Is it ok to use Tulsi tea - plz read

Haribol devotees,

I just wanted to hear peoples opinions on whether they think its ok to buy Tulsi tea leaves (whole ones) and to offer them to Krsna on his bhoga. (from a tulsi tea brand company selling whole leaves, not shredded)

Why i am asking is because i live near no temple, no devotees, and i want to offer Tulsi leaves to Krsna as he says he doesnt like to except anything if it doesnt have Tulsi on, I have heard. It is too hard for me to grow Tulsi as the climate where i live is cold, especially now since its winter and i feel like i am scratching (not literally) to offer Krsna some Tulsi leaves.

I do feel guilty about buying them as the company probably just takes them off Tulsi without doing the right rituals etc... but i REALLY WANT to get Tulsi devi leaves for Krsna. 

I personally think Tulsi would be happy with me getting them and giving them to the lord as atleast they arnt being used for a karmis sense grat or medicinal needs.. but i still have a deep worry in my heart as i wouldnt want to be commiting and aparhada by buying them.

I know that you can say Om namo Tulsi namaha after the offering.. or you can just touch the bhoga with a Tulsi stick and its the same as having put a tulsi leaf on....... BUT i just have this passionate scratchy feeling in my head which is saying ' U need to get tulsi leaves for krsna' and it wont go away till i get some... sooo thats why i am inquiring.. otherwise i will be thinking about it for a long time and will be totally frustrated. 

 Tulsi Maharani ki jaya!

Ganga Mata ki jaya!

Thanks for your opinions and please forgive me for any offenses.



Hmmm I think I feel a bit uneasy about buying Tulsi leaves off people who dont treat her properly so I think I might leave it.. or possibly buy a tulsi necklace and take a bead off and touch that to the bhoga as I think that would be the same as a stick touching the bhoga as theyre both Tulsi wood.

Thanks for your feed backs.



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  • Volunteer

    You can also just call Her names 3 times after special Mantras of offering dear Mataji. Her Names are not different from Her.

    Your servant,

    • Hare Krsna!!!

      Wow thanks so much for telling me Mataji, thats fabulous news!!!

      Tulsi ki jaya!!

  • Hare Krsna Prabhu,

    Pamho. AgtSP.

    Thank you very much for that information.

    What a beautiful Manjari! Tulsi Maharani ki jaya! :)


  • Sevak

    Hare Krishna

    Please accept my humble obeisances.

    In circumstances where Tulasi leaves are not available for offering, an alternative is to use Tulasi manjari 2539100959?profile=original

    This can be just touched to the freshly prepared to the bhoga to be offered and resued again. Even if it gets dried up this could be used again. I have seen devotees using this as an alternative to offering Tulasi leaves. I dont know the scriptural evidence for this. If some devotee can confirm by quoting I would be glad.

    YS Bharat


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