Hare Krishna,

  I mean, can we actually "SPEAK" (other than chanting the holyname) to Him..   How to stay in "THIS" prayerful mood..? How to be truthful..?  What is "THE" most essential quality required to be imbibed for Him to reciprocate to prayers?? 


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  • Hare krishna Sarthak prabhuji.. when i was new to ISKCON such Q even bothered me and to my wonder soon i met with a person who was not in ISKCON but came to juhu temple for the first time and seeing my parents, started talking wt them. My father asked how did u come to temple (since he said it was his first visit) and he replied he came because he was amazed by his friends experience. his friend was a lecturer in a college and also a very nice devotee. he had been on a vacation to Vrindavan but somehow tht trip got delayed and he asked his boss.. if he can delay.. but the boss said ...then come back wt the resignation.

    He was upset but thought .ok i will resign but now i want to be here. Later he came after few days to the college wt his resignation but his boss said .. still angry on my words bt see since u came on time .. so many good things u did and i was thinking abt ur promotion ! even the students didnt behave as if they were seeing him for the first time(after the vacation), so he came and told this friend all tht happened wt him and tht friend initially laughed as he thought his friend was joking since he spoke to him even the previous day. but when he saw his friends condition he believed him and hence immediately the next day he came to juhu temple.

    If u serve HIM sincerely HE surely reciprocates.

    • Hare Krishna.
    • hare krishna mataji,

         i will strive to be sincere in serving Him..   Thank u ..   :)         

  • We can, and if you tune in finely with the inner ears, you can actually hear the Lord's reply.Believe me it is the sweetest voice you will ever hear.He guides everyone,and has time for everyone,and if we are listening,we can hear Him.Once at a Yagna conducted in the Middle East, I was alone attending the Yagna and did not know anyone there.At the end of the Yagna,prasadam was served and I ate it quietly and was about to leave.As I was wondering who to thank for the wonderful prasadam,  I heard a soft voice in my heart "Thank you,Sanjeev for coming". yes I actually heard my name, Krishna is direct and personal.I still cannot trace this voice to anyone living, it was so sweet, it came from Krishna, and I know it. I am sharing this for the first time with everyone, it happens to many I am sure, Krishna does not ignore anyone.
    • What an experience prabhuji. All thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful experience.


      Hare Krishna

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      Dear devotee Hare Krsna.   It is very encorageing to hear you want to speak with Krsna and you want to stay always  in a prayerful mood.  This is the origiinal cosciousmess of the pure living entity.   We all have an eternal loving relationship with Krsna.  That is our real identity  nitya krsna dasa.   That feeling of love for Krsna is natural and spontaneous it cannot be forced it has to come from the heart.   When we keep our heart completely absorbed in the favorable service to Krsna and Gurudev then that mood appears.   Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot.  We become sbsorbed internally.   The external world becomes not so important and Krsna is takeing care of everything.    You may find yourself working or travelling for hours and not even think whats going on around you.  Being so absorbed in a personal dialogue with Krsna you may appear to have become mad.  Always keep the association of devotees and take guidance of the expert spiritual master who teaches a particular mood of this love for Krsna.         There was a devotee who just loved reading.  He wold sit all day and read Srimad Bhagavatam.   Day after day.     His wife was not impressed and would try to stop him saying .  You lazy fellow get up and get out and do some work.  He would say .  Yes yes  And think Ill just read somehing before I go but when he started io read he would forget everything being so absorbed in thoughts of Krsna.   He had a daughter and she was at the age of accepting husband.   His wife began to complain repeatedly.  What kind of father are you?  your daughter should be given marriage and what are you doing?   Just sitting here with that book , you lazy fellow!   Then some people came and talked with the wife and she told him.   We have had some amazing good luck. A proposal of marriage has come from a highly respectable family so now we must prepare to hand our daughter to this young man and give a big clebration and gifts.   But because you are so lazy how will it be done?     OK . she said.   I have alittle of my dowerwy left. Some gold ornaments.  So I want you to go to the market and sell these ornaments.  Then purchase everything and arange a big wedding for our daughter.  The date for the wedding is already set at an auspiscious time .  In 5 days the wedding will take place .  That is the very best day.     So being forced by his wife he left for the market in a big town some miles away.   He was just thinking of Krsna.  When he entered the town he saw a big crowd of people gathere at the tempe there.  He inquired what was the festival for and they told him a graet sadhu has come and he will give Bhagavat sapta.  Oh!  very nice I will have to listen a little of what this sadhu is speaking.     So sitting down in th pandal he heard some bhajans some lila some philsuphy some kirtan some lilas,   like this,  on and on.    So there was a big kirtan and everyone danced and many thanked that sadhu and began to leave for their own homes and villages.    He began to think to himself Oh why was it that I came here to this place?  Ah yes now I remember .  And he looked in his poket and saw the gold ornaments.  He asked some people .  what day is it?  and found he had been sitting there for a whole 7 days.  Oh No! the wedding was to take place in 5 days only!  now my wife is going to kill me!   So what to do?  Ill have to lie to her. Ill go back home and tell her that I travelled in so many villages but could not sell the ornaments. No one wants gold ornaments. So he began to walk home.   On entering his village some freinds approached him and said.  Oh Prabhuji!  That was the most wonderful Marriage we have ever seen . Where did you get the money to do such a big festival? And so many gifts you gave .  When he reached his house his wsife came out and was so much happy.  She said oh my dear husband i am so grateful to you please forgive me that i ever doubted that you did not care..  You have given the most wonderful festival for your daughters marriage and the way you spoke to all the guests and took such care.  Everyone will never forgrt it. With tears in his eyes he took the ornaments from his poket and told his wife .  It was not me . It was......K R S N A !
      • Amazing leela prabhuji....


        Hare Krishna

      • dear prabhuji,

            i resolve to keep trying with sincerity and pray to get the correct attitude and valuable guidance... Hare Krishna! :)


    • Thank u prabhuji for sharing.. this thought is very beutiful that "Krishna is direct and personal"...  hare krishna.

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