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I Just Can't Stand It :

 Things have gotten so outrageous
I just can't stand it.
There's nothing to do now
Except revolutionize the planet.

People going crazy
For self-realization they're lazy.
With clouded minds hazy,
But I don't let that phase me.

People so full of fright
All they can do is fight.
But discerning wrong from right
I keep my mind in the light.

Hopeless government resolutions.
There is no solution.
For ever-increasing pollution
Except for a Krishna love revolution.

Got to live for that
There's nothing else to do
Krishna and my Guru
Will pull the whole world through.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

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Hare Krishna Prabhuji!!! Nice one....
hari bol!!!!like verrrryyy much...HARE KRISHNA!
Boy I tell ya. Ain't it the truth.


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