishna.

          Importance of Wearing Tulasi Mala
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