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Hare Krsna,

If somebody goes to USA, then which place should he/she choose to continue practicing spiritual life? Where is best temple in USA in terms of number of devotees, their dedication etc located?

Is it possible for a person to still continue Krsna consciousness after moving to western countries due to certain reasons.

Devotees please feel free to comment,HAri BOL!

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Namaste and Hare Krishna

Oh my, have you been to America before?

In most every major city, there is an ISKCON temple nearby in America. And there are also congregations, bhajan groups, business and educational associations of devotees such as in the Silicon Valley of California. I have observed large congregations at so many, be it Brooklyn/New York, Los Angeles, Houston TX, you name it. And at small temples as well. Simply say where you are thinking of visiting in America, likely a Temple can be recommended. The list is too long to give, just say where.

Your friend and servant, Jai Sri Krishna

Hare krsna, i'm not sure...i have been selected for diversity i'm waiting for the 2nd letter...if it comes then most probably san francisco,CA because my cousins are there. but i have doubt that will it be good to go there or not....Anyway thank you. Hare Krsna!

There are so many nice Temples in the USA. The USA Temple with the largest amount of devotees is located in Alachua, Florida. Please  come and visit some of the different Temples and decide for yourself which one you like the best.

Hari bol! thanks for the suggestion.

My biased answer is Radha Kalachandji Dham in Dallas!   

hari bol!..thank you.

Hari bol! thank you.

There is a nice center in Gainesville, FL. It is the most suitable for young people who want to live in the temple and at the same time do a job or go to school. It is like a BACE. It is right next to University of Florida. There is massive prasad distribution. Everyday at the University itself, around 700 - 1000 plates of prasad are distributed and there is Harinaam everyday on campus. Website:

For any other queries, please reach me by my email

Hari Bol! thank you for the suggestion prabhu ji i guess....actually that is what i want...i have just completed my undergraduation and looking for doing your idea quite matched my wishes. Hare Krsna!

Of all the places in US, I would highly and strongly recommend coming to Gainesville if you want a Krishna Conscious experience during a Master's program. There are so many Prabhupada disciples in the area. You will never have to cook because there is always plenty prasad at Krishna House. Weather is good too. It never gets too cold. Let me know if you decide on studying in Gainesville

really...if so then sure prabhu ji. Hare Krsna! all glories to Srila Prabhupada.


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