Japa in early morning!

Hare Krishna!


All glories to Guru and Gaurang!!!


i am a working person and leaves home at 8.30am in the morning for office. I complete my japa rounds in night. I know that early morning is the best time to Chant and i am trying so much to get up at 4am and do my chanting before i go to office but feel helpless.

Can anybody please give me tips how to have the habit to wake up early in the morning.


Sorry for asking a foolish question, but i have tried many times and failed, i feel guilty for not waking up early for japa.


Your Servant



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        • Mataji Dincharya Means Daily Schedule

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            Srila Prabhupada gave us perfect Sadhana and if we follow that it is very easy to chant.

            As usually our Temple schedule was like the next:

            3:00 waking up-cleaning the floor, taking bath.

            4:15 Mangala Arati - Tulasi puja

            5:00  - 7:00 Japa sitting all together at the Temple room

            7:00 Guru Puja, followed by ecstatic Kirtan sometimes till 8:00

            8:00-8:40 Bhagavatam class

            8:40 breakfast

            then everyone used to go to schools, jobs, preaching...

            13:00-14:00 lunch Prasadam

            16:00 after college i used to read Srimad Bhagavatam, drink milk,

            20:00 -21:00 sleeping time.

            now mostly after college i try to write, read, use internet try to use it not too much but sometimes :-(


            washing cloth, cleaning mostly done early mornings after japa before breakfast.

             i like to be at Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple, where there is evening kirtans also. It starts at 16:30 and finishes after 20:00. i wish i would live closer to such like a Temple :-(

            Your servant

            • Hare Krishna please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

                           Thank You Mataji Thanks Alot for Sharing your personal things with us. actually i inspire about your replies thats why i am asking about your daily activities for me and others also gain more knowledge about Krishna Concioussness

                      Once Again Thanks Alot Mataji


              Hare Krishna !


  • Dandavat Pranaam !

    All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga !!
    All Glories to Sri Emberumaanar !!
    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada !!

    To be frank, I too had the same problem as almost everyone of us is doing some kind of occupational duty may it be government job, software job , private job.

    Its been just couple of weeks that i am able to get up early around 5-5.30 and being able to complete my minimum rounds of 4 ( though in actuality i m able to complete around 12-14 just before leaving for office ).

    First thing to be known
    1) How many rounds are you chanting ?

    Based on the above first question, we can slowly n steadily decrease our wake up time by say 15 mins to 30 mins. Its always best to consider that I am getting up not to finish my chanting but to please my Guru Maharaj. So cultivating this kind of attitude , i m certain that you will be in short amount of time will be able to chant early in the morning.

    For example :- Currently if you are getting up at say 7 , try to get up at 6.45 or 6.30 for couple of weeks. Then next set of weeks , you get up a bit early like 6.00 etc .. This way we can ensure that we complete our chanting before leaving.


    Settaluri Karthik Sriharsha
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