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Dandvat to all Vaishnavs! All glories to Guru and Gaurang!


What i am going to ask is a very foolish question...but now as i am almost feeling frustrated so just asking for help to all the kind devotees. I am again very sorry for asking such a foolinsh question.

I am working in a company from last 5 years approx...as almost all the offices there is also a lot of politics....but there is one employee whom i have to order many task face to face...i am not a expert in manipulating things...and he is an expert...ha has made me embaresed/insulted many time in front of senior staff..even after my one-two complaints about his insulting behaviour towards me, nothing has happned as he manipulated thing in that way...i always try to be calm...but from last few months i think so much about this matter that it has starting disturbing my devotion..i try my best to atleast avoid this matter at my chanting time...but i cant control my crying...i start weeping...even this matter is haunting me so much that i am not able to sleep properly in the night from last many weeks. My good dog and bad dog, both have a continous fight on it, one mind say: leave it, just think about Krishna, everything is temporary...and one mind say : go and fight with him, curse him etc....i am so much confuse.  

I know this mental suffering is the result of my karmic account..but i dont want to get my devotion get disturbed due to it. PLEASE HELP ME, how should i keep balance between materialistic life and KC.





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  • hare krishna prabhu ji. Just give left and right to this person. Remember Krishna gave you intelligence on how to humiliate this person.

    I would have done this.

    • Volunteer

      Dear devotees Hare Krsna.   please keep your selves fit and strong both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

      See that your diet is adequate and do some exercise.  Vegetarians tend to be deficient especially in B12.  Take supplements to make the nervous system  more strong so these trials do not over tax you.   Am I getting sufficient rest?  Am I getting sufficient support from my family and friends?      Relax and absorb the mind and heart in Krsna consciousness.      Am I tasting the ecstasy in the kirtan and in hearing the pastimes of Govinda?

      If yes then all is OK.       Hare Krsna        

      • Hare Krishna pr....if you drink adequate milk or consume dairy products there is no need for supplements and also most of these supplements have animal products so we have to be careful....
        • Volunteer

          Hare Krsna Svarupa Acyuta prabhu,   not everyone has the same bodily constitution.  One mans food is another mans poison.

          Some devotees are not able to take cows milk even.  My own daughter has to take soya milk because of being allergic.

          We should be careful to get pure veg supplements like spirulina etc.     There are many suitable vegan products availabe.

          The main thing is if you are experiencing so much stress in your work you have to be as strong as possible or you will experience so much more suffering.

          For some that might mean supplements.        Hare Krsna.

  • harE krishnA !! my humble pranAms to krishna-bhagavAn and bhakthas,

    Deepa mAtAji, first try to see if the issue is only with regards to you. If so, be open and resolve it on a one-on-one basis in a professional manner. On the other hand, if you are sure that the person also treats other people in office the same way, it is proper and correct to bring it to the notice of senior management and/or HR to find the solution. If not curbed initially, this may disturb others and harm the environment in the long run. So do your "duty" as it may be expected of your role and responsibility in the organization. This is what krishna advised to Arjuna - "do your ordained duty with dispassion following the dharma given by Me and leave the result to Me". 

    Even pAndavAs had to undergo their trebulations (due to their past kArmic account may be) but because they followed Dharma, were pious, they were able to win the love and support of krishnA in the kurukshetra.Therefore, consider yourself an instrument in the discharge of krishna-dharma and do it in the attitude of krishnA's servant. KrishnA will take care of the rest.

    In loving service to krishnA and bhakthAs,


  • Hare Krishna Deepa Mataji,

    My humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    Also, Please try to follow the suggestions given by nice devotees here. It can bring about some positive change in your present situation.

    I cannot say that I realise all your problems, but I have been working in IT company for 6 years now. Politics as such in any field is completely unavoidable because we conditioned souls are here because of our envy. And today's world gives lots of situations to exercise our envy in different ways. It may be that your colleague is envious of you in respect to something.

    Our only hope is Krishna. Please realise your present situation as a test from Krishna. This is Krishna's way to evaluate how strongly you are dependent on Him. As you perfectly mentioned, all this is temporary and is just a passing phase.
    So please cry for help from Krishna, there is no one more compassionate than Him. He will surely respond.

    It may be very difficult for you to bring this situation under control yourself and get over it but dependency on Krishna is the best way of getting through this.

    The problem is so grave that we cant concentrate on chanting but the solution itself is to chant sincerely in this problematic situation. So Please chant nicely and sincerely. Everything will be fine. :)

    I will pray for you mataji.
    Take Care

    Your Servant,

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna Deepa mataji
    Humble obeisances
    I am also working in a S/W company and everyone around me are atheists.I am facing extreme trouble due to some of them and as you have said there is lot of office politics in every company.I am also disturbed by their activities in office but i keep office things to office and don't bring them with me at BACE.

    But if someone is disturbing you like this that you are crying so much and this is going on since sometime then it is a very serious matter. Please first see that if this person is in powerful position then you have to be extremely careful. I will not suggest befriending such a person in the first place without knowing what is the reason he is disturbing.Also I cannot imagine tolerating such a matter if it makes me cry. No question, it has to be resolved out for sure with care.
    Please find out what is the reason he is insulting you and creating problems intentionally when you have not done any thing wrong to him. Actually some people are fanatics, they like creating problems in everyone's lives. It may be other reasons as well.In any case, you have to be very careful of this person. Since you have to deal with this person directly in your office, please ask him what is the problem with him, why is he creating problems for you like this which is disturbing you so much. Find out the real reason and be polite and respectful. Don't show that you are in anyway getting disturbed by his activities but tell him that he is disturbing your work.
    After you find out the reason, things will be clear. It may be that this person is mentally ill or has some problem at home due to which remains frustrated and hence creates problem for others and everyone else. Check if there was some misunderstanding that he had due to which he developed enmity or something like that. If nothing works,request your seniors to change your department that you get away from dealing with this person altogether. If possible , give him some prasad and politely request him to stop disturbing your work.
    your servant

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dear Deepa Ahuja Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila prabhupada!

    You are very strong. If such like thing happens with me i would not tolerate. I would also cry but not sit.

    Firstly i would try to sit with that person face to face and in a peaceful way solve problems. Why is he doing so. Is there something that we can correct things and become friends. Or at least do not insult each other. To explain that it hurts You much. And this makes You unhappy.

    Is there something that You can help to that person so that he would become his or her friend.

    If even though it does not work then Krishna will take care of him/her.

    If again it is very painful then if i were You i would also fight with him/her and just show that i have also ego. That i am not someone whom anyone can beat and disturb. ;(

    Let him/her sit in her own chair and know that i am also a person! ;(

    Hope other Devotees also will suggest something.

    But if things go very deep then i would not sit and cry but act and show my "snake tongue".

    But firstly please try easy ways, the last one is extreme one.

    Your servant, 

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