Hare Krishna. I have been an ISKCON devotee since i was 1 year old and have been vegetarian. Seeing me, my non- vegetarian friend would also like to be vegetarian. But her only condition is that i have to explain her why should she defy the food chain ( as in snake eating rats, eagle eating snake etc) to be a vegetarian?. She says everything in this world has to be balanced. And food chain helps it to be balanced and if we stop consuming animals, we will not maintain the balance. How do i make her understand?

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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    What explanation to give to non-vegetarians to go vegetarian ?

    This is not the best question to be asked

    Better question would be - What explanation to give to non-vegetarian to go Back to godhead ?

    We are not the body we are soul. In human form of life we have an opportunity to realize this truth and improve our consciousness. By causing killing of other living entities consciousness degrades and consumer will have to suffer severe reactions both in present life and next. Even vegetarians will get reactions. 

    So solution is to cook vegetarian food and offer to Krsna with love. Then we will be freed from reactions and on the contrary our consciousness will improve.

    YS Bharat

  • Changing people's diet is very difficult.   No animal products are needed in the human diet.  Humans are not part of the food chain.  They are helping to destroy it though by wiping out many species.   It is impossible to reason with someone if they have started with the conclusion in mind.  In their case, they don't want to give up meat.  You can plant the seed by saying that humans can thrive on plants alone.  What they do with it is their own karma.  We should neither try to control others.   They live out their own drama. 

    • Thank you so much! hare krishna!

  • Here is a PDF file full of useful slides, u can see itself and tell Ur Frnd or just ask them to see themselves.


    Try it
    ebooks - ISKCON desire tree: Vegetarianism
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  • Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble respects!

    Can we become cannibal and balance out the growing population (7 billion and counting) ?  If this can be justified then yes meat eating is justified. Please note, animals can be carnivore because they don't have "choice" and so they don't have "karma" but a soul in human body develops "karma".

    Sarvam Sri Krishnaarpanam!

    • Thank you so much! hare krishna!

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