Hari Bol ,

This bhajan is tribute by Jagjit Singh to chaitanya Mahaprabhu ,

please download and listen ,it is very good .

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  • Volunteer

    how much understanding Mihir Prabhuji!


    Interesting from childhood we used to eat such butter called "Rama".

    It is amazing. I did not know what is "Rama" but we knew Him as a butter :D

    So to many extent and for sure chanting of the name butter "Rama" purified our sins because of that we came in touch with Krishna also :D by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and other Devotees even karmis who used to produce such like butter :D

    So in this way it is nama abhasa. But even that is good. For example some people chant "Ha Ram" so even that is accepted as a Holy Name.


     But also grateful to others.

    Your servant, 

    • Volunteer

      Yes , if you make some eatable name it as Krsna ,Govinda ,Madhusudana ,

      Narayana ,Mohana , Chitanya,Goranga .. we can do this .

      Do you know a game known as Vice City . It is a Hit ,

      just by including a audio which sounds Goranga !!!!

      No game have been able to compete its success for past 10 years .

      • Hare Krishna dear devotees

        I never mind listening to Krishna's song sung by anybody as long as it is not offensive or uses bad words. What matters is who is listening and singing. does his/her heart has even a pinch of love for Krishna. Sankrit bhajans/bengali bhajans are more difficult more me to understand so I prefer listening hindi songs/bhajan. I feel I should understand what I sing/hear.

        To provide a nice example from Krishna's pastime.

        Once dear Krishna and his friends where playing hide and seek in the vrindavan forest , Krishna was waiting ( giving time) for his friends to hide. Indra and demigod thought , let us take this advantage to pay obeisances to Lord Krishna as his friends are hiding and not around to see them(demigods).

        So Indra dev and other demigods appear before Lord Krishna with all the necessary paraphernalia ( golden plate for aarti, flowers from heaven , nice food and cows to provide him milk etc).

        They started worshiping him /doing aarti with all the best sanskrit slokas composed by big sages. But Krishna was just sitting there with no reaction at all. Krishna was little late so when Krishna's friend noticed (from the hiding place) that krishna is being worshiped by Indra,his cows and other great demigods. They were surprised and kept on watching how they were doing aarti to him. But Krishna was still calm and quiet as if nobody is in front of him.

        Later when these demigods left in their airplane, (they forgot to take those paraphernalia and left it the scene this incident happened), all gopas (Krishna's freinds) came running towards him and started praising him that wow demigods come to worship. So they also decided to worship him.

        They took the same paraphernalia left by demigods and started dancing and singing, doing aarti abruptly with broken words , no great sanskrit slokas, with funny words for Krishna.

        An Lo!! Krishna was so excited with his freinds worship that he immediately started dancing , singing, enjoying with them.

        demigods were shocked and suprised at Lord Krisna's behaviour.

        When they worshipped with best praraphernalia and sanskrit slokas, Krishna behaved as if nothing or bored. But when his friends worshiped him with all funny, broken and random words, Krishna's happiness was beyond explanation.

        Since these cowherd boys were late ,Krishna father came to check on them. All gopas told vasudev how Indra and some cows came from heaven to worship Krishna  and give him milk and  showed him the paraphernalia. Vasudev didnt believed them( thought it was a joke) . But since then the gopas started calling Krishna "Go  Indra" i.e "cows and Indra" since cows and indra came to worship him.

        and eventually he was called  "Govinda" "Go Indra".

        So the moral of this pastime is

        "what matters is how you sing/hear the song, with love and devotion" or " just some great great sanskrit slokas which we don't even understand"

        jai shree Krishna

        • Hare Krishna

          Correction " Krishna's father vasudev" to "Krishna's father Nand maharaj" in the above message.

          • Hare Krishna Mihir prabhuji

            I understand Krishna's friends were not ordinary souls.  And I get these kind of explanation many times.

            "they are gopis, eternal souls", "they are Krishna's eternal friends" etc etc. We cannot do what they do. Very true. 

            But why did Krishna at first place decide to exhibit/show his ever going vrindavan pastimes for these materialistic people? just to attract us to him.

            Krishna also lead a householder life, worshiped himself(Narayan) in Brhama murat, donated cows. He doesn't have to do any of those things. But he wanted to set example.

            "People follow great leader" and he is the greatest leader.

            So not every time these kind of explanation( they are gopis,gopas, krishna's eternal souls etc etc) is convincing.

            Jai shree Krishna.

            Apologies if my words seems offensive.

             your servant

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Mihir Prabhu ,

    Just one question , if someone by hearing Hare Krsna mahamantra by a non-devotee singer ,

    starts chanting regularly ,will the effect of chanting depend on Money taken by singer or not .

    Please don't mind my words .

    I know you are right but it is not going in the heart of mine.

    Because whenever we will listen to the bhajan's we will remember the lord in someway or the other .

  • Volunteer

    but please, for example if one does CA so he or she will do job for materialistic people and does it for money because one needs money for his or her livelihood, no?!

    And it so happened this Prabhuji is having God given talent of a singer.

    And plus he is using it not for glorifying illicit things but glorifies divine Personalities.

    For example, Jorge Harisson also was a singer and used to sing for money so what?

    He used to give charity for publishing books and etc.

    so many singers who are singing so many things about lower relationships but he is not.

    Maybe we as so called serious sadhakas might not listen his songs but we should understand that his songs will attract those people who do not know about God somehow.

    Or am i wrong?!

    Please, forgive me if i am wrong!

    Just need clarification.

    Your servant, 

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna Mata Ji ,

      I aksed this many times to devotee's they said ,we should not hear song's from non-devotee .

      But this was very hard to gulp for me ,because i was attracted to Krsna because of Jagjit Singh Bhajans,

      I liked his bhajans very much , after quite a long time i discovered that all his bhajans were Vaisnava songs . They were all written by Gaudiya Vaisnava acharya's .

      But still i am unable to gulp the fact we should not hear from non-devotee,if his voice or the quality of his bhajans encourage us in Bhakti then why should we not hear them.

      Jagit Singh admired ISKCON a lot , he was supporter of the cause of ISKCON .

      Many people who dont know Chaitnaya or Bhaktivinoda are singing

      his bhajans because of Jagit Singh voice in indirect way .

      He lauched most of his Krsna album's in Juhu Temple of Prabhupada .

      Most of bhajans he sang nearly 80% were dedicated to Krsna , his last album which he sang was dedicated to Krsna " Govardhan Giridhari "

      Also Srila Prabhupada said to singer's if you are good at singing then sing the glories of the Lord .

      We see even people who are maayavadi have very great voice ,they have written very good bhajans glorifying Krsna , like people often in India hear's Jagit Singh , Hari Om sharan , Anup Jalota ,

      Purushottam Das Jalota ,Sharma Brother's and some more good singer's

      Bhajan's because they touch the heart .

      Yes  I think people should be able to judge the meaning of the bhajan ,otherwise it will not be good at all .

      the quality of Bhajans being sang today is hellish , 

      The people i mentioned above sang only

      classical bhajans or bhajans written by great devotee of lord like Mirabai ,Soordas ,Gauidya Vaisnava saint's etc .

      Also Jagjit sing did many devotional program's in ISKCON Auditorium in Mumbai .

      If Jagit singh sings Hare Krishna Mahamantra all people will chant it ? No ?

      Why ?

      Because lord have gifted him with special voice , and when through that voice the name of Krsna is chanted it becomes more beautiful .

      Please reply ..

      • Volunteer

        it is not that every moment of his song he will think of money, no. Some devotion will be there. And that moment of purity while heard by others will purify others. 

        even when we chant our 16 rounds, for sure 1 hour 59 minutes or more my mind is fully materialistic but i am trying :( i am trying my best to chant with more devotion...

        Interesting just today i heard similar story of HH Sacinandana Swami Maharaja, similar with Yours Ashwani Kumar Prabhuji:

        if You go through this link http://audio.iskcondesiretree.info/index.php?q=f&f=%2F02_-_ISKC...

        there You have to find the lecture "SNS Japa Retreat level-1 Part-06 - 2008-09-12 Mc Caysville"

        which is 26.52 MB if i am not making a mistake. There Maharaja explains of how he came to Krishna Consciousness and that was through hearing Srila Prabhupada's kirtan recording where his ecstasy was obvious. Please hear that!

        Your servant,   

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna,

      Please accept my humble obeisances.

      if we get healthy,fresh,satvik food to eat, then why should we eat any other food even if its more testier.

      similarly if we have Srila Prabhupada's kirtans, many advanced devotee's kirtans then why should we listen to others..

      just my 2cents.

      I do not know what Srila Prabhupada thought about film singers singing devotional songs.. someone might know.

      Please, forgive me if i am wrong and please pray that Krishna gives me correct intelligence.

      Hare Krishna, Hari bol

      your servant

      Hare Kri

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