all blories to srila prabhupada. Accept my humble obeiscenses. Here i m in difficulty that whenever i am telling to my friends about our real nature that we are spirit soul, part and parsal of krishna, and our aim should be to reach krishna, to reach bhagad dham. But they ask me the authentic proof. So i told them a various verses from bg. But they then ask me whether srila prabhupada reached to bhagvad dham, and if yes what is its evidence and what is their position in bhagvad dham. Plz then how can we ans this question practically. Plz forgive me if i had done any mistake for asking such question. Hare krishna

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  • hare krishna prabhu. Accept my humble obesiences. Thank u very much for ur guidlines
  • I suggest you to not to preach them through your own words but through prasadam, kirtans, festivals, darsans, sadhu-sanga and scriptures.


    Being your friend(s), they may challenge you and or take your words very casually because they may feel, "what good can this guy can give me? Let me criticise/chastise him". Thats the syndrome of Kali's population- Animosity (or enviousness) etc.


    Anyhow bring them to Temple (or festivals in ISKCON) and let them speak with the mature devotees there OR if you want to preach to them yourself- then become mature yourself first by reading Scriptures regularly and participating in Sravan-kirtan on a regular basis.

    "First be convinced then convince others"


    Hare Krishna


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    Dear devotee Hare Krsna,     There are many things we beleive exist without seeing them.   l may not have been to America but I firmly beleive America exists.    I may not have met  the president of USA but I know there is such a person.   Now if someone says they choose not to beleive these things does it mean they don't exist?      We are surounded by radio waves,  microwaves, radiation and so many things are there but has anyone seen them?    And what is your ability to see them?     These things can be seen but not with your untrained  eyes.    You need to be trained with a certain knowlege then you can see them.      So seeing  spiritualy you have to be trained also to have spiritual vision.   So many people in the past and at present are trained in the spiritual science and they CAN SEE.     Now if someone asks.  have you seen Krsna?    the aswer is      YES I HAVE SEEN and you will also see if you take the training to develop your spiritual vision .       Another point is,   what is the value of such a question if you will not beieive in the answer?   The question is about something beyond sense perception and experimetation.  You will have to accept with faith what is coming down to you from an authority.       You accept the radio waves exist because you have heard about them from an authority,  a teacher of that particular science.     Just by hearing you have accepted.  That is how most knowledge is gained.    So for spiritual things you have to hear from the authority in the spiritual science.    To learn medicine I don't go to a plumber.   I don'i take legal advice from a barber.    So if the expert authority is not accepted then there will be no benefit from the questions.
    • hare krishna prabhuji. Please accept my humble obeisances. Sorry prabhji as i did not replyed u ad i dont have either coputer or laptop for this i have to go on net cafe. And thak u very very much for ur such kind mercy.
    • Please accept my humble obeisances Sri Jagadatma prabhuji.

      It was really a nice explanation. Thank you.

      Hare Krishna

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