• Everything is created by the Creator but a material creation like stones will give you a material or temporary benefit.  Even we are created by the creator (BG. " ...I am intelligence in the intelligent..."so if we apply our intelligence to surrendering to God then it will give rise to a spiritual benefit which is everlasting, that's the difference.
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     While reading about Vastushastra, I came across something very interesting. I would like to share it here.

     Comparative importance of various remedies ( for eliminating Vastu defects in a Premise)


    Remedy Importance
    1. Ritual of entering a plot of land 2
    2. Ritual of Vastushanti 10
    3. Ritual of Udakshanti 2
    4. Keeping the doors and windows open 2
    5. Eliminating defects in the premise 2
    6. Not experimenting with energies 2
    7. Residents within a premise having a
        pleasing personality
    8. Spiritual practice of residents of the
    9. Visits by saints 10
    10. Others (growing plants like tulsi) 10
    Total 100

    As we can see here, various spiritual practices combined have got far more weightage than all other measures. 

     This made me realise that The process of devotional service given by Srila Prabhupada is the most complete one and following it alone will take care of our material problems as well.


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      Hare Krsna,  If we are very fortunate we may meet a greay astrologer, but that is rare. Sri Caitanye  met an astrologer and asked him to show his ability.  In meditation the astrologer could see Lord Caitanya is the supreme Lord wno had appeared as Rama and Krsna.  In ISKCON everyone has heard "This is such a personality he can build a house in which the whole world can live"  This was spoken by an astrologerabout Srila Prabhupada and is considered authority.  Look at photos ot Srila Prabhupadas hands.  Not all but some I have heard from an astrologer devotee are used for protection from enemies.  Srila Prabhupada spoke respectfully about astrologers  but did not sncorage his disciples to spend time and money getting cheated.  Most peuple know little or nothing regardig astrology and are easily cheated.  Also in ayur veda and other vedic sciences there is so much ignorance.   Vastu is often used in temples to create auspiciousness and success.  But all these things are not so powerful in kali yuga.  Only the chanting od the names of Krsna is recommended. hari nama eve kevelam  nastyeve nastyeva nastyeva.
  • Hare Krishna,

    Prabhu, I would like to put it in this way. Astrology is not a farce. It is a super science and part of Veda. It is the observation and calculation done thousands of years ago by the sages and then complied after thousands of researches.
    You must understand that the destiny is fixed. Nobody can change that as far as my knowledge goes. May be some great Yogies can but not in my knowledge. Astrology is a tool which can help your reaction to the situation. Nothing more than that. It is just for Jan Kalyan. But poeple today are using it for fictitious means.
    As there are two realms. Spiritual and Materialistic. Those who want to be in materialist realm, want to exploit it material gains and hence brings the bad. But the spiritually inclined person who has the realization will only understand the subtle meaning of the events and react accordingly. It is your choice in which realm you want to be.
    Similarily, stones attract the cosmic rays of the planet they belong to. It is scientifically proven fact. But at the end of the day, they also don't change the destiny but reform the aura of the person wearing it.
    At the end of the day, we have to perform our Karma. We can't avoid it. But if we do it as per teachings of Gita, we can improve ourselves life after life or can be librated from this cycle. But we don't perform it properly, then one can only go down.

    Hope I have explained as per my knowledge.

    Hare Krishna.

    Lokesh Sharma
    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      Prabhuji, let Lord Narsingha sort your problems.  Wear a Narasingha Kavach from Mayapur Iskcon Temple.


    • Hk,

      From my understanding, the intention of people wearing these stones are to bring upon a material benefit.  Krishna conscious people are not interested in material benefit, so in view of this , i personally don't see the need to use these gems/ stones.  Once one devotes his life to Krishna, then Krishna himself protects one, remember that Krishna is the source of creation thus the source of these gems as well! Think about how much more effective it would be to have the creator's protection instead. 




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      Hare Krishna,

      Please follow below links to know more about Vastu and Astrology,



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        Thank you..

    • hare krsna!

      please accept accept my humble obesciences!

      all glories to srila prabhupada and gurudev!


      Im a fool....not fit to answer any bodys doubt...however i can tell you wat srila prabhupada used to say with respect to this...he used to say..."only fools go to astrologers....the astrologer doesnt know his own destiny....what he knows about u! BG krsna....assures that once one becomes krsna conscious...his sins get washed dat is change in destiny!"

      so per srila prabhupadas instruction....lets not invest our tym and faith in these kaliyuga astrologers.....the same tym if we invest in sravanam and kirtanam and the faith in the words of guru and gauranga we get liberated from these material bondages..!

      hope i cud serve u well....

      vaishnava dasanudasanudas,

      amarnath das


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