How to adjust my Exercise schedule?

Hare Krishna, Please Accept my humble obeisances.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I do chanting and Bhagwatam class daily. Thanks to lockdown days.. This is continuing.

I have put on weight as before this schedule, i used to run, or cycle. Now I am getting less time.

The put on of weight is phenomenal: 71 to 92 kgs. 

I have tried to reduce eating but weight remains more or less the same. 

I started running 40 mins daily but then knees started to hurt.


Now, I am joining yoga session which is 8-9 AM only. My Bhagwatam class starts at 7:40 - 9 AM. This means i miss the class. 

I am feeling negative. Although i will continue to chant and visit temple whenever i get time. Howver weight loss is important and i have a family to keep.

Any experienced suggestions are welcome on how to adjust my exercise schedule.

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  • Hare Krishna Varun prabhu ji,

    You asked the same question 10 months back to be precise. Why have you not reduced your weight yet? You should have lost many pounds by now. You had bought some threadmil also back then. Are you seriously working out??

    Hare Krishna

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    • Hare Krishna Gayatri Mataji, You caught me, I will follow the advice i liked the best, pasting here again: -


      I saw one video on whatsapp whihc spoke about maintaning optimum health in pandemic time.

      So it said morning till 10 am, do not eat anything. Have a fruit after 10 am, then lunch of one grain (either rice or roti). Evening before 6 pm have a soup. From 6 pm to 10 am, do not have anything except water. This way, your body will feel energetic and you will not gain weight. I tried for some time, it worked for me.

      Regarding treadmill, it can be done anytime of the day or night. Please ensure that you exercise to keep fit, so that you are able to do more and more service.

      Sorry for offences. AGTSP

      • what Offense prabhu?

        Do whatever suits you better.  We have adviced long time back for ur question. You have not cared even to reply for that. So I felt I must paste the link to ur question to make u see it. Had I not pasted you wouldn't ever go back to check it also.

        Be thankful  to all, all have explained very nicely to ur question. everybody spent time for you to give you answer.  These girls who replied here are also sparing lot of their time for replying to you. One must be thankful for some help even if its not useful for you. They are kind enough to reply to you. Be courteous and say thank you for ur reply.

        Anusha TR and Pranavi mata ji's replies are also equally good.  Don't try to vote best that this. You follow whatever u feel is suiting best  for you.  Finally at the end of the day what matters is--->> you need to lose weight somehow or other... whose ever advice it maybe. .. isn't it.

        Hare Krishna.

        • When you know you are being offensive don't do it consciously and write sorry for offenses.



  • Hare Krsna prabhuji , 

    Its nice that you attend Bhagavatam class at the temple itself . That's fantastic . Till you finish your yoga sessions you could listen to online lectures . Daily many many lectures are posted . For few days till you lose your weight you could listen to online lectures and please chant as well . You could listen to 2-3 lectures of your favorite temples posted on youtube . After you lose your weight please return back to temple bhagavatam class .



  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji!


    No doubt prabhu ji, you should lose weight and take care of your body because that will help you in lord krishna's service too. i would suggest that instead of doing yoga, you do cardio early in the morning without eating anything because then your body will use prestored fat for energy.

    stop sugar completely. even i'm trying to reduce weight and sugar is a big enemy! it might seem hard but please do it! anyways sugar is an attachment we have and we shouldn't have any attachment except lord krishna (who needs sugar when we have the king of sweetness?)

    in cardio, you can do skipping or follow along workouts on youtube... or else you can have kirtan dance! if you practice bhakti, then everthing is satisfied isn't it? i understand... running might cause knee pain... my father too gets knee pain when he runs but since he likes running so he uses knee caps. even you can try that!

    i would also recommend to fix your diet... reducing eating or not eating anything won't help... it will only only make you fatter because the metabolism will slow down. try intermittent fasting and don't eat if you aren't hungry (you might feel that you are hungry if you are bored, so drink lots of water and engage yourself in activities all the time) you can also drink a cap of apple cider vinegar with one glass water in the morning and at night... tastes horrible but works amazingly... just remember to drink it all at once... there's no need to carry out the torture for long. you can also add lemon juice and honey to it, that should make it taste better and both are good for weight loss. i have searched and despite being fermented, it's not alcoholic so as long as i know, it should be fine drinking it, but still ask a vaishnava if you have a doubt (if they say we shouldn't drink it, then please tell that to me too!)

    lastly, weight isn't everything. even physically, your weightloss might not seem so significant but that's because you'll gain muscle through workout which weighs slightly more than fat weight. so instead of keeping your goal as weight loss and getting frustrated when you don't see results, keep your goal as getting fitter and be happy by your stamina and strength growing day by day!

    don't measure your weight everyday, measure it once a week before eating anything (otherwise there might be bloating weight also) healthy weight loss takes 3 months so don't rush it. getting too desperate might cause diseases like anorexia which is NOT GOOD! you are working out so you need good food! don't stress your body, listen to it, when it pains, stop for a while... if you give it your all then lord krishna will help you but remember that your reason to lose weight should be to get fitter through which serving lord krishna and radha rani would be easier.

    hope it helps!

    all the best!

    Hare Krishna!

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