How To Act To Demigod Prasad

Hare Krishna ,

All glories to srila prabhupada ,

My question may hurt many , especially those who will search this question in google, or worship demigods and consider all equall ,

So Sorry for that , my aim is not that !!

Earlier i used to eat onion ,garlic due to home , but now i have left them ..

Chanting rounds also , trying to surrender to krishna .

But today i recieved Prasad of Somnath ( One of Joytirlinga Of Lord Shiva ) , i took it and did not eat ,

as per my knowledge , i know food only offered to krishna is to be accepted , we should not eat demigod prasad as stated in Padma Puran .

Although i eat food without offering to Krsna many times when i am away ,

since i am not completely surrendered should i eat demigod prasad now ,till i become very strong ?

Now the problem is should i eat or not ,Somnath is also holy place , i respect all demigod ,

but now i am confused .

There are many  occasions like this ,like Navratra's going on in India at Present .

If i do not eat , people call me a cult , and fool , but truth is bitter .

Prasad is remain of Krsna's food or Vishnu Tattva Food, not of any other !!

Please guide me !!

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  • hare rama prabhuji

    i jst add one line to all your discussions ...shiva is a param vaishnav..he took birth of  hanuman and become a sevak of rama and rama is devotee of shiva ..without the puja of shiva he couldnt make the shiva and rama has

    the relationship of swami and bhakt as well as viceversa 

  • Hare Krishna to all devotees! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Whenever such a situation arise i think of these words of Krishna.

    BG 9.23:

    ye 'py anya-devatā-bhaktā

    yajante śraddhayānvitāḥ

    te 'pi mām eva undaunted

    yajanty avidhi-pūrvakam

    Those who are devotees of other gods and who worship them with faith actually worship only Me, O son of Kuntī, but they do so in a wrong way.

    BG 9.24:

    ahaḿ hi sarva-yajñānāḿ

    bhoktā ca prabhur eva ca

    na tu mām abhijānanti

    tattvenātaś cyavanti te

    I am the only enjoyer and master of all sacrifices. Therefore, those who do not recognize My true transcendental nature fall down.

           So,ultimately every offering,every sacrifice is enjoyed by Krishna only. So, i treat it in that way.

    Please guide me if i am wrong.

    Nitai Gaura Haribol!!!

    BG 9.23:

    • haribol

      nicely said prabhu, ultimately if we believe Krsna is the supreme, as a true devotee one should see Krsna in everything,

      we all remember the story of Hireyakacipu who give Prahalad( a devotee of Krsna) his son poison and he Prahalad Maharaj offer it to Krsna and and drank it as nectar, so why can we do the same with the prasadam offer to demigod, offer it to Krsna do not worry about the taught of the cook,

      In Bhagavad Gita Krishna says "If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it."

      It is not the leaf, flower, fruit or water that Krishna accepts. When we offer food to the Lord it is not that the food is gone when we finish the offering. It is not the food that he accepts. He accepts the love and devotion with which it is offered. that is important point

      in my infant stage of KC I learn we must be humble and respectful,


      • Volunteer

        it is a great offense to Krishna to offer to Him Demogid's food. We can offer Him food which was cooked with love and NO ONE YET touched and tasted.

         And to say the truth that you would respectfully reject to accept Demigod's food IT IS RESPECT AND HUMILITY. We have our own standards in life and these standards are very important for our own purification and for the purification of others, in this way we can boldly reject and explain the truth.


        We should not be meek and artificially humble. But on the contrary it is a nice opportunity about preaching Krishna's glories. It is not offense but sincerity.

        Your servant, 

        • Not exactly correct. Shabari offered tasted fruit to Lord Rama and Lord Rama accepted and ate as Lakshmana watched in awe because her devotion was very pure. She tasted them to make sure they were sweet enough for the Lord to enjoy.

          Your looking at external purity as being superior to mental purity. Even food which is pure if offered without mental purity is impure. Viduras wife offered Krishna a banana peel and the Lord ate it because it was offered with love. Lord Krishna looks at a persons love more than what is offered. He even ate a uncooked grain of rice givin by Draupadi what to speak of demigod food.

  • hare krishna ashwani kumar prabhu .pranam ..u r asking so much questions and am not able give answers properly sorry ..after reading others answers i think u clear u r doubts am i right prabhu?

    hari bol

  • haribol; all glories to Srila Prabhupada

    It is stated in the Gita that Krsna take of his devotees, Lord Siva is consider a top devotee of Lord Krsna, if the prasad is given to you and you are worry about who cook or what their taughts are while making it, then do your own prayer to Krsna and eat it if you want to or not.

    simple example,  do we produce all the things we consume or eat or wear, do we know their intention making these thing, NO we do not, everything is product of Krsna, so we offer it to Krsna and keep that in mind, then that what is important,

    remember some believe in god is better than none, not everyone is at the same platform including my self, the time we start thinking because we worship Krsna we are better then it defeat the whole purpose of KC.

    please forgive me if I offend anyone


  • Volunteer

    when Demigod worshipers offer me i just take some tiny quantity and keep in my bag and give to beggars or something like that. Because i try not to eat from anyone who does not chant 16 rounds. i try according my capacity.

     And it is a very nice opportunity to preach about the glories of Krishna Prasadam that when we please Krishna all other demigods will be pleased...

    Your servant, 

    • Wow thats an offense and your understanding is quite shallow, plz take no offense. If you seriously believe that everything belongs to Krishna then surely the prasadam you received  belongs to Krishna aswell does it not? If you have true faith in Krishna then why would you seperate him from anything as it all belongs to Krishna. The Demigods are the limbs of Krishna and that is an offense to Krishna himself when you disrespect them.

      This is stated in Ramayana : Shiva drohi mama das kahava, so nar sapnao mohe na pavaa.’ [The one who is hostile towards Shiv cannot be my servant, he cannot attain me even in his dreams.]

      • I agree with you sir on this point!

        i think that some devotees here want nothing short of direct association with Krishna himself which is good!

        These are some of the symptoms of a devotee who are not really interested in the universal picture.

        Even when Krishna was present on Earth his friends thought of him like one of their own and never thought of him as the supreme owner of all that be.

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