IS lord shiva will die???

HAre krishna to all prabhujis and matajis..

nitai gaurangki jai..

all glories to srila prabhupada...


In scriptures said that every living being  has to die even in higher planets... my question is is lord shiva will die or he has no death ever like krsna.... pls excuse me for my ignorance....


hare krishna.....

radhe radhe....


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  • What Wonderful informative discourse this is, how ever Technicaly it is understood that. Sri Shiva Maha Dave is a path of total or complete Sucsess in acomplishing the goul of Realizing faith/understanding in the Fact that God/ is' & therefore an authentic Sumpahdia/bonnafide path to enlightenment. So my guess* would be that He will never be doing something as faithless as submitting to the utter humiliation of the Soul known as dieing, at any point. Knot only is He known as the Mah-Hah Dave/the greatest of the devoted Souls but the most favered Of The Head God VISHNU EHO TESIDES on the only external planet within this Otherwise Material creation so No i would think NOT! ?
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    • What joke are you playing on ????  Be Broad-minded...

      Lord Krishna comes from Lord Shiva.....Lord Krishna is the SataGuna Face of that Supreme ParaBrahma....who has all 3 Gunas SatoGuna,RajoGuna, and TamoGuna.......

      but devotees and even big-big Gurus or Dharamatma are unable to understand Shiva bcoz they are unable to digest RajoGuna, and TamoGuna of that Supreme ParaBrahma...they think that only SatoGuna is Supreme..therefore Krishna is Supreme...but

      they've mistakenly forget the truth that it's HE,The Almighty, is CREATER-PRESERVER-DESTROYER.... He is SatoGuni,RajoGuni, and TamoGuni...He is ONE but that Almighty has distributed himself into three for doing His leela on Earth...

      • BG 14.19 :When one properly sees that in all activities no other performer is at work than these modes of nature and he knows the Supreme Lord, who is transcendental to all these modes, he attains My spiritual nature.

        Lord is superior to all three gunas.

        The fact Lord Shiva is superior to all Individual Souls and  inferior to Lord Vishnu is upheld by all vaishnava acharyas like Ramanuja,Madhwa,Nimbarkara,VishnuSwami,Chaitanya,etc,,.We people are not that qualified to refuse these Great Personalities.

        Bg. 14.19
      • E-Counselor

        Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


        You are entitled to your views, no doubt. That should not stop you from being polite. I see most of your posts like this only - joke, jealous...... strange use of words while giving replies to posts. 

        So we have to accept that self realised souls and big big gurus do not know the truth - you do. 

        It is for everyone to judge for themselves and believe what they want. 

        The information given by senior devotees like Jagatatma prabhuji and Mohini Madhavi mataji is what we know in ISKCON. Kamlesh Patel prabhu has also mentioned what we know.


        • Rasmayi mataji, if you think my post are of jealous nature.......

          please again check my all my posts from the day i joined the my all replies which i have replied to many devotees of their respective posts, then after you decide....what kind of person I am  ???

          so please check my recent months posts...




    Prabhu ji! There is Sadashiva who is a Vishnu tattva and resides beyond Devi dhama. But his expansion Mahadeva who lives in Kailash is a gunavtar.

    Brhad-bhagavatamrta 1.2.79-97 by Srila Sanatana Goswami:

    79 Siva is famous as the personal friend of Lord Visnu. In this universe I do not see anyone who is the object of the Lord's mercy as Siva.

    80 Always intoxicated by the sweet nectar of Sri Krsna's lotus feet, Siva has lost all interest in material goals, in supreme power and opulence, and in varieties of sense-pleasure.

    81 Eating Dhustura seeds and arka leaves, decorated with a garland of skulls, and his naked body smeared with ashes, Siva laughs at materialists like myself, who are addicted to sense-pleasures.

    82 Wearing matted locks of disheveled hair, and eager to conceal his actual nature, he staggers about like a madman. On his head he happily carries the Ganges, which has washed the lotus feet of Lord Krsna. When he dances he destroys the universe.

    83 Lord Krsna is so kind to him that not only does he have the power to grant the most valuable liberation to demigods like myself, but even his wife has that power.

    84 Ah! All the residents of Sivaloka are liberated souls. By Siva's mercy how many of them are not only liberated, but are now pure devotees of Lord Krsna?

    85 To consider Siva different from Lord Krsna is a great offense. The Supreme Personality of Godhead may forgive offenses committed to Him, but He does not forgive those committed against Siva.

    86 When Tripuresvara, Vrkasura and other demons maddened by benedictions he gave them, placed Siva in a very dangerous position, Lord Krsna at once rescued him with words as sweet as nectar.

    87 Conquered by the intimate love of His devotee, Lord Krsna personally worships Siva just to glorify him.

    88-9 Lord Krsna personally asked Siva to drink the terrible poison produced from the churning of nectar. In this way Siva became worshiped by the Prajapatis, and showered with streams of great glory.

    90 The Puranas sing of the mercy of Lord Krsna to Siva. You know this already. O sage, please remember his glories.

    91 Sri Pariksit said: O affectionate mother, Narada offered obeisances to his spiritual master and was about to depart for Kailasa Hill when Brahma glanced at his son and said:

    92 Sri Brahma said: Submissive to the loving service of Kuvera, Siva resides in Kuvera's place on Mount Kailasa in the material universe.

    93 Assuming the role of the protector of the northern direction, Siva resides there, surrounded by his associates, and keeping very little material wealth.

    94 The Supreme Personality of Godhead Krsna becomes conquered by the loving service of devotees like myself, and for this reason He resides on my planet, on Svargaloka, and in many other places as well, and enjoys suitable pastimes there. (In the same way Siva resides in Kailasa because of the devotion of Kuvera.)

    95 I quote the opinion of Vayu Purana "The planet of Siva is beyond the seven-fold coverings of the material world. It is eternal, transcendental, and full of bliss. Only the greatest servants of Siva may enter it."

    96 In that place Siva is decorated with splendid transcendental garments and ornaments. There He is the master of great powers and opulences, and there he is surrounded by many associates as splendid and glorious as he.

    97 In that place, even though the two of them are not different, Siva worships the supremely powerful and opulent Lord Sankarsana as his chosen Deity. Is this not very wonderful?

    Sadashiva is eternal. I think Lord mahadeva may not be eternal as there are no proofs in sastras.


    • Jai Nitai Gaurachandra

      Jai Srila Prabhupada

      Also Read these verses from Paramatma Sandarbha by Jiva Gosvami:

      Anuccheda 17

      tad etad uktanusarena sada-shiveshvara-tri-devi-rupa-vyuho 'pi nirastah. tasmad eva ca shri-bhagavat-purushayor eva shaivagame sadashivadi-samjne tan-mahima-khyapanaya dhrite iti gamyate. sarva-shastra-shiromanau shri-bhagavate tu tri-devyam eva tat-taratamya-jijnasa. purusha-bhagavatos tu tat-prasanga eva nasti.

      tat-this; etat-that; ukta-said; anusarena-following; sada-shiveshvara-of Lord Sadashiva; tri-devi-rupa-vyuhah-the forms of the three goddesses; api-also; nirastah-rejected; tasmat-therefgore; eva-indeed; ca-also; shri-bhagavat-purushayoh-of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the purusha-avatara; eva-indeed; shaivagame-in the Shiava scriptures; sadashiva-with Lord Sadashiva; adi-beginning; samjne-names; tan-mahima-khyapanaya-for describing His glories; dhrite-held; iti-thus; gamyate-is attained; sarva-shastra-shiromanau-in the crest jewel of all scriptures; shri-bhagavate-in Shrimad-Bhagavatam; tu-but; tri-devyam-in the three goddesses; eva-indeed; tat-taratamya-of the gradations of higher and lower; jijnasa-the desire to understand; purusha-bhagavatoh-of the purusha-avatara and the Supreme Personality of Godhead; tu-but; tat-prasanga-in association with Him; eva-indeed; na-not; asti-is.

      In may also be noted in the context of these words that Lord Shadashiva is not the same as the demigod Shiva of the three guna-avataras. In the Shiva scriptures it is clearly said that Lord Sadashiva is an expansion of the purusha-avatara and the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In Shrimad-Bhagavatam (in Canto Ten. Chapter Eighty-nine), the crest jewel of all scriptures, the question "Who is the most exalted of the three guna-avataras?" is raised. In the answer given there it is clear that the demigod Shiva is not an expansion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the purusha-avatara.

      brahmadayo yat krita-setu-pala
      yat karanam vishvam idam ca maya
      ajna-kari yasya pishaca-carya
      aho vibhumnash caritam vidambanam

      brahmadayah-demigods like Brahma; yat-whose; krita-activities; setu-religious rites; palah-observers; yat-one who is; karanam-the origin of; vishvam-the universe; idam-this; ca-also; maya-material energy; ajna-kari-order carrier; yasya-whose; pishaca-devilish; carya-activity; ahah-O my Lord; vibhumnah-of the great; caritam-character; vidambanam-simply imitation.

      The demigod Lord Shiva is described in the following words of Shrimad-Bhagavatam (3.14.29):

      "Demigods like Brahma also follow the religious rites observed by him (Shiva). He (Shiva) is the controller of the material energy, which causes the creation of the material world. he is great, and therefore his devilish activities are simply imitation."*

      Text 55

      brahma-samhita-mate tu bhagavad-anga-vishesha eva sadashivah. na tv anyah. yatha tatraiva sarvadi-karana-govinda-kathane

      brahma-samhita-mate-in the opinion of Brahma-samhita; tu-indeed; bhagavad-anga-vishesha-as a limb of Lord Krishna's body; eva-indeed; sadashivah-Lord Sadashiva; na-not; tv-but; anyah-another; yatha-as; tatra-there; eva-indeed; sarvadi-karana-the original cause of all causes; govinda-of Lord Krishna; kathane-in the description.

      In the words of Brahma-samhita it is said that Lord Sadashiva is a direct expansion of Lord Vishnu. However, the other Shiva, the demigod Shiva, is not a direct expansion of Lord Vishnu. This is described in the following words of Brahma-samhita (5.8 and 5.10) where Lord Krishna's status as the original cause of all causes is described in these words:

      Text 56

      niyatih sa rama devi
      tat-priya tad-vashamvada

      niyatih-regulatrix; sa-she; rama-goddess Rama; devi-goddess; tat-priya-dear to him; tad-vashamvada-under cotnrol.

      "Ramadevi, the spiritual (cit) potency, beloved consort of the Supreme Lord, is the regulatrix of all entities."**

      Text 57

      tal-lingam bhagavan shambhur
      jyoti-rupah sanatanah
      ya yonih sa para shaktih ity adi.

      tal-lingam-the emblem of Him; bhagavan-Lord; shambhuh-Shambhu; jyoti-rupah-the form of light; sanatanah-eternal; ya-which; yonih-place of birth; sa-she; para-divine; shaktih-potency; iti-thus; adi-beginning.

      "The divine plenary portion of Krishna creates the mundane world. at creation there appears a divine halo of the nature of His own subjective portion (svamsha). This halo is divine Shambhu, the masculine symbol or manifested emblem of the Supreme Lord. This halo is the dim twilight reflection of the supreme eternal effulgence . This masculine symbol is the subjective portion of divinity who functions as progenitor of the mundane world, subject to the supreme regulatrix (niyati). The conceiving potency in regard to mundane creation makes her appearance out of the supreme regulatrix. She is Maya, the limited non-absolute (apara) potency, the symbol of mundane feminine productivity."*

      Text 58

      tasminn avirabhul linge
      maha-vishnuh ity ady-antam.

      tasmin-in that; avirabhut-maniefsted; linge-emblem; maha-vishnuh--Lord Maha-Vishnu; iti-thus; adi-beginning; antam-end.

      "the Lord of the world Maha-Vishnu is manifest in him (Shiva) by His subjective portion in the form of His glance."**

      Text 59

      tad etad abhipretya sadashivatvadi-prasiddhim apy akshipyaha

      tat-this; etat-that; abhipretya-underdtanding; sadashivatva-the status of Lord sadashival adi-beginning; prasiddhim-proof; api-also; akshipya-throwing away; aha-said.

      Lord Sadashiva is thus a direct expansion of Lord Vishnu. Therefore the words of the following verse (Shrimad-Bhagavatam 1.18.21) refer not to Him, but to the demigod Shiva:

      Text 60

      athapi yat-pada-nakhavashrishöam
      sesham punaty anyatamo mukundat
      ko nama loke bhagavat-padarthah

      atha-therefore; api-certainly; yat-whose; pada-nakha-nails of the feet; avashrishöam-emanating; jagat-the whole universe; virinca-Brahmaji; upahrita-collected; arhana-worship; ambhah-water; sa-along with; isham-Lord Shiva; punati-purifies; anyatamah-who else; mukundat-besides the Personality of Godhead, Shri Krishna; kah-who?; nama-name; loke-within the world; bhagavat-Supreme Lord; pada-position; arthah-worth.

      "Who can be worthy of the name of the Supreme Lord but the Personality of Godhead, Shri Krishna? Brahmaji collected the water emanating from the nails of His feet in order to award it to Lord Shiva as a worshipful welcome. This very water (the Ganges) is purifying the whole universe, including Lord Shiva."*

      Text 61

      spashöam. shri-sutah.

      spashöam-clear; shri-sutah-Shri Suta Gosvami.

      The meaning of this verse is clear. The verse quoted in the beginning of this anuccheda was spoken by Shrila Suta Gosvami.

  • Volunteer
    Lord Shiva is (also) in the spiritual world and IS Eternal.
  • Volunteer
    Dear devotee Hare Krsna, Lord Siva has his own abode which is eternal and is above this material world.
    It is the abode of the Brahman impersonalist realized souls. Shiva loka.
    There Sada Shiva is manifested in 2 forms, one as Shiva the husband of Durga and one as Maha Visnu.
    Lord Shiva has his own eternal associates like Durga devi , Nandi, Ganesha and Kartikeya.
    There all the followers SLord hiva are engaged in kirtan and bhajan of Lord Sankarshan.
    They are all in the bliss of meditation on the Supreme Lord.
    This abode is situated on the boarder line of the spiritual and material worlds there is no time there.
    From there both the material world and the spiritual world can be seen.
    There Maya is manifest in her most attractive form and will fulfil anything you desire.
    But enjoyment with maya will have its consiquences.
    You can again fall into the world of Maya.
    Only if you go higher and reach the Vaikuntha of the spiritual sky will you never return again to this miserable material world.
    To enter into Vaikuntha you must have the qualification to get through the gates.
    The qualification is prema.
    Unless one has attained pure love in one of the 5 rasas by the grace of the Supreme no one can get out of this material world.

    Only by surrender to Visnu, Krsna wil you be eternally liberated. Hare Krsna
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