intercaste marriage

hare krishna to all the devotees. is intercaste marriage allowed in hinduism. what vedas say about this topic bcoz now a days many honour killing are being done in this name. it is said if a lower caste born boy married to upper caste born girl, both go to hell, is it really true or just a  self conceived notion of society? pls forgive me if i m asking something wrong in my ignorance

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  •  hare krishna rahul prabhuji we can kill the false caste system but not castes ....if we marry intercaste then it is against varnaashrama dharma .......we are disrespecting  krishna and his rules do you think krishna had any intercaste marriges during his existence he was kshatriya and he had 16000 wifes all were kshatranis daughter of kings ..even krishna dint had any intercaste marriage even though having so many wifes ...even though he is the supreme god he also followed the rules of varna ashrama dharam created by himself so how can we who are we to do so ...we canot even compare us with the dust particle of his feet how can we think so .....if their will be no castes then there will be no difference between we humans and animals in this way we are inviting animals race to replace human race you can see the result in this modern days very clearly this society has built to reorganize the vedic varna ashrama dharma not to replace human race by animal race sorry if i have commited any mistake


  • actually in vedic culture and sanatana varna ashrama dharma intercaste marriage is strictly prohibitted you have to marry within your own caste inorder to live a happy and respectful life that to by arrainging the marrige not love marriage ....moderndays love is not love it is nothing but only lust ..i have seen many people who had intercaste marriages ..struggling a lot in their life live peacefully and also marrying in your own caste is the respect and honour towards a particular community and marrying within your own caste is one of the step towards path of perfection in spiritual life some devotees may say that it is ok if they both are devotees but i dont think it makes any sense ..according to me if marry in your own caste event though your partner is not devotee you can give her/him a chance to become devotee by showing your good qualities rather than being a husband or wife of a readymade devotee in this way you can add one more member to the world of krishna....and yes they are commiting sin by marrying intercaste they also may go to hell but if they ask forgiveness to krishna he will definatly forgive them now do you think that commiting sin and mistakes always and asking forgiveness for it to krishna is good ...he is supreme lord not forgiveness machine..

  • Still i am unable to clear my mind....plz can anybody enlighten me in my case???

    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

      Have you spoken to the girl's parents or she has spoken or interacted with parents. Marriage is not only a union of two people but a merger of families. You may want to think on the aspects, concequences and also discuss with your ISKCON guru/mentor for more clarity.

      In loving service to Krishna and Krishna-bhakths,


      • Hare krishna prabhuji,

        Actually the thing is after reading above comments and also other articles, i have got a perception that to get krishna it is neccesary for one to marry in his own cast and as also stated in veds bcz i came across some articles on internet. so i am highly confused, so thought a krishna bhakt will be the right one to help a krishna bhakt like me.


        Hare Krishna..

        • but in india it this system of marriage within cast is a blind following. and we support if because in deep inside of our minds some how we are proud of our cast and religion ..... that's why we hate inter-religion marriage too. ....  .... if GITA IS TRUE AND NOT MODIFIED TO CHEAT HUMANITY(AS WITH QURAN .. THEY PUBLISHED ONE COPY YEARS LATER MUHAMMAD'S DISAPPEARANCE (THE UMHAN'S ONE WHAT IS FOLLOWED TODAY) AND BURNT ALL OTHER MANUSCRIPTS OF QURAN .. ... TO MAKE HIS BOOK THE ULTIMATE ONE ) 

          IT IS BETTER TO SEE THEIR NATURE .... AND AS BHAKTISIDHHATA SWAMI SAID DEVOTEES (VAISHNABA) ARE HIGHER THAN BRAMHANA cast (I personally think we should keep faith on his words. )

          • Volunteer

            Even though Koran was not saved fully but still it is not wrong book. The wrong thing is most people can not understand it correctly and misinterpret.
            Let's not critisize other religious books dear Devotees!
            If one sincerely and correctly follows the rules given by Koran one can come to the lotus feet of God. the problem is in us not in the book.
            Your servant,

            • Volunteer

              Hare Krsna maral mataji
              please accept my humble obeisances
              I write this reply with all respect and no intention to hurt ur sentiments for any religion.Please do not take any offenses, I humbly beg you for the same.

              I respect all religious books and honour them..

              I have heard from senior devotees that this the original Koran was given for people who are of low consciousness, who cannot follow the higher principles.
              A very senior devotee gave an example.
              " once a person used to smoke 20 cigarettes. So when the doctor came to know about it, He told .. okay, u need to get rid of this problem so reduce your smoking to 19 cigarettes.
              Now people in some religions interprete it like this- Doctor told them to smoke 19 cigarettes. that is great thing, so not only we will smoke 19 cigarettes, we will force others also to smoke 19 cigarettes, even those who are not smoking even 1 cigarette." IS THIS INTELLIGENCE??/
              This was the original purpose of the book, given for people who were not able to follow the highest standards.

              I am not sure if the original book is there or not, but I have read on some forums in IDT that in Koran, there are many things which are not the way we have in Sanatan dharma. I have not read Koran so won't say that but people claiming to follow say verses from Koran and justify clearly.

              Please tell how can one get love of God by doing all this things.

              I heard once from a senior devotee that if one has sincere desire to practise God(Krsna) consciousness, Krsna from within will give the intelligence to come to higher standard and to come to devotinal service. Now  when people have the opportunity to practise Highest thing of devotional service by chanting the holy names and following the principles of Krsna consciousness, WHY NOT GO FOR THE HIGHER THING. I have seen so many devotees who had such back grounds and came to highest standards within no time!!!!!

              Please do not take any offenses mataji, I have so much respect for all religions, it is just that I have heard from senior devotees many things and wish to ask you the same.
              Please do not take any offenses for my words..
              Please consider me a fallen soul and forgive me if my words hurt or offended..
              your most insignificant and fallen servant
              rakesh roshan

              • Volunteer

                Once one devotee asked " Can people who are following other religions go back home back to Godhead" The reply was told by a very senior devotee and it was like this- " If they are sincerely following then they will come up to the level of Sanatan Dharma by grace of Krsna and they will practise it and then they will go back to Godhead, else they will take another birth where they will get chance to practise devotional service and then they will come up to this level and then they will go back to Godhead" So is it not better if someone directly practises Sanatan Dharma

        • Hare Krishna to all...

          I am belong to Kshatriya cast and I want to marry a boy who belongs to Brahman cast.  As per above discussion it seems that inter cast marriages are ok, as per vedas, as long as boy belongs to higher cast than the girls cast.

          In my case boys parents are ready but my parents are not ready.. can somebody tell me how to convince them..


          Hare Krishna...


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