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Sadly I do have covid and underlying health issues. Only Krishna knows best. But still I wonder how you all deal with covid if you are unshure. I am not afraid of death as for you are not this body you are the soul, just the ignorance tought it might be painfull if death would comes near. No not al with covid leaves their body, some are okay, others are longcovid or other difficulties. How a krishna counsiousness person would deal with a come? If that happens and if it is for a long time is there palliative sedation or let the body just lay down until death, wich could end up years and years like that? To be honest, if I get in coma and not able to chant or do service, please suïcide/palliative sedation or just kill me would be fine. As for you always make progress in bhakti during this body, it will transfer to a newly body. Not necsecery a human being. Loads of purana stories tells us, krishna conciousness never ever fades. His devotes He always saves. Even if it means a small portion in a body not fit to get much progress, but than again on Krishna's miracle ways beget a human body after that or more lives. There is no rush, for the soul is eterna, a lifetime is just a blink of an eye! Why People even devotees are so axious about it? Hell or non human spieces are just nothing to a devotee! In the scriptures even do a little effort of bhakti, one get's big results! The books yell at us, but we all yell back that it is impossible and curcumstances... yeah right! Krishna over and over comes to tell us we are all wrong, and we not get it.  The soul is forever, the body just to gain bhakti and learn how to get closer to Krishna, that's all. No matter wich body you are in. That is why I give animals maha prasadam where and whenever I can and water care for plants and such. Cuz you can be that animal or plant who did in previous life a so called misstap and by the mercy of Krishna due a devotee get mahaprasadam or mahamantra or darshan of Krishna's many forms! JAYA!


So again how would you stand in my shoes if could choose between coma for years (if it goes wrong) or quikly get another body to preform my duty again, not necsecery a human being. Even a flower to serve in a mala for Krishna or veggie or even fruit or wood to buid a temple or Ratha Yatra chariot! So many ways to help Krishna, why humans are so stressed out? No flowers, no mala's no food, no bhoga, no wood, no means of construction etc.! I for one almost think it is kinda egoïstic almost to stay in human lifeform. Humans who are non devotees do destry the earth as it is. That's kali yuga! But how about be a Tulasi plant or Holy fig tree,... you end up helping tons of devotees! Just think about this! How many years an animal lives? How many years a plant/tree lives? How long is a Kalpa? Well the soul lives eternal so what gives!

Thank you for reading this perhaps disturbing post of me again. I just like to see what other devotees think of Krishna and it's relationship, how they all deal with.How far are you in bhakti, could you offer your body fully, surrender to Him, or you like to save your body as it is and be n coma for several years, not able to chant or render service?!


Hare Krishna!

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Sorry, I read this now only. I hope you are better in health and spirits now.

    I understand your anxiety in getting COVID. The disease is such that anyone thinks whether they will survive it or not. The way out is to immerse oneself in service. It could be chanting (even while lying down is ok), or cooking or deity worship or anything else on earth. If you are too weak to do anything, lie down and chant. Mentally think of your service and mentally serve Krsna. 

    If you are feeling very weak, then take rest. DO pranayam. It calms the mind, improves blood circulation. If you feel breathless, chant Vithala Vithala immediately for next 10 min. Oxygen level will go up and Oximeter wont scare you anymore. THis is tried and tested, worked for so many including me. 

    Keep your wits about you and pray sincerely. 

    This too shall pass.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Haribol! 

      Yes thank you for your very open reply. Not all is magical pixiehorse devotional service stories. Real life of one is always 2 sides. One can dress&put the pundrika/tilak on and wear tulasi neckeles and so on, but one struggles for a living. It be work or jobles or disabled etc. 

      Talk about Vrindavan to live and so is , well perhaps in another body. As I wrote, I am on the stage of conciousness that I do not care about wich body wich time this soul enjoy creation. Hard to get for non devotees or even devotees. Because in ISKCON or any sort of spiritual orginasation, they all stress out; now is the time, now is the moment, this is what you must do or get now! 

      Uhm no. True Kali Yuga is set in and we in this body just 'missed' Krishna by a second (in a matter of eternal time) but still of all yuga's this one is 'easy' to beget Visnu's form&place by bhakti yoga. My point is; this Kali Yuga is not over yet.. of course if you cast of this body the calculation of Yamaraja of your merits and demerits would beget you another body in a periode and place you deserved by karmic susession. So not be reborn in this Kali Yuga or this planet. It is all up to your devotional and spiritual progress. Thing is; do we really need to be stressed about that? No. A real devotee of The Lord would never mind wich time, place or body it might be (it because the soul is non male non female, that is just material matter of the purpose of reproduction to invite souls in bodies to get progress in Krishna Counciousness) ontop Krishna's devotees would be always protected by Him. We (the souls) could sway or forget Him or walk of the path now and than in various lifeforms, but He, Krishna will pull us towards the path again. By all means, it be prasadam, darshan, the holy name broadcasted, books or meet up with a devotee. 

      If you read between the lines of the Gita you could say; please cary on, all you do just autopilote think of Him and be happy, you have nothing to do with the material gain or loss you meet along the path of this temperory bodily life.

      Om Namo Ramaya

      Ganga Ganga Ganga!

      To kill yourself is kinda weird. On one side you can gain another body, according to the mode of suïcide/reason (only Krishna and you know, no one else!!) you get forward or a step backwards in the karmic succesion. It depends. For a non devotee if you fight like Arjuna in a war and perhaps lose your body, a non devotee might call it insane and suïcide, but you did it for Krishna with all your devotional service. The scriptures tells us all about wich life you could gain if you act according your bhakti level. Said so in the Gita too. It is very short minded to say suïcide is bad or whatever. It is all about the motivation. To escape, or under influence of drugs&alcohol or if mentally unstable or just out of the blue, yes than suïcide is bad. But to honestly at hearth fully devoted to Krishna want to beget another body like a yogi does to beget a body fit to do more devotional service. That only Krishna knows and might give you that boon. What others say is kinda speculation and forbidden. We must never speculate one of thoose rules. Because that only leaves us to quarrel and fight and keeps us from chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare!

      I whish you good luck in things and remember, only you and Krishna, well the realation Krishna has with you matters. My opinion or others don't at all! We are just guidelines and can tell our pov, but never obey our comments! Only Krishna! It is true Krishna handles and communicates with His devotees(like the one who initiate you is empowerd by Krishna of course, anyone who initiate others)just make shure to follow your hearth. Not the hearth of desire, but the Supersoul within. Means you could like this or want that, but if you really think deep and look at Krishna or think of Him you certainly knows at one point what is the real want of the hearth!


      Hare Krishna!


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