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    Hare KRsna prabhuji,


    Ideally avoid plucking Tulsi leaes on ekadasi, dwadasi and sundays. If you ahev alraedy done, simply ask for forgiveness sincerely and continue with your devotion. Nothing can be done about past.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • I read tht it shldnt be plucked on ekadasi.... Not dwadasi... Ekadasi is fasting day... Tearing Tulsi leaves on any Ekadashi, Night time, Sundays, Lunar and Solar eclipse, is considered a sin..but can alwys ask fr forgiveness

    Hare krsna

  • i heard that it shud not be plucked on dwadashi as tulasi maharani keeps fast . But morever there are some days on which tulasi maharani should not be plucked for that we need to clear things from senior devotee or read book on tulasi maharani

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