• Hare Krishna Amritesh prabhu,

    The info. I heard reg. this topic from some devotees is that:

    1. If one worships Buddha as God, then he goes back to Buddha and he is given further knowledge to perfect his life and of course the philosophy was put forth for the reason that people lose faith iin the vedas and follow righteousness. Of course, not when he follows that path. Lord buddha is one of the Shaktavishavatars (empowered form). Lord Buddha came to destroy the faith in the Vedas as the brahmanas that time were misusing them. Next came Shankaracharya and re-established the faith in the vedas (by showing hope to the conditioned souls that they are God) and further Ramanuja and Madhva tuned the minds of people towards a personal God and laid a path for Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to establish the supreme philosphy (Achintya Bheda Abheda tattva).

    2. It may not be called Krishna consciouness as the follower is not really conscious of Krishna. But the philosophy of Krishna consciousness includes many similar teachings of Ramanuja and Madhva.

    Thank you very much and let me know any further information/corrections in this regard.

    Your servant,
    • hare krishna Chaitanya prbhu,
      thank u so much for explaining my doubts..
  • With due humbleness I say no, it can not be called Krsna Consciousness Movement. The avtaars of Krsna are not Purna , Purnamidam............ Krsna has 16 Kalas full. Buddha, Kapila, Narsimha, Matsya, Varah and all other avtaars are not purna. They are all aanshik avtaars, and have been taken for either saving a bhakta, or for some specific purpose only. Whereas Lord Krsna came in Vrindavana Braj Bhoomi because of his own desire and wishes and therefore he carries all kalas with him and have been called "PURNA" avtaar. Even Ram avtaar has two kalas less.
  • Yes lord buddha is god,however he came to preach atheism,non-violence because meat eaters struggle to come to the human platform over night!Recently in my preaching a wonderful young man whom was a buddist toild me that they do not worship the person....but the energy behind him!This impersonal appreciation is very rudimentary,it is a start only,however bhakti demands a freindly personal loving environment!Hence for the meat eaters it is a gradual process over many lifetimes....However very quickly when you chant,you automatically develop a receptive mentality and heart which encourages ''anantajami''...lord vishnu within the heart to reach out to us ...usually through service.Then a senior devotee hopefully will take some interest in make freinds and ask intelligent questions which are important for you!
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