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    white sugar is also cleaned with the help of bones. 

    A sin.

    Cocoa powder is also not clean from many insects because of that we have to avoid it.

    If while making honey they kill so many bees then we have to be careful and use honey which is produced in the ISKCON farms.

    Or just not to eat it. I used to see how honey makers work in our place. They used to replace honey with sugar when bees are out for collecting nectar.

    In this way Krishna arranged nicely timings when we can collect honey.

    I also heard that this white palm seeds which are usually eaten on Ekadashi days are not so pure from sin. Because while collecting them also so many insects die in the process. Because of that here in Mysore temple Devotees do not cook that.

    What to speak of soaps, tooth pastes, shampoos, lotions which we use in daily life????????????????????? We have to be careful. :(

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      I have a doubt. I have heard that honey also used in Charnamrita but stealing honey from bees is also not good thing na? Krishna has given freedom to every living entity so they can serve Krishna or not so why we are forcefully stealing or supporting the honey?

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    From what I have seen and heard from people who have seen extraction of honey is that they put fire near the honey comb and when the honey bees see the smoke, they think that the forest is on fire and flee away. After all the honey bees are gone, then they cut the honey comb and extract the honey from that. When in case of honey farming, they take out the sheets of honey comb and extract the honey and care is taken to remove all the bees from it before extraction.

    as far as taking away the food is concern, Honey bees store what is extra only and not their own food. And devotees generally do not take anything from nature to gratify their own senses but to give pleasure to Lord. If you start thinking like this, then you should not eat/drink any thing at all......!!! the Milk form cows is the food for the calf, the grains we eat are the seeds of the plats by that relation its their children. The vegetables and fruits are all the by products of plants.

    Eating any thing is very sinful if its not offered to Krishna. And any thing that is allowed for human beings to eat according to shastras when offered to Lord Krishna with Love and Devotion is a karma free food called as Prasadam. When one eats only prasadam, no need to worry about sin or no sin.

    • Hare Krishna,

      Srila Prabhupada ki jai. Dandvat Pranam.

      This material world is made in such a way that everything we do which is not offered to Krishna and not used in service of Krishna is sin and everything we do in order to please Krishna and keeping Krishna in center is spared from Sinful reactions or Karmik reactions. When we breathe we kill thousands of bacterias. When we walk on grass we give pain to them. That is why Srila Prabhupada suggested not to speculate what is right or wrong rather Learn from Authorized Scriptures and Guru what is right or wrong. Everything which is accepted as object used in worship of lord not only becomes pure but also benefits the source of the object. Honey is one of the 5 dhravyas used in abhishake of Lord. If we are not cheating and only drinking honey as Prasadam , not to satisfy your tongue , but to purify ourselves then By the Mercy of Lord both Bees and we get benefited. God resides in everyone's heart and he knows with what intention one is doing something. There is difference between unavoidable situation and intentional. Arjuna had to kill just to fulfill Lords wish in unavoidable situation for Dharma. So even if By mistake any Bee is killed in the process of satisfying Krishna it is sure that the Bee will be awarded higher form of life. Krishna is All merciful to an extent that we cannot imagine and at the same time if Krishna sees that in his name someone is carelessly killing bees then God is the perfect judge as well. Laws of nature is set to do perfect justice by Lord:) 

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    Hare Krsna p

    While extracting honey, I guess, in big farms, they take utmost care, not to kill the honey bees because the same honey bees will produce honey again. While producing honey locally, by part time sellers of honey, they just know how to get the honey and they don't care much for the honey bees. So the honey that we get from farm is not produced in the way you have seen, i guess. Hence, we can offer that honey to Krsna and then honor it as Mahaprasad.

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    rakesh roshan

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      If we want pure organic honey, then believe it or not , people kill thousands of them to extract the pure/organic honey.

      However if it is branded like Baidyanath/dabur etc which has traces of antibiotics in it then they might have some good procedure to extract honey without killing bees.

      Jai shree Gokulesh

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    Eating any thing that is not offered to Krishna is eating nothing but sin. Not sure in what sense you are asking this question. But if the honey is offered to Krishna, we can have it. In fact, Honey is one of the 5 dhravyas used in abhishake of Lord.

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