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    Those who reject the logic of the existence of God usually also have a harder time understanding how we are all eternal. That means they rule out the possibility that we will survive. For one who knows God is there and we are His eternal servitors, quitting is not an option. For us it's a win win situation. Quitters never win and winners never quit. That's all the logic I need.
  • It is common sense prabhu:
    1) For every creation, there is a creator. For every complicated system, we can imply the following:
     There must be an intelligent designer.
     There must be a purpose.
    Then definitely someone has to be creator of all these complex material science,,,,ex:
    Complicated and vast cosmos,
    Variety of living beings having customized organs with specific functions
    Variety of living beings having inherent behaviors and instincts like coded programs
    (who is the coder or software engineer?)
    DNA/RNA (unique arrangement of proteins for each living entity)
    Atomic/Cell structures (each cell is like a workshop/manufacturing unit)
    Lattice structures (If lattice structure changes, properties get change)
    Chemical bonds (If bond angle changes, properties get change)
  • What exist itself is either God or evil. The choice is yours.
    anish ms
  • i would like to say that first of all we are not speaking of a belief but of faith. you agree that this man is your father because your mother says so, who else can better indicate this truth than someone who already aware of this truth. so you have faith in your mother telling the truth then you accept your father.... likewise you must have faith to understand krsna. you wouldn't uderstand someone spiritual with material tools----this is simply in itself illogic.

    dear saurabh if you genuinely want to know the logic in the existence of god you have to be submissive to the teachings of SP and krsna.
    and i emphasize on this point do not go trying to learn the syllabus of a university course while you are still in pre-primary school. that's what you are trying to do. do not feel offended but we should say the truth. we are speaking of no belief or false scientific statements.... we are dealing with the real science, the only thing that never changes whatever the circumstances. the place the time the yugas or the persons. stop being a hypocrite and accept the facts]
    how is nature so perfectly functioning, how the most complex system as the human body perfectly functioning, how are animals who have no intelligence of their own living their lives so expertly needing no teaching or schooling.......

    HOW HOW HOW there are many. if you are so persistent about logics, explain to us how IF NOT BY KRSNA. what other explanation do you have and i don't want theories about assumptions we are not taking on the basis of assumptions, Srila Prabhupada never assumed anything as there never was something to assume there was nothing but truth.

    now if you really want to understand krsna consciousness and give up your misunderstanding i would recommend you the book by SP THE SCIENCE OF SELF REALIZATION. this will clear all your doubts and misgivings........and if you really are serious about the question you asked here, get the guidance of a bonafide senior devotee nearest to you and have him explain the contents to you..there are also courses given by specialist devotees on these books.. contact your nearest temple or devotee network.

  • Hare Krishna

    God exists. This is completely logical. But the irony is that it cannot be proved by logic alone. Some of His existential features r beyond logic. Accepting the presence of a supreme controller in a world where everything has a set cycle of operation is not just a belief but is scientific too. If there is a creation there must be a creator. U know the story of Newton & his friend right?

    Prabhupada Dasa
    RadhaKrishna Sevak
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    Does everything come from nothing or does everything come from consciousness. If you agree that everything comes from consciousness, then the obvious question is, Whose?
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  • It's very childish to propose that there is no God in control. Only a child seeing an automobile drive by would reason that it's moving on it's own. An adult would immediately understand that there is an opperator inside the vehicle. Similarly, only a childish mentality would reason that this world, with all its planets revolving, changing seasons, millions of life forms, etc. has no controller. If there is a creation, there must be a creator.
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      If I'm an atheist, I'm saying everything comes from nothing. If, however, I'm a theist of any brand, stamp or label; I'm trying to understand how everything comes from consciousness. The obvious question then is... Whose consciousness?
  • Hare Krishna,

    By your question, do you mean to say 'Is there a reason for the existence of God', or 'Can we logically conclude that God exists'?

    If one entertains the concept of a 'reason' for the existence of God, then one must presume a higher entity than God, who would have conceived this reason for the existence of God.
    For example if I see a railway track, I must also accept that there is an authority who built that railway track, for the reason that trains can then run on it.
    But coming back to your question, if we consider God as the Original Person, the all powerful Creator of everything, then how can God conceive a reason for creating Himself?
    Thus, we have a paradox...

    If by your question, you wish to interpret the existence of God through logic (deduction and conclusion), it would be an extremely difficult, if not impossible task for you and me, because logic as we know it, is of use only within the sphere of material existence. And Lord Krishna exists beyond material world and all the laws that operate within it.
    Therefore, trying to fit the existence of Lord Krishna in the framework of the material concept of logic, is in itself fallacious.

    There is a concept in Jnana Yoga, wherein one tries to perceive God through logical conclusion. But why should one try to reason out, analyze, deliberate and study a beautiful ripe mango like a Jnana Yogi, when as a Bhakta, you can actually taste and enjoy it!

    Through Jnana Yoga, one may only succeed in logically concluding that God exists, but through Bhakti Yoga, one can actually experience Him! :)

    But if you do insist on ascertaining the existence of God through logic, there is a simple answer to your question, without going into the intricacies of Jnana Yoga.

    Just look around you, everything that you can perceive with your senses; the grace of a bird in flight, the colours of a rainbow, the fragrance of a rose, the heat and light of the Sun, the sound of music, our own human body, its intricate mechanisms...I could go on.... Can all this exist and function with such precision and perfection, without the existence of a perfect, Supreme Controller, Whom we term as God?
    Does this not 'logically' prove the existence of God?

    Having said all this, I would request you to confirm the above information with a senior Devotee. I should not have misguided you in any way...and by doing so, you will also get a far more knowledgeable reply to your question.

    Thank you for your time... :)


    Your eternal servant,

    eternal muser
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