Hare Krishna dear devotees! PAMHO

After 1 year of strictly following bhakti path, Prabhuji's at the Isckon temple I visit, have advised me to start wearing the tulsi mala.

I had a few qustions,

1. Is it important that the tulsi mala be tight to your neck and touch the throat? I have seen people who wear more longer mala's that can be hidden in the dress. 

2. Once I wear the mala should I continue wearing it without changing it to another mala. I see many people on instagram following Srila pabhupada who change their tulsi mala to different types, designes etc

3. I am a vegetarian since birth, for 1 year I have stopped eating onion and garlic and dont drink coffee or tea. I live alone and work full time so it is very difficult to cook everyday. Whenever I cook I offer bhoga. But sometimes I have to eat outside like sandwich, Salad, Falafel etc. (simple vegetarian dishes without onion, garlic, egg). Is it still ok to wear mala?

I apolagize for any offence, but my mind is confused. Many people follow differently, especially on social media. 

Thank you for your help,

Hari Bol!


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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    You are ready for wearing kanti mala as soon as perfectly follow 4 regulative principles.

    1. You can wear 3 line mala close to the throat if you are initiated. If not you can go by wearing single line kanti mala. it can be close to neck tight or any different varieties and shapes of maala can be worn ( ONLY single line.)

    2.If you taken Harinama diksha from a guru and on the track of getting initation in few months from now. You can wear 2 line mala close tight to the neck. If you are intiated then you are eligible to wear 3 line mala close the neck.

    Anyways you are following strictly rules stopped onion garlic, eggs and tea coffee.. GREAT! now you are eligble to wear single line mala or even 2 line mala if you have a sikha guru at temple. 

    Now u want to hide the mala and wear it under ur shirt so that people cannot see it.. wear a long mala.. its upto you. 3 line kanti mala close to neck is only for initiated devotees.

    Kanti mala close to neck makes you realize whenever you try to swollow things which are forbidden and stops you from doing so. Its just for your reminding sake. If you have self control then its fine if you wear a long mala one row or 2 rows under ur shirt no visible for public.

    Once you wear a mala you must daily continue wearing it.  One more thing is Tulasi mala protects you from dangers and also from Yamdoots. Yama dhoots fear the devotees to come near also when they see the Kanti mala. Its not for show off sake but it will keep you reminded that whenever you are eating drinking to think is this food consumable?? If yes, then  you offer to Lord Krishna mentally the food ,.. and then only the food will go past the neck beads. tight neck beads.  These neck tight neck beads  are just for that sake.

    Pls. contact local temple authorities and find out more in this matter maybe they have more better ideas to help you out.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Thank you so much, this has cleared my doubts Hare Krishna!

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