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                      The best way to understand is by realisation. The best way to realise is chanting attentively. I know you are thinking I have gone mad of run out of answers, thats why I am saying the "oen size fits all" statement.

                      Its not like that. 

                      Not only God, there are so many trikaalagya rishis in our history, maybe now also. They also know the future. Does that mean they try to change the future ? 

                      To a certain extent, we also know the future - child who is newborn will be 5 yrs old in so many years. Will fall ill, have usual growing up pangs like any other new born to 5 yr old. So most of it is general. Specific is where we have to understand.

                      Lord is specific. He knows, does not mean we know. We have to undergo our journey of learning and unlearning and doing what is destined and growing spiritually out of it.


                      Your servant,

                      Radha Rasamayi DD

  • There is no any external god. God is within u. But it is overlapped by ur mind, emotions and thoughts. There are three qualities within u as rajas, tamas and satwa. Based on dominance of the quality everyone do karma. These qualities are in subconscious mind and all Spritual act is to make it concious.. 

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      Hare Krsna 

      God is within u. But it is overlapped by ur mind, emotions and thoughts.

      If by the above statement you mean that God is overlapped by mind etc the above statement is very inaccurate. Sri Krsna is certainly situated within everyone's heart as stated by Sri Krsna Himself in Bhagavad Gita. But Sri Krsna is/can never be covered by anything material like mind etc. Sri Krsna is always free and independent. The living entity or jiva is covered by mind etc. And most importantly jiva/ living entity and paramatma/ Krsna are two different entities. Jiva can never become Krsna even after achieving highest perfection by any processes for the rest of eternity and beyond time/space. 

      There is no any external god.

      This statement is also quite inaccurate. God is both external and internal. God is omnipresent everywhere. Best example is of Lord  Narasimha deva. Prahlad maharaj saw Krsna everywhere within and without. His father couldn't see Krsna anywhere. Hiranyakashipu had infact declared himself as god for all practical purposes much like most bogus mayavadis. But just like most bogus mayavadis who equate jiva with god, Hiranyakashipu was wrong. Sri Krsna appeared from pillar, proving His omnipresence and destroyed the false god - Hiranyakashipu. 

      Hare Krsna

    • Thank you pr g


  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji, 

    Lord loves everyone equally and want everyone to get corrected and come back to home but he never interferes the act of jivas . The reasons are ---

    1. free will of jivas, lord has given certain amount free will to jivas by which thy can make choices of their actions.

    2. Lord wants evry jiva to get understand the difference between right and wrong. If thy don't allowed to wait for watching drastic reactions coming out of their actions they would never understand the urgency to correct their actions and conciousness.

    3. Lord stops jivas to do sin but he has his own way of perception which is inconceivable like while durvasa muni came to pandavas for feast during exile lord come to solve their puzzle so that thy can be saved from the sin against saints. So lord comes evrytime but he pefroms in his own way . He reciprocates to the persons as per the level of their devotion.

    4. There is one reason could also be seen. Many things are already described in our scripturres like the time period of material universes. Their schedule, the time of pralay , the time of sarg, the time of mahapralay and mahasarg and all. If lord comes and stops every wrong thing going as per our perception then these prescribed schedule or drama of material world will get over before schedule. Which is like falseship of scripture that can not be happened.

    5. Even in spiritual planets some Lila's happened between lord's devotees as we can see in case of doorkeepers of vaikuntha . Curse was given by sanakadi to them to take birth as demons. So thy had to be demon and incur sins and lord can't stop them in mid before ryt comes.  

    Over all the point comes out is this only that whatever happens in lords  screation is literally inconceivable by us.  Every situation and happening or mishappenings there are past histories. Lord knows everything and does everything at ryt time in ryt manner. What we are supposed to do is just to surrender supreme personality of Godhead in every circumstance.

    If I am wrong anywhere pls forgive me.


    Hare Krishna

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      • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji,

        Whatever happens happens for many reasons and it is inconceivable, for example gangaputra bhishma took birth in mritulok while he was Vasu originally but due to curse he has to live in mritulok, now what action he needs to act is his choice it is not the impact of his curse like he kidnapped amba but dint accept amba, then amba also has choice to react this and she chose to be reason to kill bhishma which reflected in her next life. So whatever happens doesn't necessarily happens to be past life reaction. Some new karma based out of choices also created that leads to further lives. And the right to do new karma along with dealing with past life reactions is available in human life only. One can chose to react past life reactions as per the perspective of devotional path and one can chose to do new act devotionally. Becuz devotional acts can burn the bondage of karmas.


        Hare Krishna

      • Thank you so much pr g. Really helpful

    • Hare Krishna Mataji

      Thank you so much. To a large extent It helped.

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