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Initiation outside iskcon

Hare Krishna, please accept my respectful dandavat pranam.I've read through some GBC publications regarding sadhu sanga outside iskcon and please correct if I'm wrong but I understood that it is possible under supervision of the iskcon leaders.On the other hand I haven't found any information concerning the situation of someone who has taken initiation outside iskcon but would like to serve within iskcon. Can anybody share some information about this?Many thanksAgtgg

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  • Yes u can take initiation outside iskcon also but prabhupada told us to keep distance from some of his godbrothers and their gaudiya math like narayan mahark tirtha maharaj bon mamharaj u can read on internet but some were his good friends like bv puri ji maharaj and bhakti pramod mmaharaj u can go for initiation to succesor of bhakti pramod ji maharaj who is srila bhakti bibudha bodhayan ji maharaj he is good and dont say bad about prabhupada and iskcon like narayan maharaj used to do u can see lectures of narayan maharaj in which he calls prabhupada "wrong" and he was envious of iskcon so try to contact srila bhakti bibudha bodhayan maharaj ji for initiation he is head of gopinath gaudiya math have temple in vrndavan and mayapur also
  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    Spiritual initiation is a very personal aspect, it is between guru, disciple & Sri Krsna. It is a personal decision and commitment between the three. 

    As far as serving in the society of Iskcon is concerned, in principle there should be no problems as long as initiation is under a bonafide sampradaya. 

    That said there could be issues in service between any two devotees, which need to be sorted out in practical manner. Easy way should be to attend programs in nearby congregation and seek out opportunities to serve. Devotees who are not initiated are also given opportunities to serve, so those initiated in other bonafide sampradaya would be no different. 

    But remember that such service needs to be under the permission/reccomendation of the initiating spiritual master. If it is not as per spiritual master's desire, then it would a very serious offence. 

    Hare Krsna

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