how to develop love for krishna

hare krishna 

i want to know how to develop love for krishna, i was a devotee of lord since childhood we use to worship various demigods then after many years we came to know about Iskcon i had love for God naturally and used to listen Bhagavatam that was natural, a natural inclination towards Lord Krishna i used to serve Lord in best possible way as i could,but one year ago i met with a major accident then after recovery i tried to pray to lord ,listen mahamantra i tried to do prayers like i used to do before but i realized that there is no more love left in my heart for GOD and neither to family relations nor friends, i feel as if i am only artificially pretending to myself that i am a devotee but as such i don't feel it from heart. I want to have love in my heart for Krishna but now its not like that. Before i used to cry in front of lord after listening to his pastimes but now there is nothing i want that love again but how i don't know, i feel very helpless as i can't feel all that rasas. please tell is it possible in this very life to get that prema for Lord again or my life will go in vain. i feel very helpless cant develop any attachment for Lord.

hare krishna

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  • Volunteer

    Dear Mihir prabhu,  Hare Krsna.   Thank you for this very nice quote that to regularly chant the names of Gaura and Nitai and then chant Hare Krsna.   Then you will actually see Vrndavana.

    Yes this is 100% correct and I had assumed that Priya was already doing this for quite some time.

    Priya describes how some trauma has affected how she is feeling emotionally not just with her bhakti but with family members also.   This may happen to the body  and can cause lack of feelings, depression and anxiety in the mind.

    I have a great faith in the power of the land of Vrndavana,  the holy Names and the Vaisnavas.

    To take shelter there is always beneficial for anyone and you will come under the direct care of the Queen of Vrndavana,  Srimati Radharani.

    So Mahir and anyone else who reads this please offer your heart felt prayer on behalf of Priya that In her heart she may feel loving feelings toward Radha and Krsna.

    That her love is felt at the deepest level and all her unhappiness is removed .

    Thank you.

    • hare krishna

      thank you prabhu ji for those kind words.

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna Priya,   It is certainly a great loss if you cannot feel even little emotion in your heart.

    I can only say that you must go to Vrndavana and stay there for some time.

    Best time is kartik.  First go to Gopeswar Mahadev and get his mercy.

    Do worship of Goverdhan by parikram and take bath in Radha and Syama kunda at least.

    Constantly chant on your mala and offer respect to all the devotees taking the dust on your head again and again.

    See all the main deities there and hear Bhagavatam. 

    If you cannot go at least you should strongly desire it.

    I pray to Krsna that he show you His mercy and help you.  Hare Krsna.

    • hare krishna prabhu ji

      i cant go there but i wish to go, please bless me so that krishna be merciful on me

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