There are many relationships in the world surrounding us like father, mothers,uncle,friend etc. Forming yet another relationship with a Guru, is no different.If the parents are the 1st guru of the children then why there is need for a guru again.

Bhagbat Gita CH-18,verse-66 tells us :-Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear.

if a person surrender himself to god it manifest god is guru then why again there is need for guru..!

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  • Advanced and qualified Gurus accept only those students who are qualified for reaching the goal of the life.

    Qualified vaishnava Gurus cant ever be pleased just by humble service to their bodies, but with humble service to Lord  which is everything they got in their lives.

    Everybody is qualified to sing and chant holy names of the Lord and save themselfs for innumerous sins, but only those with waken deep love for Him can attain dear Lord.

    Ready to serve, personification of Mukti standing with the folded hands in front of such devotees , who dont desire anything but the Lord.


  • Technically yes. But practically no.

    The problems with directly reading the books are, there are so many translations of Bhagavad Gita. Which version a person should read? If you try to directly interpret the Sanskrit text, then it's difficult to come to a conclusion since a verse can mean many different things. So, it requires understanding of all the Vedas to come to a conclusion. Studying all the Vedas require qualification which would require someone to take a Guru which leads to the original issue in hand

    Also, the father and mother can be taken as Guru provided they're bonafide devotees taking instructions from a particular Guru. Bhakti Vinoda Thakur was a Shiksa Guru for Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati.

  • Dimigods, Gov. authority's, military police forces, Judicial,parents & older relative's & older siblings all are authoritative in the hierarchy of our Lives & so "higher authority's are present in our Lives on every level as a matter so (fact) so spiritually it shouldn't be surprising to find that (empowered representatives are also in place?
    Besides we all need guidance when traversing new tarain? Rahda Krishna have personally empowered some devotees through the austere enessheation process. & yes it matters in the quality of one's experience & performance of bhaktee yoga.
    So trust in the process and please understand that material ego is adversely disposed towards Spiritually & so when you pick one up you push the other away. That's just the way that is so plz embrace wholly the concepts presented by ISKCON those is not yo- daDdy's
    Chevy ly-) good luck always! Prahbugee
  • Yes we need spiritual association & a guru if blessed with the opportunity. Because Spirituality is anti-matter or anti material. So practicing the (spiritual Rites) without also establishing acquaintance & a bonding with the spiritualist you will be as Arjuna said" torn like (a ribbon of cloud) with no position in any spare ") this is also one definition of -
    Hell.-( So the reality is when spirituality is adopted material energies are (repelled) Renounced & rebuffed false egos are eradicated & every body needs some body to love. So yes spiritual authority's are (emesherabaly valuable) & they say in order to (become able to chant continuously one must have the blessings of SRI SRI HARE Krishna & Rama & that's what Guru does, they teach us the Newonses-of perfecting our existence by perfecting our devotional service & performance of the Rites/rituals?
    I find that by attentively & properly chanting the Holy Names of the Head God's all other life's opportunitys are amply provided. Let your mantra represent your sincerity turn the beads unhurried' to the right-only, chant nicely I.e. verbalize with palatable sounds. With perseverance Trust & faith that Krishna knows you heart & the level of your needs. Good luck
  • bhakti yoga is best and easy in kali yoga bcoz in ram charita manasa says that kali yuga yoga na jangya na gyan sirf ek adhar rama gun gana. so bhakti yoga is best out of 4 yoga.but it is not only the one way to get salvation.

  • Hare Krsna

    If you think Guru is an ordinary person then mukti is not possible even with Guru.

    • Hare Krsna
      One who is fully conversant with the science of God is Guru.
      Srila Prabhupada is Guru for he has no business other than Krsna.
    • Guru never be a ordinary person. 1st of all to whom we consider as guru, who have knowledge  to guide or show correct path towards salvation.

  • Process of chanting Lords glories is self sufficient for self realization, but only in absence of sense gratification and mundane association.

    Vaishnava who renounce building money and comfort life, fully depending only on Lord in all situations, can count on fast progress by establishing personal relationship with Lord, even without any sadhu, shastra or guru association. 

    For all other vaishnavas, Sadhu, Guru, and Shastra are unavoidable for the gradual spiritual progress in the samsara.


    • SB 11.28.44The yogī who has taken shelter of Me remains free from hankering because he experiences the happiness of the soul within. Thus while executing this process of yoga, he is never defeated by obstacles

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