jai jai jagannath ji!

Hari bol,please accept my humble obediances, all glories to srila prabhupada.i am a young devotee, and don't have a temple too close, so for this years rath yatra, i am going to construct a chariot, and hold a yatra for J B S , in my hometown. iv'e seen the kids at the manor do some pretty similar thing. i just think it's a good oppertunity to take sankirtan to my hometown, and get people hands on involved.if anyone can send me anything related to the pastimes of jagganath,baladev and subhadra, so i can maybey make a little leaflet, or anything to help me with this auspicious day.(things like recipies for prasad , any darshan pictures of previous yatra's would be brilliant!)Hare Krsna!

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    This is truly wonderful that you are doing this. If you can also go out every day and chant in public, miracles will happen in your life. Jagannatha Swami ki jaya! My wife went out every day without fail for one year. Now, as a result, she is the Jagannatha pujari in the ISKCON temple here in Vallabh Vidyanagar in Gujarat. Who can understand the power of the Name? Chant and your life will be sublime. Chant and be happy. This is the guarantee from the Jagad Guru. Who is doing? It's not rocket science and you don't have to be a brain surgeon. It really works. Please try it.
    • Thank you for your words,
      i try to chant in public as much as possible, and your right, the more i chant, the more miracles happen in my life.

      Hari bol, jai jagad guru, jagganath!

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