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Hare Krishna

I do not have Japa beads. When I chant mahamantra 108 times I use my fingers to count. I notice when counting on the fingers, my mind sometimes start counting off like "40 more to go" , "15 more to go".

This mental activitiy is not there when I just chant without counting or intention for 108 times. Then I feel I just chant out of Love and no thoughts come to say oh so many to go,... 

So what is the benefit of counting 108 times? For me it only seem to distract me.

Also I think the distraction will be less with beads.. how/where to receive japa beads?

Lots of Love

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Hare Krishna,
Thats why we have to chant on beads with beadbag so no more thoughts will come to distract us.
You can visit your nearest temple to get beads and beadbag.

Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


It would be advisable to visit your nearest temple at the earliest and get one chanting beads, japa mala bag as soon as possible.

Else, if you have a church nearby and you can get a set of rosaries, just count that the number of beads is 108 and get started.

Until then, you can chant on excel. I am sure you have access to computer. Open excel sheet. Chant mahamantra once and type hk on one cell. Next time you chant mahamantra, type hk on A2. Like this, complete 108 in coloumn A. Then move to coloumn B, row 108 and begin again.


YOur servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Hare Krishna Prabhuji

Thank you for the suggestion, I did not know they could be found in temples. I am currently in Sal, Cabo Verde for my internship for 3 months. Here is no Krishna temple. I will go as soon as possible when I return to Belgium.


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