Introverts guide to preaching

I am not a "people person". I want to tell people about Krishna Consciousness. Would it be acceptable to get Krishna Consciousness literature and have it put on  paper door hangers and then just go to people's homes and just hang up the paper door hangers on their doors and then leave? Any suggestions for introverts who don't want to talk to people but want to get the word out about Krishna Consciousness?

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  • my advise to you is before preaching to anyone personally you should meditate on guru gaurang and krishna's lotus feet and then should start speaking

    • Hare Krishna Abhay chauhan

      Great advice! Thanks

  • Volunteer

    Easiest way to sell literature is when they experience the Holy Names of Krishna.

    Harinam Sankirtan or Harinam

    When people hear the loud singing of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, they will be influenced by Krishna. Krishna and His Names are identical. None different !!!

    If you dont care to make a material profit, (making money for the wife?), It is best to sell it for at least a nickle less on an average, for spiritual profit for both you and the buyer. Obviously my advice doesnt apply to those who sell books for their livelihood.

    Plus we are not the seller anyways. They hear the chanting and get inspired to buy. Using this approach, I usually sell within seconds, without saying a word !!! That too, while I am still chanting the Holy Names of Krishna, as a part of Harinam group :)

    • Hare Krishna Shravan

      Thank you for your comments. I am looking forward to my new job. I will be able to start  going to Harinams every week. I just want to give out for free some of the literature I had purchased to give out at Harinams before I had to stop going to most Harinams due to my job. I do not care for material profit at this time. But yes, you are so right! I agree Harinam is the best time to give out literature. My Temple always brings plenty of free literature to give out to people at all the Harinams and Ratha Yatras. Depending on the costs involved, I am also going to see if the printers can put  door hangers on the literature I have already purchased. 

      • Volunteer

        You can buy plastic bags with a hole that acts as a door hanger for small books, that are usually given away.

        Where are you located?

        • Hare Krishna Shravan

          Wow! That's a great idea! Yes, plastic bags with a hole would be perfect for hanging on doors. And I bet that would save me money too. I am located in Gainesville, Florida USA. I drive for 30 minutes to get to the Hare Krishna Temple in Alachua, Florida USA. Thanks

          • Volunteer

            Haribol. I am located in Sacramento California. We can find these locally here, at Staples and Office depot. Good luck Mataji.

            • Great! I will check for bags at my local Office depot. Thanks. How far are you from your local Temple? I was born and raised in California.

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    • Hare Krishna Kamlesh Patel

      Thanks. I am starting a new job soon and will be actually  able to do things on my days off from work. I will no longer be spending my days off in bed from work related back pain. I really like the pamphlet we have for our Temple called "Welcome to our Krishna Temple". I will bring these pamphlets to the printers and see if they can add door hangers to them.

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