How do I discard Mayavadi Books?

Hare Krishna Everyone!

A few days back, I cleared my bookshelf and found some old books about the Mayavadi Philosophy (including biographies on such leaders).
I Apologize for the following offense. But Please understand the background story of how such books landed up on my bookshelf.

I am a mere Cheeky little Microbic Neophyte who has just started to learn about Krishna, by Srila Prabhupada's Mercy. 
Before I joined the ISKCON Family, a year ago, I was a Karmi-Minded Rascal who didn't take Krishna and God Realization seriously and used to get the Mayavadi association,
hence I had no problem being a non-vegetarian due to such ignorance. 
I had very little interest in spirituality yet I used to read books from prominent Mayavadi Institutions which include: Ramakrishna Mission, Chinmaya Mission, Brahma Kumaris, etc.
I used to also go and visit such temples as well; henceforth, I used to buy such Mayavad philosophy books.
Fortunately, by Krishna's causeless mercy, I hardly ever read those books properly, never understood their philosophy, and thus lost interest in such things. 
Since my Dad is an ISKCON Devotee for 3-4 years, he introduced me to the Vaishnava Philosophy, which I at first used to oppose a lot and dislike.
But sooner and later I developed an interest and curiosity for Krishna which has resulted in me developing devotion for Krishna now (and got all the prior Mayavada philosophy permanently deleted from my mind).

Going back to the topic; as Prabhupada Books kept filling my bookshelf, I never realized that I still had those old Mayavadi Books kept in my bookshelf until a few days back when a Chinmayanda mission book came into my hands. This is when the personal dilemma begins. How do I discard such books? Do I throw them in the dustbin (It would be very insulting as books have Ma Sarasvati in them), distribute it out away to the Karmi Public in the public library, or do I burn them? How do I entertain this problem?
I have several Mayavada books. Please do Understand my Situation and I wish somebody gives me some good advice.
And I am very sorry for this because Prabhupada, Gauranga, Nityananda, and Krishna would be extremely angry at me for such previous association and still delaying the discarding of those books.

Hare Krishna!


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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    How do I discard Mayavadi Books?

    You could donate thme to some library.

    Hare Krsna

  • Hare Krishna Abhyuthana Prabhu,

    Pls. don't thorw away mayavadi books. They maybe filled with mayavaad and karma kanda stuff. But they are speaking about demigods like " Durga" or some Vedas and upanishad texts are being quoted in them. Isn't it.?  

    See it like this, child who is in 1st grade cannot learn Phd and read Phd books suddenly. We have to study ABC's numbers and reading slowly slowly we can take up Phd books.

    Srila Prabhupada Books are Phd level books. They speak about higher taste that is Bhakti and prema.

    When we were children we cannot understand Bhakti -- child whose all desires are met ( like toys, icecreams ) given by the parents will ask why we should do bhakti?

    Parents will say.. see if you have to get good grades in school you have to praise God, if you need good job you should praise God, If you need good wife and good children praise God.. This all are Karma Kanda only that parents teach initially to make the child follow a parth of dharma.

    In Vedas they teach only Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.   There is no mention of Bhakti there. So these Vedic scholars ( be it RamaKrishna, Chimayananada or some one else) they follow these vedas. They say do karma properly and earn living and fullfill your desires by getting boons from Durga or some other demigod chant slokas and mantras to please certain demigod like Indra or chandra and get boons. Have a peaceful life.  They don't mention of Peacefulness and blissfulness of SOUL.

    Soul Being a part and parcel of Supersoul it is satisfied only when It does Bhakti to Parmatma Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.  Now this is a step ahead its  Phd. level and
    Chaitanya Charitamirta Speaks about Prema madhurya bhakti which is way more advanced than Phd. level.

    Now all these Karma kanda speaking books cannot touch this level. But one thing for sure is.--

    One cannot become selfless bhakta as soon as he has taken birth ... We are slowly exploring and learning things... why we need to do bhakti?????

    What for??

    These questions are coming into your mind only because you have read all those books. Because Even after following all those ritualistic procedures given in those mayavaadi books one is not contented and still wants to explore to find bliss and that curiosity to find Supreme Lord Sri Krishna and to understand the what is bhakti and prema ... You need to come thru all these basic steps.

    Praising God for asking nothing in return is BHAKTI/ PREMA. Which is toughest for people who are in material world.

    Initially Parents and elders say some problem came okay seek help of God. Even now if suddenly some untoward circumstances come in life what are we going to do? we just ask Lord Sri Krishna to help us.

    But you see. .. Now we know why problems come to us ( because whatever we sow we reap) so we get spiritual strength to face these bad situations in life rather than doing some some circus drilling of mantras to get boons for immediate problem solving.

    This advanced spiritual knowledge which you got now is all because you have studied all those mayavaadi stuff and you questioned.. What is bhakti and prema??. even after doing all these ritualistic practices why my soul is not Blissful.?? this type of questions came to your mind because you are going in depth in Bhakti to seek answers.

    So these books are not totally waste... they have helped you in your journey to understand that is HIGHER TASTE?

    Prema is selfless giving and not expecting anything in return. That is why It is higher.  If  MAA Yashodha also seeked something in return of her prem for Supreme Lord like give me some boons than that is not called Prema at all. Isn't it.
    So to come to this level of Bhakti and prema.. where your soul is satisfied and blissful you have come a long long way from ABC books.

    So., they are not waste books... They atleast made you realize and question and probe more into Bhakti.

    That is why don't throw them away but you can donate to library or sell them away.

    there are many other sites like  also you can sell used books. do some search and find out where you can sell them .. they may be useful for someone who is in ABC levl of bhakti.


    Hare Krishna

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  • Hare Krishna 

    Let the books remain where they are. If you donate them then someone will read them. I too have dozens of books by Osho, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Paramhamsa Yogananda etc. I have simply lost the taste of reading such philosophy which doesn't have Lord Krsna at its center. They are simply lying in my library as a reminder how close I was to doom. One who reads Mayavada philosophy is doomed. 'Mayavada bhasile sunile hoi sarvanaasa' Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu 

    Hari Bol 

  • I am not one that supports destroying or throwing away books. I would donate them to charity.  Even if they are not the highest teachings - they helped you along the way, they may help others find their way as well. 

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Punkech Prabhu,

    Please refrain from using such language. This is a spritual forum, not a regular modern website, where being irreverent is the norm. This is a 16 yr old inexperienced kid asking for advice. I can understand you dont have any sound advice to give him. Then no need to reply. 

    Hare Krsna Abhyuthan prabhu,


    Pls donate the books to any library. 

    Do not feel guilty for buyin/ reading or keeping the books so far. What you di prior to starting your Krsna Conscious journey is of no consequence. Devotee has no past.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Thank You Mataji for the advice! 
      I will do so.
      Hare Krishna!

    • Not my personal opinion only RRD:

      Angry Swami declares war on maya, especially Mayavada
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      • E-Counselor

        It doesnt justify your language.

        This blog you have given link is of 2009. I was not active then in this forum, else I would have done the same thing. And who is this Keith, where is he today? 

        One wrong doesnt justify another. 

        • So you think spiritual suicide is better? Then wiping bottam with pages of mayavadi books? 

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