i have read Journey Home by HHRNSM,in that buk i found tht lord revealed maharaj in his  heart the name of his guru Srila Prabhupada.maharaj had done lots of austerities in order to find a perfect guru  in the caves and on banks of ganges.My question is since i am not on the level of maharaj to per4m such severe austerities,shud i try to understand myself  or shud i jus continue with my sadhana till krsna reveals my innermost real aspirations?

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji!!

    Need not do all the austerities, all we need to do is chant Hare Krishna ,eat Krishna-prasadam , study Bhagavad-Gita philosophy and hear shyam bhajans.Just follow the rules and regulation as it is stated in the Bhagavad-gita.we should try to understand it and try to apply it in our life.

    Hari Bol!!

    • hk,

      thank u mataji

      • harekrishna,


        in my temple one senior mataji told me to listen to all lectures of all  our respected gurumaharaj then whose language touches ur heart u understand and u can recognise his inner voice. he or she will be more undertanding to you. u can understand him the best.  u will find him this way. haribol

        • hk,


          e1 though m nt on d level of talkn such highfy stuff bt smhow i ws anxious to learn these science of acceptin n understandin ur beloved gurumahataj.

          thank u very much 4r clearin my doubt.its very practical il try



          • Volunteer

            Dear Ronak prabhu , Hare Krsna.    Krsna can reveal the name and where to go to find the guru.  You may have guru revealed in a different way.  But as you yourself have said.

            i jus continue with my sadhana till krsna reveals my innermost real aspirations?

            Yes this is correct. Just continue and make your sadhana stronger and pure.   In the end we all have to follow what our heart tells us.What we believe to be true.   So try to understand what is the heart.   How the heart, the seat of consciousness is now poluted by material nature...So many desires for the enjoyment of matter. Lust anger and greed.  We are blinded !          Purify the heart by the chanting of the Holy Names. Hare Krsna !   Cleanse the mirror that is thick with dust and you shall again see.       This is the REAL austerity you must perform to cleanse this dirty heart.  Then you will be able to hear clearly the prompting of Krsna from Within.   Without hesitation you will somehow  know what to do without any doubt.             All I need is Krsna's mercy to meet that perfect master.

            • HK,


              im so glad to recieve ur mecry in d form f dis golden words. ur little association through dis words have given me strength to continue my spititual practices.

              plz guide me,i beg 4r ur blessings!!

              -your servent

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Ronak Pr



    Maharaj wrote the book only to help all of us to understand what he has undergone to get the real knowledge. You need not do all the austerities what maharaj had undergone and it is not even possible to many of us to live that life. All that is required is purity at heart. If you are pure at heart and pray to lord sincerely, lord surly reciprocate. If we can not hear the inner voice, Guru and Krishna will send their representative to guide you.

    Throughout the book, maharaj has given soo many wonderful prayers. Just apply them in your life. Krishna is bhavagrahi -  he sees only our love and devotion. May you very soon hear your hearts voice.


    Hari bol!!!

    • hk,

      thanks a lot prabhu

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