Hare krishna,


             before coming iskcon i was to eat maggi noodles (famous brand in india) kindly tell me how we can prepare tasty maggi noodles without onion and garlic in home.

             pls tell me procedure to prepare noodles and spices.can we purchase wheat noodles and make it tasty like maggi noodles pls tell.i don't know cooking pls describe in detail.

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  • Hare Krishna,
    I think nothing is hilarious in this discussion though place may be wrong. it should have been discussed in bhoga recepies section.
    But still if it gave you some happiness.. then it is just a secondary advantage you have got from Prasadam recepie :).
  • Hare krishna,

    thanks you very much million times.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    I dnt make noodles-just use noodles fron maggi noodles and discard the masala packet.

    Here is my maggi recipe- boil the maggi noodles as instructed. while boiling add 1/4 cup peas,1/2 tspn of sambar masala,1/2 tspn of sugar, chilli flakes or chilli powder ,salt and pepper to taste.Mix well and cook till noodles are done. you can add tomato sauce if you like. Offer to Krishna & njoi tasty maggi prasadam :)
    hope this helps you

    • Hare Krishna prabhu ji,
      Here is my receipe for vegetable maggi.
      1 Packet maggie noodles
      1/2 capsicum nicely choped
      a small piece of cabbage choped(around 1 cup after chopping)
      2 tomatoes choped
      2 green chillies choped
      1/2 cup semi boiled green peas
      1 tea spoon garam masala
      salt according to Krishna's taste :)

      Put 2-3 spoon oil in a Kadahi. Heat it at low flame for 2 mins. Add capsicum and cabbage. stir it for 4-5 mins at medium flame. Keep chanting Mahamantra. When it starts looking softer then add tomatoes and green chillies. add salt. you can add a pinch of haldi if you want. stir it till the tomatoes get mixed properly. Then add peas. Add double the amount of water mentioned on the maggie packet. Let it boil for sometime. Add crushed maggi noodles. Cook in a usual way till the water gets absorbed by it.(Do not add the maggi masala as it contains onion and garlic also tomato sauce contains the same)
      Maggi is ready. Offer it to Krishna and honor prasadam.

      Hari bol.
      • hare krsna
        very nice recepie prabhu ji
        one thing to add u cn get tomato sauce without onion garlic too.... maggi and cremica are the brands..
        hari bol
      • Nice reply
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