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I am a 15 years old teenager (boy) who is suffering with the extreme mode of sexual desires. Ever since I've discovered Krsna consciousness, I have been trying to fight his parasite. I have tried every trick in the book to overcome my desires - yoga, vairagya, Samkhya, Jnana, chanting etc. ,  but even after my earnest efforts I've not been able to succeed as a Brahmachari. This age of Kaliyuga itself is very tiring to me because the society itself promotes a lot of negative things. And this age itself is suitable to become a brahmachari. But everytime I try, Maya clings on to me and brings me down with a failure. I request everyone - Respected Prabhujis and Matajis to provide sincere guidance regarding this topic and how I can become a brahmachari. AT this point, my heart feels utterly roasted by the desires of my mind and I want to desperately come out of this cage of Maya. Plesae do help me !

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  • Hare Krishna,


    please check the replies under this, because recently a boy of your age has asked similar question and we all tried to help him with whatever knowledge we had. In case It might help you too.

    Hare Krishna.

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    • Thank You Prabhu 
      The solutions given there are very useful !



  • Hare Krishna,

    U are very young to talk about bramhacharya and all. The main problem is not sexual desires at this age. Problem is ur non acceptence. People around you keeps telling u to abstain from sexual desires which even not working in their life. If god made u then these desires also made by god. Just accept it gracefully.  After acceptence only one can think over it in suitable manner. All desires, emotions are results of unstable mind. So don't work on those desire and emotions directly. Work on ur mind. Understand it and work on it slowly by sadhana like chanting, meditation, yoga or any other practices suitable for you. U r too young to talk about bramhacharya. Just by taking diksha u can be bramhachari for others but within lust and sexual desires keep hammering u. Be simple don't make life complicated....


    Hare Krishna

    • Thank you for your vauable advice Prabhu ! I will surely try this. I know I am young but isn't this the suitable age for Brahmacharya Asharma ?

      • In previous days the child was sent to gurukul for education, where his guru teaching him all types of teaching includes physical and mental training. So automatically bramhacharya becomes part of their life. Does ur parents and teachers makes u that way? Moreover Bramhacharya looks very attractive as we think we are special and far superior than other childrens of our age. This thinking will increase our ego and sence of superiority over others. Which is very dangerous for your future and spiritual growth. One cannot become Bramhachari just by following rules and regulations. A person who is free from all desires and lust is a bramhachari. So don't try to attain bramhacharya by reading, listening, and getting influenced by others. Concentrate on ur studies. Become something in life. Earn sufficient money so that u will not depend on anyone. Ur sadhana u can do parallely if u want. It will improve ur concentration and keeps u stable in ur life. U r not that matured to think about bramhacharya this age. Coz this thought is not urs and someone rows this thought in ur mind. Very few people who attain bramhacharya in very young age do not have any doubt in their life. They do not ask question to anyone or any forum. Coz they are very much clear for their life goals. But such gems are very few.  So unless u get perfect clarity in ur life just do necessary things for survival. First become master of urself then u don't need anyone for guidence.. 

        Hare Krishna

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