• Hare Krishna prabhu,

    It depends on ones consciouness,

    Arjuna also was lamenting when the great devotee warrior Abhimanyu left.
    Lord Chaitanya was so ecsatic when Haridas Thankur left.

    1. Devotees may cry in seperation as they dont they get their vapu association in this world, this also happens as the devotees are soft hearted.
    2. Devotees also rejoice because he has gone out of this painful material world and joined the eternal pastimes of lord.

    Please check with other devotees also.

    Hari Hari.
    your aspiring servant.
  • Hare Krishna !
    There are different levels of understandings in minds of human beings, so also in devotees. We find advancement levels. Krishna has said in Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta everything in this material world is false and temporary. But believing firmly this fact is very difficult. The belief levels are tested by "Kaal" in crisis, in pain, in joy, by alurements, by Maya Devi. She feeds new thoughts to weaken the belief of "Nashwartaa" in person's mind like little sparks of Plug of vehicle. They act like bites of snake in the Ladder Game. Gautam Buddha achieved the "Nirvaana" "Kewalasya". He believed 100 % that all these relations are futile, and will be destroyed. Everything that is based on "Indriyas" for "indriyas" and of "indriyas" is false. These "Indriya" feelings makes you Cry when some body dies, Makes you laugh when somebody who is not related to you falls down, rejoice when someone is born.
    So Keith ewing prabhuji, it will depend on your level of understanding this "Nashwartaa" of the material world you will either Cry for the sad demise or rejoice for the birth.
    A true devotee who has understood this fact told by Lord Krishna remains undisturbed by such trivial things. He knows that these event are temporary. No body cries from his heart, because if it would be so he must continue crying for the rest of his life. Why then it is that he stops crying after say about 10-15 days of the event. Everyone is an actor in this world some big some small. And mind you when one stops acting for the pleasure of this material world Krihna comes into the picture, he takes you away which is called "Moksha" You are living in this world only till you are acting. Once you stop acting you can not remain here.
    • Thank you for this reply!

  • Hare krishna Mataji,

    I was wondering if that was the case for really advanced devotee's and maybe sanyasi's as well?


    • i actually dont know
      but in our temple one of the devotees father expired he was ok with it and was saying that krsna has callld him for some special purpose the devotee is a sanyasi it depends on hw you take it actually
      • I am wondering how I could get more replies from advanced devotee's.. I know that whenever someone I know dies it doesnt really effect me to much, but it hasnt been anybody in my immediate family. I just didnt want to be to "cold hearted" when it comes to dying and not showing emotions.


  • i dont think you can rejoice so easily .and it also depends your relation with that person if he is very close than it is very difficult cause you will miss that person in your life .we do mourn after somebodys death even if we are not the body but we have feelings .
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