• So that mean he knows everything including our future? If yes, then we cannot have free will because our future is already decided (by Lord), if no, then he cannot know everything (i.e. there are some things he does not know), so that would mean he is not omniscient.

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            Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


            Lord knows our future, doesnt mean He intends to change it. Our future is 2-3 options, depending on our choice. Our free will is to exercise that choice. Depending on what choice we exercise, we get results which could be a package. For eg - someone who smokes is looking at a lung disease in the future. To smoke or not to smoke is the choice, getting lung disease or not is not a choice. If one has smoked, lord wll not take away the lung disease. 

            Of course, He is omnipotent and can take away the lung disease. That is rare and one has to be very highly fortunate to get it.


            Your servant,

            Radha Rasamayi DD

            • yes understood about free will, but i think you misunderstand what i mean. let's smoking example, if a man is going to smoke tomorrow and Lord knows he will smoke tomorrow then there's no way he will not smoke because the future has already been decided (this is why Lord knows he will smoke). So because Lord knows he will smoke that means the man cannot have free will, however, if Lord didn't know what he was going to do tomorrow, then I can it mean the man has free will, because he could decide not to smoke, Lord won't know what decision he would make.


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                At any time, he has the choice to not smoke - whether lord knows or not. But how can lord not know - He is God. We are infitesimal in front of the lord - He wouldnt bother with us and our free will.

                Suppose the person is in no smoking zone for any reason, or is diagnosed with some illness which requires him to not smoke the next day, he will not smoke. THat choice is there with us every single time - lord knows doesnt change our free will in any way. 

                • yes I agree with you, free will is there, there is no doubt, but what I am saying is that because the man can decide what to do, Lord will not know what he does next and when until he has done it, so Lord won't know the future if that makes sense because the future will change depending on what the man decides to do.

                  Here's a better example

                  Lord: Man is going to smoke at 12noon

                  Man: At 12noon, he smokes

                  Lord: Yes he smoked at 12noon because I knew he would (because I made him do it, which means man has no free will)

                  This would mean Lord knew the future and his prediction came true, which means, the man's decision was not his, Lord decided what he will do and made it happen. However, if you take another exampe below

                  Lord: The man will smoke at 12noon

                  Man: It's 12noon, actually I will decide not to smoke (as I have free will)

                  Lord: Ok my prediction was not true, he didn't smoke at 12noon.

                  So basically, if man has free will, Lord won't know when man will do something i.e. Lord cannot predict the future becuase the future will/can change depending on man's free will decision.



                  • O Arjuna, as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, I know everything that has happened in the past, all that is happening in the present, and all things that are yet to come. I also know all living entities; but Me no one knows.


                    Bhagavad Gita As It Is, 7.26: Knowledge of the Absolute, Text 26.
                    O Arjuna, as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, I know everything that has happened in the past, all that is happening in the present, and all thing…
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                    Hare Krsna prabhuji,


                    I dont know from where you are getting the impression that God is some great astrologer. He sits and predicts what jiva will do and then waits to see whether His prediction is right or not.

                    In your example, 2nd part - the jiva decides to not smoke. Good enough. Lord knows what factors will make him not smoke and has the power to put those factors in front of him.

                    To explain with another example - actually its a whatsapp forward, you may have read - the day before Darupadi swayamvar, Krsna is telling Arjuna how to pierce the eye of the fish looking at the water below in detail. Arjuna hears everything and asks Krsna - if everything I have to do, what You will do. The lord replies - I will do what you cannot do - keep the water still. 

                    So thats the lord. He has the power to keep our internal and external environment such that we will make whatever chioce we make. 

                    To explain further, in Gita, Krsna actually tells Arjuna, fight because its in your nature. Even if you give up the fight, your nature is such that you will come and fight. So pick up your weapons and fight as it is My wish. YOu will get the credit for what is already done by Me. (not exact words, not single shloka, am speaking from memory).

                    Man's free will does not interfere with lord's omnipotence. 


                    Your servant,

                    Radha Rasamayi DD

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                      Hare Krsna

                      The example of mother was an example to support this statement -  It is possible to know what choices a person picks without interfering in the person's free will.

                      I did not mean to say that mother is omnicient of the child. That would be foolish. Please understand the assertion made rather than extrapolating the example. In order to support the assertion the example is made. 

                      If one has understood the assertion then what follows is that every action/behavior can be seen as use of free will. If one misses the assertion and beats around the bush, it is hard.

                      Hare Krsna


                    • @Gayatri,

                      He knows past, present and future of you.

                      What details about my future does he know exactly? and what level of detail? Saying he knows "everything" is a blanket statement so would be good to understand what he knows i.e. does he know what choice I will make about doing something tomorrow?


                    • A mother knowing a child's preference is not the same as being omniscient. She knows what the child will do based on past behaviour and understanding the child's needs. However, ask the mother to write down exactly what the child will say the next day at 10am in the morning and let's see if she can predict that, I doubt very much. However, this is exactly what God is supposed to be able to do, he knows exactly what you will say and do next day, that is why he is regarded as being omniscient. 

                      In terms of your statement around profiling, that's not predicting the future, that's just analysing statistical data to understand the needs of people. If a hundred people buy apples and no one buys bananas then you make an assumption that the  next  person will buy an apple rather than a banana, but that doesn't mean you are omniscient, it's more a case of calculating the probability of a particular event. 

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