How To Act To Demigod Prasad

Hare Krishna ,

All glories to srila prabhupada ,

My question may hurt many , especially those who will search this question in google, or worship demigods and consider all equall ,

So Sorry for that , my aim is not that !!

Earlier i used to eat onion ,garlic due to home , but now i have left them ..

Chanting rounds also , trying to surrender to krishna .

But today i recieved Prasad of Somnath ( One of Joytirlinga Of Lord Shiva ) , i took it and did not eat ,

as per my knowledge , i know food only offered to krishna is to be accepted , we should not eat demigod prasad as stated in Padma Puran .

Although i eat food without offering to Krsna many times when i am away ,

since i am not completely surrendered should i eat demigod prasad now ,till i become very strong ?

Now the problem is should i eat or not ,Somnath is also holy place , i respect all demigod ,

but now i am confused .

There are many  occasions like this ,like Navratra's going on in India at Present .

If i do not eat , people call me a cult , and fool , but truth is bitter .

Prasad is remain of Krsna's food or Vishnu Tattva Food, not of any other !!

Please guide me !!

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  • one simple thing my friend...if you are not able to accept with respect the bhoga that has been offered to a parama vaishnava then how on earth are you yourself going to be a vaishnava?...

    Devatas whom people worship...are  in a much elevated plane of conciousness... one much very much dearer to Krishna...when you take the prasadam that  a Shiva or Devi devotee offers you...accept it with the purest of heart my friend because it is not the prasadam of the offerer(your friend or aquaintance) but the One who has taken it...

    If even in the farthest of your thought if you become critical of Shiva or the Universal Divine Mother, dearest to the Lord then one wont be able to even take the first step towards becoming a vaishnava! should also have the god given intellect to actually know that prasadam offered to a parama vaishnava does become a Vishnu Tattva food...

    i dont think much of india's general population are involved in worship of apa-devatas! 

    they only worship forms of major devatas who are all very dear to the lord and parama vaishnavas...try to respect their offerings(niramish of course!) and eat whole heartedly to become a true vaishnava ...discrimination or narrow mindedness is the last thing to be even counted in the qualities of an aspiring vaishnava...

    pardon me if any mistakes,

    in the service of vaishnavas,

    narasimha dasa

    • Hare Krishna,

                Dandavat pranam,

                          I liked your reply prabhu, reminded me of Shri Narada Muni getting spiritually elevated by eating remnants of food eaten by Sadhus.

      Hare Krishna

  • Volunteer

    Oh :O Dearest Devotees!!!!!!!

    We eat only Prasadam as Srila Prabhupada ordered us to do.

    For example, Srila Prabhupada gave 9 instructions for initiated Devotees:

    1. All initiated Devotees must attain morning and evening Programs.

    2. no coffee, tea, any other intoxicants

    3. no illicit sex

    4. Must be strict vegetarians

    5. should not easily mix with non Devotees


    7. should not waste time for idle talks nor

    8. engage oneself in frivolous spots

      9. Should always chant and sing the glories of the Holy Names.

     In this way we do not eat food which was cooked by non Devotees. Non Devotees mean they cooked it not to Krishna's pleasure as a selfless service but for the pleasure of particular Demigod and as a result to gain from him something. In this way if we eat that food we will also have such like desires.

    Who knows? may that cook likes to smoke, to have illicit sex, to drink, desire for money........if we eat food cooked by him we will also have his desires.


    Food influences to our consciousness very much. And it is very dangerous to eat something cooked with dirty desires.

    Point is in this!

    Your servant, 

    • Jai shree ram Mataji

      Well said but not enough to convince me. Since I know at least 1 pure devotee(completely dedicated to ISKCON temple) who drank water from my home without any question.

      It is really very difficult to understand few philosophies from ISKCON whether its ordered by Srila prabhupad or some so called pure devotees.

      "Sabri ne apne hathau se prabhu ko jutha ber khilaya".

      Jai shree Krishna.

      • Hare Krishna Mata Ji,

        Water is somthing we get naturally from Krsna, food is somthing prepared by someone point is that if some one preparing food and his conciousness is not good, it is said that counciousness of person who prepare food tranfer who eat da food.

        if one accpet Water there is no harm but accpeting food prepare by anyone can be dangerous and spoil counciousness.

        Mata ji u have mentioned about Sabri (Bold letter) first of all Want to tell you Sabri never gave Jhutha Ber to Lord Ram, she was such a great devotee if she wud have done this there is no offence because her couciousness is purily to please krsna ...

        please don't take offence

        Hare Krishna




      • Volunteer

        Out of respect to You Mataji :)

        • i really inspired by your answer are said abt pure vaishnav panths in which call it as ANYAASARA

  • It is fine in the sense that the demigods are cool and never forget their constitutional position but then you are cutting the long road to Krishna who is too cool and never forgets anything!

    • Jai shree  Krishna Zola Preetam,

      I don't understand how can you forget Krishna or cut the long road to Krishna just by taking demigod prasadam.

      I have been taking Lord Shiva's prasadam since childhood and then shiva showed me a shortcut way(not long road) to Krishna by becoming Krishna Conscious.

      It's ridiculous the way some ISKCON devotees  put their views. I don't think that these are the views of great Srila Prabhupada.

      The pure devotees of Lord don't think this way, I have seen devotees fully dedicated in ISKCON temple doesn't hold these kind of views.

      Sorry if it seems offensive.

      Jai shree Krishna

      • Forgive me if you don't understand!

        I meant no offense either. Just wanted to say that acceptance also has great value especially where there is love involved!

        Shivji is a great devotee and no ordinary demigod and i am sure he can give expert guidance.

        But every time a comparison starts between Krishna and some other personality there are going to be arguments at some point.

        If you can imagine a center from where everything originates then Krishna is that center and you will never forget Krishna or have any doubts about his superiority over all.

        Actually there is no road that leads to Krishna. If he wants then he can instantly appear in the heart of a devotee and there are those who wander for millions of years without knowledge of him.

        Also the pure devotees of Lord are rare and it is as difficult to understand them as the supreme Lord himself if not more.

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