How to stop cow slaughter

                         Our aim is to stop cow slaughter. The permanent solution found is to implement the project SAVE A COW SAVE THE WORLD.This project comes out after many years of research. The project comes up with a  1 Mega watt ox-powered electricity generator unit,giving an out put of 20,000 units of electricity in 24 hours.600 bulls required in total for 24 hrs and 1000 people will get employment in each unit of 1 mega watt. When this project is implemented in each and every village in India,Then  there is less chance for the bulls to end up in the slaughter market.A small amount Rs 30 per bull per day must be saved  for taking care of them when they get old ..


                        This is a multi- crore project . we need millions of people to unite to implement this project in one place.For this noble cause we have a started a revolutionary membership program which will bring in together millions of members in a short time. YOU will become a member when you donate  Rs 100/- but we need your service too. For each member service is a must . The service is that every member has to bring in 10 new members so that we will all unite and achieve the aim STOP COW SLAUGHTER.

Hare Krishna

In the service of Lord Krishna And His Cows 

An insignificant beggar


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  • Volunteer

    Begin a startup company. A nice book on startups by Peter Theil, who is guru of Elon Musk.

    Consider appoaching Yogi Adityanath on this matter. He will provide the funds to try it out. If it works, you can flood Uttar Pradesh with these electricity generators.



  • Hare Krishna,

    Please accept my humble obesciances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
    There is a website called Animal Aid Unlimited in India. I just saved a cow named Karma. I'm giving a 15 dollar a month to her care. Start small think big 1 cow at a time.
    Here in Kansas City, MO, there's a place I've seen for sale that would be a great place for a cow sanctuary.

    A humble servant,

    Abigail Pierce

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    • That is so true.. people addicted to branded stuff.. esp. woman..buying Coach handbags, Calvin Klein.., MK belts, LV wallets, handbags, leather shoes and sofas. They don't want to opt to buy faux leather or handbags made of Jute or cloth. Calvin Klein brand has started to make Vegan leather products. I Hope all the big branded companies make such a change and bring down the killing of animals.
      Hare Krishna.
  • Hare Krishna, PAMHO

    I admire this effort for saving bulls lives. I was just wondering when reading this if it would change a demons mind.
    For it to be succesfull it would have to be cheaper then other sources of energy, like solar and wind energy and make more profit or else the demoniac will not give it any thought.
    If 1000 people have to be profided with housing and food ( yes this is again very admirable and saves not only bulls lives but also many families, so in a perfect world this would be a very good way to use all energy and make new energy! ) plus so many bulls, 600 bulls + 1000 men + savings for pensions and food for old aged bulls + housing/farm...
    It just sounds and I dont want to be negative not for this age, its all about the benjamins now. (Benjamins = dollars).

    • Hare krishna mataji ,
      Dandavat Pranam,
      How can you help me in this ? 1) A regular donation 2) an one time donation 3) Marketing the ox powered electricity generator 4) Booking an apartment (800 sqft) in the Prabhupad Nagar 5) take up some sort of service 6) catering to some of our immediate requirements

  • Let us all unite first . First you please enroll as a member .Any  one who become a member must bring in 10 new members .This is their first service which is a must .Donate Rs 100 for feeding a cow and enroll as a member in our revolutionary membership scheme.It is a must that every member should be ready to accept the service to GO-MATHA.

    hare krishna

  • Great Going Prabhu !!

    May Krishna bless you in achieving your Goals !!

    Dandvat Pranam to you and your entire teams !!

    Hare Krishna !!

    • WE will all unite together . Then we will implement the project SAVE A COW SAVE THE WORLD , when implemented systematically will bring a lot of good to the society at large . To know more about the project please visit

      Hare krishna 

  • nobody can stop that kind of kali yuga miseries, but lord kalki himself.

    when he appear, many heads will roll on the ground, for the sake of protection of dharma,cows,brahmanas and devotees.

    • Killing cows is adharma. Devotees must put their effort to fight against adharma or atleast preach about dharma.Devotees cannot simply sit idle saying it is kaliyuga misseries.Krishna does'nt like killing cows ,so we have to be with HIM .So we have to put our effort to stop cow slaughtering . HE will give the result of our service .Thats all .

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