How holy name is more powerful then krsna??

Hare krsna and dandavat to all the dear devotee..
I have heard from some devotee friend that holy name is more powerful then krsna.. I mean how is this possible. everything we do is ultimate for krsna then how holy name is more powerful then krsna?? Nothing is beyond Krsna as he says in Bg.. then is it true ?? Does the holy name provides something beyond then Krsna mercy???

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  • अजामिल ने मृत्यु के समय यमदूतो को देख कर भय तथा घबरा कर अपने पुत्र नारायण को पुकारा लेकिन भगवान ने उसको अपना नाम समझा और तुरंत ही बिष्णु दूतो को उसका उद्धार करने के लिए भेज दिया | इसी प्रकार वाल्मीकि जी ने “मरा मरा” का जाप किया, लेकिन उनको भगवान के नाम  “राम राम” के जाप का फल मिला |

    हरे कृष्णा

  • Hare Krsna

    Lord Hanuman jumped across from the Indian subcontinent to Lanka while Lord Ram had to wait for the bridge to be finished. In certain ways the Lord empowers the devotee more so than Himself. However, that was Treta Yuga.

    From authority we learn that all the potency of Krsna is contained in the Holy names.

    If it is power that you worship then the Holy names are all powerful because Krsna is all powerful.

    Nobody is equal or greater than Krsna. This only means that Krsna and His names are non different where power is concerned.

    As far as mercy is concerned nobody is more merciful than Guru and Gauranga because they give the benediction moon of the Holy names. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu freely distributed the Holy names therefore He is most munificent. Srila Prabhupada in His own way is the true successor of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's legacy and so are those who carry out His instructions faithfully.

  • Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Sri Guru & Sri gauranga!! All all glories to Srila Prabhupada !!!!

    There is a bhajan in Hindi language: "Raam se badaa Raam kaa naam" !! It means that the name of Lord Rama is greater than Lord Rama Himself !

    While monkies  and bears were constructing "Setu" - bridge to cross into Lanka, they were writing the name "Raam" on boulders and stones in order to float  them in the sea. Watching this, Lord Raam took some stones and pebbles and threw into the sea, hoping that it will float. But all stones and boulders got sunk into the sea. Lord Raam was disappointed, as He could not help. He asked Hanuman: how come when you guys write My name and throw a stone, it floats but although I am Raam Myself and when I throw it sinks?.

    Replied Hanuman Ji: Your Lord, Your name is greater than You ! 

  • i heard recently by Radhanath Swami that the holy name is Krsna's mercy.  in this way the Holy name is more powerful.

  • Hare Krishna.... __/\__ all glories to srila prabhupad.

    abhijeeth prabhu   yes Krishna s name is indeed power full than Krishna himself.

    when draupadi was about be stripped at the court of kavravas in the presence of all holy and dharmic people no one came forward to protect the modesty of first draupadi was trying to protect her modesty herself by keeping her hand across her body so as to prevent the stripping.she let go of one hand and called out KRISHNA KRISHNA simultaneously keeping other hand across her chest.(again trying to protect herself.)..only when she removed both her hands stretched out to the heavens and called out KRISHNA did the all mighty supreme lord gave infinite saree. Here Krishna physically was in the kingdom of dwarakA when all these event took place.KRISHNA didn't come but his name protected the pious draupadi....

    one more event to be considered is that of BHAKT PRAHALAD.during the numerous attempts to kill BHAKT PRAHALAD by his father hiranyakashyapu chanting of holy names  of KRISHNA/LORD VISHNU  saved our PRAHALAD MAHARAJ. so all acharyas stress on chanting of lords name.... it is said that 3 times chanting of lord rama name is equal to one time chanting of our beloved Krishna.....

    considering the above facts we have to develop a complete surrenderence to LORD KRISHNA AND LORD KRISHNA ALONE.krishna only camd to the rescue of draupadi when she called out KRISHNA KRISHNA with her hand outstretched to the sky calling him saying i cannot do anything myself please you only protect me i surrender onto you.... such unalloyed devotion wen have to develop.he won't like we going to someone else.

    if I have mistaken or hurt someone feeling please I humbly beg for forgiveness....



  • Volunteer

    Krishna's names are more merciful than Krishna. It sounds weird to think about it like that because Krishna is non different from his name, etc, but it does make sense.

    Think about it this way - in previous ages, intense meditation and austerities were to be performed to get a glimpse of Krsna, what to speak of being able to take part in Krsna's leelas (for example, the gopis of Vrindavan were previously sages who were meditating for millions of years). In other words, to get Krsna's mercy you had to be pretty qualified.

    In this present age, even the lowest of creatures can get blessed by Krsna's name. Take the rascals Jagai and Madhai. They offended Lord Nityananda, but even they got Krsna's mercy because Lord Chaitanya was spreading the name of Krsna. By constant chanting of Krsna's name, those two demons became great devotees. 

    To please Krsna through meditation is a very long process, but to please Krsna by simply calling out his name is instantaneous. 

    Krsna can give liberation to anyone He sees fit, but Krsna's name is so much more powerful that it gives liberation and mercy to anyone and everyone! So then Prabhu, which is more powerful: Krsna or his name :)

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