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    Hare Krsna.devotee.   Glorify   Laksmi,   Hanuman,   Prahlad,     Druhva maharaja   Narada muni and all the graet heroes of the Vedas.    They all do Bhakti Yoga and are never ever  intrested in liberation when it is offered to them.    They only want eternal service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead,  Bhakti.     ASk THE MAYAVADI.   DO YOU THINK LAKSMI DEVI IS A FOOL?     WHEN HANUMAN REFUSED LIBERATION DO YOU SAY HE IS A FOOL?       therefore we say the mayavadis are the greatest offenders.    They are so proud of their speculation they even critisize Laksmi and Hanuman.      They are demons and they are doomed.



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      Also we should not forget to mention  who are the great evil demons of the vedic histories ..  Ravana,   Hiranyakashipu,   Hiranyaksya.  kamsa,  jarasnda,  shsupala,    They are all followers of this atheistic  mayavada phlosophy.    Mayavadism or covered Budhism as it is known is the chosen philosophy of the demons.    The evidence for this is the vedas and the puranas.    The greatest heroes are the pure devotees only!
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    In order to expertly defeat someone, you have to study and know the scripture thoroughly.  You have various avenues to sharpen your knowledge that there should be no excuses.  In this way, you'll not only help liberate others but you will also gain.    Make Srila Prabhupada happy..






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