Is marriage important?

Hare Krishna!
Lord Krishna says in The Bhagavad-gita 'Prescribed duties should never be renounced. If one gives up his prescribed duties because of illusion, such renunciation is said to be in the mode of ignorance. Anyone who gives up prescribed duties as troublesome or out of fear of bodily discomfort is said to have renounced in the mode of passion. Such action never leads to the elevation of renunciation.' My doubt is 'is marriage important in todays life where there is a need of a compatible partner who can adjust in all situations? As there are 4 stages in a human life, one of them being "grihasta ashram". It is also one of the prescribed duty of a human being according to the Vedas. So is it compulsary to enter into a married life?

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      • Hare Krishnha,

        Dandavat Pranam.

        All Glories to Srila Prabhupad and Gurudev.

        I fully agree with Swaroop Prabhu, as the ultimate goal of life is to Go Back Home, Back to Godhead.

        We have been given birth as Human Species which is a Karma Yoni, i.e. it is the only species which attracts the Laws of Karma. And Naturally we will have all the physical conditions which are common to almost all the species, but what we have more than other species namely (Aqautics = 9 Lacs, Plants = 20 Lacs, Insect & Reptiles = 11 lacs, Birds = 10 Lacs, Animals = 30 Lacs, balance is 4 lacs of Humans) is the Mind & the Intelligence. The Mind & intelligence are to be used in the best of the manner so that we do not take birth and get rid of this vicious cycle of Birth, Old age, Disease & Death.

        Our Scriptures (Includes the 4 Vedas, 18 mains Puranas, 108 Upanishadas, and other various sacred books) gives us full knowledge of the various procedures to attain this ultimate Goal of Life. None of these ever criticizes the path of Sanyaasa. In fact Sanyaasa Ashram is considered to be the best path for Bhakti Yoga - the highest among all the Yogas.

        Their is nothing wrong in getting into the Grihastha ashram as it is on of the stages in a Devotees life and will certainly help him or her if the focus is maintained on Krishna and they make him the centre point of their life.

        For example, We are 3 members in my family (me, my wife & my son), then I should consider my family to be a 4 member Family as Krishna too is the part of my family. We expect our family members to take care of us and offer the same in return to them. It is same with Krishna, he too wants that pure & un-alloyed love from his devotees rather than any materialistic & opulent offerings which is lacking in love.

        So married life is important only when we cannot attain the stage of controlling our Desires of Sense Gratifications which includes Eyes - Visuals, Ears - Hearing, Nose - Smelling, Tongue - Taste & Speaking - Singing / Chanting & Skin - Touch. Married life gives us all of these in ample amount the Mode of Passion & Ignorance but if we can direct our Sense Gratification in the path of Krishna Consciousness & utilize all our sense organs in relation to Krishna by ways of Eyes - taking Darshan of the Lord, Ears - by listening to the Transcendental Pastimes & Glories of the Lord, Nose - smelling the incense & flowers offered to Lord, Tongue - by honoring the Prasaadam of the Lord and by speaking Glories / Pastimes of the lord and by preaching the Holy names of the Lord and lastly Skin - to procreate and have children to make them Krishna Conscious and giving them a chance to Go back Home, Back to Godhead, then we transcend into the Mode of Goodness (Stavaguna) and that is the first step towards Devotional service to Krishna.

        So we should get into marriage only if one is sure that it will help him or her in their Devotional path and if it is not going to be so than we are doomed for eternity.

        • I'm not sure i totally agree with marriage. It depends on ones situation.Speaking from experiance from being married over 25yrs... I don't belive tht g-d will punish me for being divorced.
          If u read about His Divine Grace Prabhupada he retired from married life.It seems illogical for 2 ppl to stay married when it goes sour.And u try ur best to hold tht marriage together the best u can.
          Things happen... even though i'm new to the KC,, i hve no regrets by getting divorced. All my children are grown and my health isn't all tht great. I hve always tried to find other venues of spirituality.
          For a time i was involved in Metaphysics.. Now i'm trying to become a krishna devotee to the best of my ability... I read the gita and chant... So does tht make me a bad person in krnsa's eyes?
          Hare Krnsa
      • Wow... Great summary!
    • Hare Krishna Prabhu
      I had the same doubts that Cindrella, Krishna-definitely put us him that morning we make conscious decisions and give in favors to Krishna
      All Glories to Srila Prabhupada
      qi jay
  • Not compulsory, but recommended for most people. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur was a lifelong bramhachari, but his father Bhaktivinode Thakur showed that a family man with many children and responsibilities can also be a first class devotee.

    Is marriage a 'prescribed duty'? I am not sure. It is definitely a stage in the lives of most of the population, but great devotees such as Narada muni have preached in the Bhagavatam that one should avoid marriage if possible. I think it has to be decided seperately for each person, based on their strengths and level of detachment.
    • Hare Krishna! i completely agree with Rishabdeva Dasa because i see my mother performing all her duties towards her family and to this materialistic world and her devotion towards Lord Krishna and i am seeing this for last 25 years.
    • Hare Krishna Prabhu!
    • Hare Krishna

      Nice answer

      Radhey Radhey!
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