Hare krishna prabhu,


           Is krishna merciful to everyone or only to particular section of people. I am asking this

because there are many countries and people who are not aware of supreme personality as krishna and also dont know any thing about scriptures. What happens to these people ? what happens to them? Is that because of their karma that they are born in places where there is no KC ?


your servant


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    Hare Krsna Aakash.     Krsna is merciful to everyone without discrimination.  Krsna says,    samoham sarva bhutesu.   I envy no one nor am I partial to anyone I am equal to all.     But whoever renders service to Me with devotion is a friend is in Me and I am also a friend to him.    B. Gita    so Krsna is equal to all of us and will reciprocate with you if you become His friend.   

      People all over the world have some form of  religion and pray to and worship God.  The Supreme.   The Absolute Truth.   They may use a different Name but they all mean the one Supreme Truth.     And that Supreme Truth  is Krsna in His different aspects.  God consciousness is  Krsna consciousness      It is not that there is a Hindu God or a Christian, Muslim or Jewish God.    God is one,  the Supreme controller.   Who has no equal or superior.  And He is being revealed in different places and cultures for different classes of men.   So krsna is showing His mercy to all by His many spiritual forms.   How they are meditating on Him that's how He will reveal Himself. 

    They may not know Him as Krsna the son of Vasudev and Devaki.   But even in India and after hearing the vedic scriptures so many men still don't know Krsna as The Supreme Personality of Godhead..   Krsna only reveals Himself to His devotees.    Because The devotees want to see Him with eyes of devotion He shows them His original  transcendental form.

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    Hare Krishna.


    There are many countries where people are not aware of Krishna. It is very true. 45 years Ago, America was also like that. But His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada went to US and build ISKCON and now practically the whole world knows about KC. Only if we are sincere, Krishna will direct from within to the right path of self realization.


    I heard a pastime recently in one of the SB class that happened in Europe or US im not sure. A man reads some of the Hindu literature and understands that he has to go to a secluded place and meditate. So he goes to the suburbs and lives alone in a cottage. Another man, happens to buy a Krishna book form a devotee throw book distribution and happens to pass through this area. His vehicle gets broke near this cottage and he approaches him for help. Since it was night, he stays over there and next day while leaving, he gifts the Krishna book as he appeared to be very devotional. The person reads Krishna book and comes and joins ISKCON temple.


    There are many examples like this where without their knowledge, they are guided to reach the proper destination. One thing that is common in all these men are that they are sincere in their approach and wanted to know the truth.


    Hari bol!!!

  • hare krishna!
    krishna says in BG
    samoham sarva bhuteshu na me dveshyosti na priyaha
    Translation states that god is equal to all and never favours anybody..however krishna favours people who start loving him or getting inclined towards as far as ur question is concerned....yes...krishna simply gives appropriate results like an unbiased judge on the basis of ones karma.....hence people born in the west or in the places bereft of spiritual knowledge are the very goal of human life is unknown to them....and this is stated even by the lord at 2 places in BG
    bahunaam janmanaam ante.....meaning one comes to this spiritual plane after millions and millions of birth!!!
    also krsna states manushyaanaam sahasreshu kaschit yatati siddhaye...meaning that out of millions and millions of people, some come to this spiritual we are all soo very fortunate and lucky that we are born in india, and practising KC by the divine glance of Srila prabhupada!
    bharata bhumite haila manushya janma yaar
    janma sarthaka kori kara para upkaar
    Hence we must simply work very hard for krsna in this rare human form and do every thing needed to go back in this one very lifetym!
    vaishnava dasanudas,
    amarnath das
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