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ISKCON Kharghar - Ultimate heaven on earth

Hare Krishna devotees take a look at this audio visual of SRI SRI RADHA MADANMOHAN TEMPLE at kharghar navi mumbai. ultimate heaven on earth. I would like to know how much of the temple is complete especially GOVINDA restaurant.....:) although the place is 3 hours away from my house i am desparate to visit. I got a feeling that this place may just turn out to be 8th wonder of the world

This project involves a construction of approximately two Lakh square feet. According to the estimate, the total cost of the project will be 70 crores


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  • Don't consider visiting right now prabhuji..

    Current situation of project is not even faint outline of the video that you have posted..

  • Volunteer

    at least lakshmi used properly which means She belongs to Her Husband Krishna. So Devotees only bring Her to the Lotus Feet of Her own Husband Krishna!!! 

    All glories to Sri Lakshmi Mata!!!!

    Everything belongs to Krishna! 

    No one has right to own something because nothing belongs to them.

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