i beg u guys 2 help me plz...................

hare krsna......pamho......Well since kartik has startd i startd chanting ma 16 rounds sincerely nd m feeling really vy nice......so transcendental..........jst enjoying life.....well m studying BAMS so gotto learn lotto spiritual things..........especially abt d 3 modes of material nature........wel i knw dat m in d mode of passion nd trying ma best 2 elevate maself 2 d mode of goodness bt it seems bit tuff 4 me as m living in hostels nd here evry1 around me r in mode of passion.........bt still m trying ma best..............bt 1 thing pinch me lotto nd dat is abt studies........... act as i said b4 m in mode of passion so i hav passion of coming a university topper nd i study hard 4 it......well i wanna cm topper so dat evry1 cn gt inspiration 4m me nd gt krsna concious........since b4 few days i startd doing tilak nd nw ma all frnds r habituated seeing me in tilak nd evn they are supportive................sio all is well bt 1 thing is dat ma all classmates dnt knw proper english excpt me..so evry1 copy ma notes.well i make lotto efforts,do lotto hard work till late ni8,smtimes till 2 o'clock nd mak ma notes while all others copy it nd learn it...........i feel bad abt it.........nd is it dat m making them unable 2 knw their inner potential dat evn dey cn make their notes on their own.nd dey cn do evrything which i cn do orels m dng a good job by helping all of them....plz gimme sm advice on dis as m really tensed................i jst dnt knw wht 2 dom ready 2 do whatevr u devotees of krsna will tell me..................jst need support of u guysalways ur servant................]haribol..........

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  • thanks 4 d reply



    • hare krshnA.. my humble pranAms to krshna bhakThAs.. ||shri krshna sharanam prapaDhyE ||

      your material desire to become a university topper should be a good motivator to help you spread KCON. people listen to the toppers in any field. that's the nature of kali yuga - topper in beauty, knowledge, wealth, valour etc. and when you reach the goal and when you proclaim that KCON is the reason for it, people will believe with more credibility and then you also would've done your part to spread KCON like a flower spreads its fragrance to all who come across it. so do continue to hold the goal and work for it, but remember not to be carried by maya which may lead to egotism but the end should be to benefit KCON.

      Now coming to giving notes to copy everytime for all subjects, I disagree that it is good to share it across. You may think that you are helping and your friends may feel materially happy to get it and score marks without any effort on their part except to rote learn and spit on exam paper. Rather than giving them notes, you can guide them in techniques of preparing notes by themselves according to their levels of understanding.

      Coming to english proficiency give them copies of good books like Wren and Martin grammar, Webster dictionary, Rapidex english speaking course books which will help them in the long run later in their lives too. And believe me they will thank you then with gratitude right from their hearts, when they sit for campus interviews and start standing on their own legs in their career too.

      I tell it from my experience as I was one of my university course toppers, I too had 'copying' friends. Now, I can see that my technique worked when my friends call me from abroad and tell me that how I've helped them in reaching their state all on their own rather than just spoonfeeding and satisfying the need of the hour.

      May krshnA shower his graceful blessings and mercy on you !!

      - in service of krshnA and His bhakthAs - suresh

  • Take care of your health also. Then you can continue the progress very well.

  • hare krsna
    help can be given by a person who himself is free so the reply is one should seek the association of advanced devotees
    modern education is compared to slaugter house so march forward left right absorb yourself in krsna consciousness
    remain a bramhachari and when the time comes get married krsna consciousness is the solution to all problems
    hare krsna chant and be happy
  • helping others and spreading knowledge, be it in any form, is always good..

    keep it up...

    others and copying and learning it? you should not feel bad about it, you should feel good..

    its a normal thing in colleges, the one who makes the good notes, everyone else takes them and helping others is good.


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