• Hare Krishna !
    Nothing is important. What is important is that Jeeva should vigorously chant Krsna's name so intensely that while dying whatever may be the situation, he should be uttering the name of Lord Krsna.
    But this utterance of Lord Krsna's name while dying is very very difficult. Lord Krsna's Bahyaranga Shakti Maya Devi plays a vital role in distracting Jeeva from uttering the Lord's name. All sorts of hinderance are being created/put forward by her in testing your eligibility to go to Vaikuntha Dhaam.
    Here comes the role of Devotee doing Nama Japa by Mala. Japa by Mala acts in creating a habit of uttering the Lord's name. As and as you go on increasing the Japa your habit will get converted into your Auto Nervous Command. The Nama Japa will symmetrise just like you Breathe, Your Heart Pumps the Blood, and many other auto nervous system actions. If you can achieve this feat by any other way : it is welcome. But why try to find a new way, when our so many Rishis have been researching on this and have given us time tested solutions. Why do you again wish to waste your time (already you have very less time) in searching a short cut. What I suggest you that you make it a habit of getting early in the morning at 3.00 a.m. and Chalk out your timetable according to it. Even if you don't find time in the day period due to your self and family obligations. Never mind when these obligations start in the day, by that time your chanting would have been completed as prescribed by our Guru Shrila Prabhupaada.
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  • Eventually krishna sends us to our siksa devotees or guru,whom supplies us with the day to day wisdom to please krishna according to our unique nature.Which practically are the older devotees ,usually the temple president or sankirtan devotees especially.Their personal desire manifests by strictly chanting on japa mala,as they have been taught personally by their guru's.....both diksa and siksa!Hence we should try our best to also chant on beads,however the main thing is to simply chant ,wether with beads or not....simply call out to sri krishna chaitanya mahaprabhu with sincere feelings .He with actually give us shelter by allowing you to approach a senior devotee whom we serve simply or just take his valuable association,which in its self allows us into the inner sanctum of devotional service.With or with the japa mala the piont is that krishna is freely available by taking the mercy of the senior devotees and following their mood and instruction.....your servant
    • Yes. Thank you for your comment. That is why my guru has instructed to many of his disciples, If necessary that they may use a counter (clicker) to chant. I do not recommend anything whimsically without authoritative instruction. The main thing is to count our perscribed rounds. We must fulfil our vow, especially if we have taken innitiation.
      And we should always think of Krishna and never forget Krishna. This is Srila Prabhupadas instruction.

      If one can chant more if they use a clicker then they should by all means use that. If they will chant less if they dont ues it then the rule to only use beads is hindering one to make more progress.

      YS JSR
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    • Yes, according to the previous Acharyas one should count their rounds, generally done on beads. But there is always time place and circumstance. If you do not have your beads available at the time, you can count rounds on your fingers. You can write me if you would like a description how to do that. Or if one is not able to do 16 rounds on beads, due to a busy schedule, one can chant on a clicker(counter) while walking here and there and on the bus or where ever. It may not be considered the highest standard, but it is better than not chanting. Do the needful. But chant at least the perscribed number of rounds.(16) Some people can chant and count. One mantra then say one, then another mantra then say two, etc. I know someone who does this all day and chants over 32. It depends on your ability to focus. The point is to always chant the holy names constantly. Hari Bol!
  • It is important as it is verdict of Scriptures..... We have to follow in the footsteps of our previous acharyas
    We cannot follow d spiritual life just based on our own mental speculation or concoted Ideas. Majority of people in India do have faith in God but they have their own ideas, so they are unable to reach or get a glimpse of perfection of spiritual life. So if we need to attain perfection den it is important to follow the Mahajans and they have recommended that we should chant on d beads.

    Another logical aspect is ur touching senses, tounge & ears all are engaged in d service of d Lord. So more engagement of senses brings more positive results. Hope it clarifies.
    • yes, Rasananda Das prabhu is right that we need to follow the steps Mahajans.
      Even in Siksastaka, Lord Chaitnya Prabhu stresses on the importance of singing and chanting the Names of God.
      First Verse reads,
      Glory to the Sri Krishna kirtana, which cleanses the heart of all the dust accumulated for years and extinguishes the fire of conditional life, of repeated birth and death.
      and further says in 2nds verse as- O my Lord, Your holy name alone can render all benediction to living beings.

      Srila Prabhupada says to chant mahamantra as it is directly addressing the Krishna Himself.
      Hare means Energy of God and Krishna and Rama address the God himself
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